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    ... From: JohnBrantuk To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 8:47 PM Subject: Important Message . . . My friends, Please read this very
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      Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 8:47 PM
      Subject: Important Message . . .

      My friends,
      Please read this very important message from my good friend Brian Puckett, and
      then please help out in any way that you can.  Brian is running an extremely
      effective campaign to restore our Second Amendment rights, but we ALL need to
      pull together in order to turn our country around.
      Best regards,
          -- John
      COA is a non-profit organization that produces, distributes, and
      Visit them at http://www.citizensofamerica.org


      The March 20 issue of Gun Week reports that the anti-gun rights,
      anti-self defense organization Americans for Gun Safety (AGS)
      spent over $3 million dollars in the year 2000 just to close the
      "gun show loophole" in Washington state, and that they will
      conduct a mulitmillion dollar TV, print, and billboard advertising
      campaign in 2001. AGS is reportedly only a couple of years old.

      Handgun Control, Inc. has reportedly spent millions of dollars in
      its propaganda campaign against your right to own and use guns.

      Both of these organizations understand the value of propaganda
      in swaying public opinion -- and thus voter results. And they are
      getting what they want: gun control. Crime Bill of '94, Brady Bill,
      Lautenberg Act, etc. etc. etc. etc.

      COA is the ONLY organization devoted entirely to conducting a
      pro-self defense, pro-gun rights mass media campaign against
      the likes of AGS and HCI. Considering its so-far modest
      operations budget, COA and its activist supporters has been
      amazingly successful in getting our unique pro-self defense,
      pro-gun radio and print ads out to the public. Ads that you can
      see and hear on our website, www.citizensofamerica.org.

      Yet COA has to struggle incessantly to raise funds from gun
      owners and civil rights activists. Incredibly enough to its founders,
      COA's budget has yet to a approach even a fraction of AGS' or
      HCI's budget.

      We ask the gun owners of this country: Why is this?

      Want to do something about it? Just click here for options:

      ...And please FORWARD this email to other gun owners.


      ****  COA STATION TALLY: Last month the number of stations
      on which at least two COA radio ads have run (our minimum for
      listing the station) topped 400 and the total number of states in
      which the ads have run has reached 45. The complete list will
      be updated in the next week or so. Current list viewable at: http://www.citizensofamerica.org/medialist.htm

      ****  COA ADS ON THE RADIO: The hour-long Great Big Gun
      Show out of Anchorage Alaska, which airs twice on Sundays on
      KENI 650 AM and KBYR 700 AM.has been running COA ads for
      months, but we just now found out about it. Thanks, Mr. Giles
      and Mr. Green

      ****  Liberty Works Radio, http://www.libertyworksradio.com/
      has been running one COA ad for weeks, will now be running
      a selection of our ads. Thanks, Maureen.

      ****  COA ADS ON RADIO. G. Gordon Liddy has reportedly run
      at least one COA ad on his radio program (Senator's Speech),
      but at this time that's all we know. We've been unable to contact
      Mr. Liddy thus far. If anyone has further confirmation info, we'd
      love to have it.


      ****   NEW SYSTEM TO REPLACE NICS. Russ Howard and
      Brian Puckett (Mr. Puckett is the current president of Citizens of
      America) have developed a system (BIDS) to replace the
      National Instant Check System for firearms purchases, which
      many critics believe is not only intrusive, but is being used to
      compile a database of firearm owners.

      Read a WorldNetDaily article about it here:

      Read the actual proposal on KeepAndBearArms.com :

      ****  PRO-GUN ISP. Sick of AOL, which takes your money and
      then uses it to destroy your right to own and use guns? Shooters
      Inet offers financial support to shooting sports and gun rights
      organizations across the country and in your hometown. You can
      select to support any of the listed groups with a full $5.00 of the
      $18.95 monthly subscription fee. What better way to battle the
      forces that want to limit your freedoms.


      **** The correct NRA-ILA link for the list of anti-gun individuals
      and organizations is: (paste link back together if "broken"):


      ****   Clifford Weiss is running for NRA Board Member. I support
      his positions on critical issues, and so support his candidacy.
      "Mail-in" ballots for the NRA Director election must be RECEIVED
      by the NRA no later than April 29, 2001 NRA voting members
      need to vote for him as a "write-in" candidate and include his city,
      state and zip code on the ballot as follows:  Elmhurst, NY  11373 
      --Brian Puckett, Pres., COA

      COA makes every effort to send our updates only to
      those interested in this civil rights issue. If you do not
      wish to receive our updates, which come about every
      three weeks, simply email brian@...
      and put UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject box. If you are
      receiving our COA update from anywhere other than
      the source mentioned above, please email them with
      the same message.

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