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* And You Thought Your Judge Was Corrupt

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal Los Angeles - March 31, 2001 ____________________________________________________ Listen to HotSeat4Judges daily on Internet Radio M-Th,
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles - March 31, 2001
      Listen to HotSeat4Judges daily on Internet Radio M-Th, 6-7 pm P.T.
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      And You Thought Your Judge Was Corrupt
      (Attorney Truncellito mentioned below is our Texas J.A.I.L leader)
      What you are about to read will be a shocker to most of you.
      By Billy C. Phillips

      One of my judges here in Harris County, State District Judge, Bill Elliott, is a man who falsified his own death (Probate #773, Sonora, Texas, 4-18-82) using the name William Marion Elliott.  He stopped being a judge in 1995.
      The same judge had a water by-pass around his water meter, which makes him a thief (Pasadena Police Report #91057241, 10-22-91).  
      Another one of my judges, State District Judge, Bill Henderson, was indicted and convicted by a jury for bankruptcy fraud. He was put back on the bench to serve out the rest of his term. Whoever heard of a person who is a convicted felon being allowed to continue being a state district judge? No where but in Texas!

      J.W. Elliott, Bill's brother, falsified his own death (Vol. 1281 -  Page 811, Limestone County, Texas, 8-13-73). When J.W. falsified his death; he left $7.06 inheritance tax (Vol. 1281 - Page 814, 9-10-74 - Receipt #87188).
      J.W. witnessed Bill's probate in 1982 - nine years after his own death in 1973! No where but in Texas!

      Bill Elliott, Jr. supposedly died in an airplane crash in 1980. If he died in 1980, how could he have filed bankruptcy in 1991 (Bankruptcy #691-60057- JAC-I I, San Angelo, Texas, 7-22-91)? How could he have signed a promissory note in Houston, Texas on June 30, 1982?   
      He's registered to vote in Harris County using an address that is a vacant lot, with no house no street, no nothing (his mother and father are registered to vote at the same address). He was also registered to vote in Austin, San Angelo and Sonora, Texas. He was taken off the voter's registration roll in Sonora, the day before I got there to look into the records.  
      He's registered to vote as a Republican in West Texas and a Democrat in East Texas. He is not dead! Neither is the Judge or his brother. Where else could you find something like this going on, but in Texas!

      Judge Bill Elliott used the name "Marion" as his middle name when he falsified his death. Bill Elliott, Jr. used the middle name "Marion" when filing his bankruptcy and uses the middle name "Marion" at this time.    Their middle name is actually "Marshall." J.W. and Albert Cole Elliott, Bill Elliott's brothers, lives in Sonora, Texas. Bill Elliott's mother also lived there until she died.

      The Ex-D.A. in Harris County (Johnny B. Holmes) told me in a taped conversation that "he was not going to f- - - with someone as big as Bill Elliott and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it." I paid for the filing of a petition to take Johnny Holmes out of office, because he wouldn't do his job (#93037714, The State of Texas vs Johnny B. Holmes, Jr., filed 7-21-93).
      The case was put into State District Judge, Russell Lloyd's court (District Court #334); he dismissed it for "want of prosecution." We wanted him to be prosecuted! Two days after the dismissal I was told Johnny Holmes
      transferred $87,000.00 drug seizure money to Judge, Russell Lloyd's Court. Two to three days later, a sign was put up in front of the Family Law Center, by protestors which had been there 24 hours a day 7 days a week for two years. The sign read "John "Baby Doc" Holmes, Jr. - Stealing Money - American Bank special account #113003470045314."
      Russell Lloyd is no longer a judge. Johnny Holmes announced that he was not going to seek re-election on the same day the IRS started the trial of Attorney George Bishop here in Houston. George Bishop is now in prison.

