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Libertarian Party Takes Note of Sherree Lowe

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  • jail4judges
    Dear JAILers: As you have already been informed, JAIL4Judges already has received the unanimous endorsement of the Libertarian Party for the County of San
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2001
      Dear JAILers:
      As you have already been informed, JAIL4Judges already has received the unanimous endorsement of the Libertarian Party for the County of San Bernardino, CA.  I think it good to pursue these endorsements of the Libertarian Party in all quarters of the country, and encourage them to adopt JAIL as an interracial part of their political platform.
      Below is their email taking notice of Sherree, and I trust they will be making a publicity issue of Sherree's experience. So much is happening so fast on this end that I do not want to bury you, but there is still more info we've received on the publicity of Sherree. (I've already loaded her down some 20 feet deep - and it's still coming in!) This experience is evidencing the growing impact JAIL is capable of generating. I can see our influence becoming an insurmountable and Irresistible force that is growing daily. God has indeed appointed us to Victory! Stay the course!
      -Ron Branson-

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       Correspondence of interest from WA LP
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       Hi Florida LPers,
       Here is a history of someone claims to have been wrongfully arrested and terribly treated in FLA.  Perhaps y'all can do some jail inspections and/or verify this story and/or do some rallies/media support?
      If all of this is true, your efforts may help this woman keep her house.
      For what it is worth I know Sherree Lowe. I met her at several V.O.C.A.L. meetings around and about. I heard her story first hand. She knew that what happened in March was a possibility. I am not surprised and I am sure that she is not either. This is not her first run in with this group of people.
      She is a strong woman and I know her description of her treatment at the
      hands of the injustice system is as close to the truth as she can remember. Remember I have also seen it first hand.

      Here is my take on her as a person, and what else I do know about her.
      Sherree is a fundamental Christian and a member of several patriot
      organizations. She did run for the state senate in district 35 as a member of the Reform Party. She received 6,170 votes or 4.8% of the vote in that race. Her campaign was stridently anti-government, especially anti DCF. She was a strong supporter of Pat Buchannan.
      During the times that I talked to her if her conversation was not about her
      family, it was about how "they" would squash the government. When I ask about several things, I never got an answer.
      In the lpf@yahoogroups archives you will find an e-mail where I said I
      supported her, and ask for all Libertarians to support her even though I
      thought that she was slightly flawed and should calm down some. I also said that the LPF should not endorse her because of some of her positions, but that individual Libertarians should support her on the principle that she was a lot better than her opponents and in many areas her stand paralleled that of the LP.

      At this time she will be the running mate for Nancy Grant, who has pre filed on the Christian Party ticket. The Christian Party has less than 100
      registered voters in Florida at this time but because of Sherree Lowe they
      should be able to garner support from the Family Values, Reform, Florida Conservative Party and We The People.
      I hope that the Libertarian Party will have their own Gubernatorial candidate.

      Should the Libertarian Party of Florida do any thing to support her other
      than maybe issuing a strongly worded press release, NO! Individual libertarians should support her at their pleasure. She has definitely been wronged, and is a strong ally in many areas that we work in. I highly suggest that libertarians do support her and Jail4Judges.
      It would be good if someone like "The Florida Taxpayer" did a story on her adventures. Because I do not believe in talking behind peoples backs I have included Sherree Lowe in the cc of this e-mail. This is so that she can defend her self if she thinks I spoke wrongly. 

            John Wayne Smith, Leesburg Florida
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