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Come Everyone To The April 27th Colorado Event

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  • jail4judges
    A T T E N T I O N ! RALLY FOR JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY WHEN: Friday, April 27, 2001 WHERE: Capital Steps, West side, Colfax Ave. & Lincoln TIME: 9:30 a.m. to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2001
      A T T E N T I O N !

        Friday, April 27, 2001    
      WHERE:  Capital Steps, West side, Colfax Ave. & Lincoln 
      TIME:  9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
      TO DO WHAT? 
      • To be witnesses to a moral indictment against certain judges who have abused the law; 
      • To support the proposal to reform judicial immunity laws which improve the public's ability to redress grievance against abusive judges. 
      • To be introduced to a citizen initiative called "Judicial Accountable Initiative Legislation."
      We are inviting law professionals and legislators to explain if they think our perceptions of judicial abuse are in error.

      Public outcry has resulted in reining in abusive IRS agents - and now, most recently, certain abusive Denver police officers. It's time to do the same with abusive judges.

      More and more people are having contacts with the courts - and these
      contacts are revealing an alarming issue. Many defendants and litigants are discovering that judges are customizing the law from the bench. This "judicial legislating" or "enacting law from the bench" has reached epidemic proportions. 
      When judges amend law they are voiding our "three branch government." Their personal opinions do not belong in our litigation. Someone should remind them of this. 
      While the legislature has abandoned some of their oversight powers to the "Judicial Review Commission" (who are supposed to be the disciplinary arm of the judiciary, but who rarely find any complaint worthy of investigation) there is one remedy that is still available to the public. In Colorado it is preserved in the Constitution at Article XIII; Impeachment for malfeasance. And being unfaithful to the law is malfeasance.  
      How did the situation get so bad? It is called "Judicial Immunity" from prosecution. This privilege of being exempt from redress by an individual,
      has given some judges the audacity to customize law and treat it as their
      own personal property - to dispense as they choose. It's time this privilege was repealed.  Help restore the "checks and balances" of our constitutionally based government and demand investigation into abusive
      judges, the removal of judicial immunity and impeachment of the most serious offenders.  Speakers to be announced.

      Show your support - attend this rally.  Bring a poster and exercise your
      right to free speech.    Contact:  Betty James, Founder, Alienated Parents
      Association, 303 449 6774 bajamescommunications@...
      More up-to-date details follow:

      We have been inviting law professionals, judges and legislators to comment on our "indictment" to be presented on April 27 on the capital steps. We
      had confirmation from one member of the House Judiciary Committee (that he will listen and speak after our presentation). Also two Colorado University Law Professors responded to our invitation with regrets (school gets out that week and they are both catching planes) but said they support our endeavors and would speak at another rally if we have one. Five legislators have said they will come and listen and comment. We have five speakers lined up. We are renting a podium, speakers. We made signs.   We are covering the lawn with baby/kiddy toys as a symbol of the true victims of judicial abuse - CHILDREN  - whose parents have been rendered destitute, or sent to jail over nothing.
      I believe many professionals will be at the capital steps to see who has the courage to openly expose the corruption. Let's just hope that something productive comes from our work. I am taking the chance that I will lose my job - because it could be construed that I have broken the "code of silence" required of those in the field, by speaking out. (I am a paralegal).   I certainly don't think it would be just to "fire" me for speaking in favor
      of integrity - especially since the entire field of law professes to take an oath to it when they are licensed!!  
      It looks like we will have a crowd. I am attempting to get a crowd so that the media will be forced to pay attention. I have invited ALL "groups" in order to get a crowd.  By that I mean that judicial corruption affects all political groups - not just "pro se's" or Christians. So I hope everyone is polite to each other. (I've invited minority rights groups, Republican groups, Democratic groups, Libertarians,  NRA, ALCU, Teamsters, EVERYONE!). 
      We advertised the highlight of the rally to be the indictments. We are
      indicting several judges for their abusive orders. (I collected about 10
      very clear and well documented cases of abuse. I am certain that these
      examples can not be explained away or justified). At the end of the
      indictment we are asking the legislators to (a)  endorse and adopt the
      provisions of the Jail4Judges initiative, and (b) to begin an impeachment
      investigation of the judges we indict. 
      Linda Sanders,
      (Colorado JAIL Leader)

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