      I have asked for and paid for a twelve-person jury to hear my Petition for Bill of Review (Receipt #984562, 3-8-96) to expose the fraud that was perpetrated upon myself, my pension fund and the whole judicial system in Texas.  I wrote a letter to the 311th District Court, which I mailed by certified mail on 1-12-99 (Receipt #P-298-270-933) informing the court that I had paid for a twelve-person jury and asking why my Constitutional Rights had been denied by not allowing me to have a jury trial. There was no response from the court, so I went to the court with my tape recorder
      and a witness. 
      I gave a copy of the letter to the judge (Judge, Doug Warne) who looked at it and handed it back to me. He referred me to the clerk. The clerk told me my case was closed. I asked "how can it be closed when I've asked for and paid for a jury trial and I haven't had a jury trial yet?" A few words were said and the bailiff said to me "let's go." When I was leaving the court room, just before I got to the bar, I was pushed in my back by the bailiff. At this time I did not know that this was assault. When I found out;
      I went and filed a complaint with Internal Affairs of the Harris County Sheriffs Department and gave them a copy of the taped conversation taken during the assault.
      The Internal Affairs "swept it under the rug." I can't get a jury trial. I can't even get my money back that I paid for a jury.

      I am amazed that people working in our judicial system can get away with the things I have uncovered, and the news media will not air, or print this information; especially in light of the fact I have given them certified copies and photographs as proof.
      I have even told news media sources where they could find the court records that I have found! If an ordinary working person, like myself, can dig up this kind of information; why can't the news media, or the government, be able to do the same? Are they part of the corruption?  Are they bought and paid for? One of the signs that was in front of the Family Law Center during the protest that lasted for over two years was "JUSTICE BOUGHT AND SOLD HERE".

      My Synopsis

      I am not retired. I will be sixty-eight (68) years old on 3-13-2001. I am still working as a Longshoreman. This is my 38th year on the waterfront. I.L.A. Local #24, 7811 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston, Texas 77012. I have spent over $210,000.00 and two days in jail, trying to expose the fraud that was perpetrated upon me. ....
      On September 15, 2000 I finally found a lawyer (Ed Truncellito* - Bar #00792880) to represent me. He filed suit for me in Federal Court on October 30, 2000 (BILLY CLAUDE PHILLIPS, Plaintiff V. BEVERLY CROWE PHILLIPS PARRISH, et al Defendants - Case No. H-00-3798).  The Board of Disciplinary Appeals Appointed By The Supreme Court of Texas ordered a judgment of indefinite disability suspension against Ed Truncellito on November 16, 2000. (Disability meaning that he is mentally incompetent to practice law.) Now I am without a lawyer to represent me!   Ed Truncellito and myself filed a Rico suit against The State Bar of Texas - Civil Action No. H-00-4467 with request for a jury. (The State Bar "disabled" a lawyer named Erik Moebius also. Erik Moebius exposed the corruption and money laundering  involved in the Yogurt Shop Murders in Austin, Texas.)

      The news media will not air, or print this story. If the corrupt system has control of the news papers, magazines, radio, television, and courts, they have control of this whole country! Are there any news groups or courts in this country who are not corrupt or intimidated? If so, get in touch with me.

      If there are any judges or law firms who are not corrupt, intimidated, or afraid they will be disbarred or disabled by the State Bar of Texas, get in touch with me.

      I have photographs, taped conversations, certified copies of legal documents to prove what I am saying. This brief synopsis just scratches the surface.

      Billy C. Phillips
      2526 Straight Creek
      Houston, Texas 77017
      Phone: (713) 947-9883
      E-Mail:  abzone@...

      * Attorney Ed Truncellito mentioned above is a leader of our Texas J.A.I.L. Chapter. Having spoken with him over the telephone, I can assure you that he is a very profound and professional orator, and throughly disgusted with our judicial system. He is a man to be honored. He may be reached at no_one_is_married@.... He has challenged the status quo thouroughly, and they have fought back with a vengence in disbarring him. We are very pleased to have him aboard J.A.I.L. as a warrior!  -Ron
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