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Internet Affect On The Courts

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  • jail4judges
    From: (Gary Thompson) Anti-Corruption interests ... The Internet is having an effect on the Courts! You may recall the Nolan case where the suggestion by a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      From:  (Gary Thompson)

       Anti-Corruption interests ...
          The Internet is having an effect on the Courts! You may recall the Nolan case where the suggestion by a psychologist influenced CPS and the Court to remove a boy from the care of his mother costing Trevor Nolan his life.
           We have posted a copy of a transcript from a hearing in November 1999 - the contested custody of Wade Nolan, Trevor Nolan's brother. The visiting judge, Harold Bradford, recused himself from the case because of adverse information posted on
      the Internet.
          In this hearing, Judge Bradford repeatedly brought up the fact that there was much criticism of his actions. Our conclusion: - Your criticism of the legal system through the Internet is being heard and is having some effect.

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