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Idaho JAIL Legislation

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  • jail4judges
    ... From: PAYVEDWAY@aol.com To: senboat@gte.net Senator Boatright: Yesterday (Feb. 12, 2001) JAIL Attorney Zerman called me to make contact to speak with
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      Senator Boatright:

      Yesterday (Feb. 12, 2001) JAIL Attorney Zerman called me to make contact to speak with you on your concerns of addressing the JAIL legislation; I also left a message for you to contact me after you had spoken with him.

      I forwarded to you (and other legislative members) the information of the
      other states, as well as you were invited to contact Ron Branson (National Head of JAIL) for specific questions or concerns.

      I understand this is not legislation that the government wants, and many of the current political bodies will drag their feet and make any excuse
      possible to avoid dealing with it.  Please keep in mind it is legislation
      such as JAIL that will create more trust of the people in the government
      (which does not exist at this time at all).  It seems that most people feel
      the government does not want accountability for itself, but only tyranny
      operation over the people.  In the end this type of unchecked and unbalanced government could cause bloodshed, and JAIL would like to avoid that.

      Senator, you told me we had until the 12th of February to get more interest (of legislators, etc.) and for me to get you the information regarding the 42 other states and legislation activity going on in order to get this in this session. I believe I did what you asked of me, and now I ask that you move this forward. We are rounding up the people to testify, and will have more than you need (or judges want) when you begin setting up the open testifying hearing dates.

      Again, I realize (as do most citizens) this is not legislation that politicians are going to like, as it steps on too many political toes. It's time for it just the same, as the people cannot afford the types of injustice that far too many receive at the hands of the current judiciary.

      Feel free to call me.
      Rose Johnson,
      Idaho JAIL4JUDGES
      (208) 773-6274

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