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Roberta Seeks RICO Victims

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  • jail4judges
    ROBERTA SEEKS RICO VICTIMS The time has come for us to take the JAIL Initiative and bring changes in both the political and judicial arenas of our nation. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15 12:58 PM
          The time has come for us to take the JAIL Initiative and bring changes in both the political and judicial arenas of our nation.  The publicity of bringing actions under the RICO ACT provides a vehicle for that to be achieved. There is a structure that must be met to qualify for filing under RICO, and from the hundreds of emails lamenting the horrific conduct so many individuals have shared with me, I have confidence that there is an appreciable number who will qualify.  We can achieve the most effectiveness by cooperating and sharing information.         Unless one is a lawyer they cannot give legal advice, but there is no prohibition in sharing what we have gleaned. We can share knowledge. NO ONE HAS IMMUNITY UNDER RICO, a black collar criminal is no less a criminal that John Gotti !!! 
          The politicians who will not fulfill their oath of office can and should be held accountable under RICO--- WE CAN DO IT!   Both Rep Henry Hyde and Rep. D. Hastert are fully informed as to the great need for judicial accountability, as are countless others, such as Senator Fred THOMPSON!  They have chosen to do nothing. That is simply not good enough. 
          Our people are in great peril. NOW is the time to ACT.  By coordination and cooperation we CAN, and WILL turn the tide. With a few RICO cases, even a slug like Henry Hyde will get the message, and will be more likely to commence bonafide hearings on the JAIL BILL that results in getting it passed rather than end up job hunting.
          These are NOT the courts of the government elitist!!  WE are the government! These are OUR COURTS!!!  Under RICO we can start the move to achieve our constitutionally guaranteed  rights again, and Henry Hyde and his crew will grasp that, especially if he is named in a series of RICO suits.  NO ONE HAS IMMUNITY UNDER RICO--- we cannot stress that too much.
          I believe we should make a bonafide effort to gain a cooperative/harmonious resolution first:  The individual judges, et al, involved should have the opportunity to do what is required to redeem the situation:  Our purpose should be for justice to be done and to get this system cleaned up so it functions for us.
          Any one interested in pursing this as a possible solution  please contact me, robertahamlin@..., and I will act as a central clearing house to enable us to share information, etc.  For those of us who are low income we can file pro se, and if it is denied we can name the magistrates who recommend denying redress in our courts & under RICO provisions. A few of them held accountable will send  shockwaves throughout the entire judicial system.
          We are not weak or helpless. There is no excuse for playing the victim role. I, for one, have NO intention of sitting idly by and watch the destruction of my nation by a batch of shiftless ONE WORLDERS who want to turn us over to the powers of Darkness. Jesus had John the Baptist to prepare the way for Him, Lucifer has the judges, IF WE LET THEM!   
          I have signed on to hotmail for my emails. Lets get this going NOW! My email is robertahamlin@... and all interested individuals can contact me there. No matter where I am I can access it.
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