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* Armed Guards At DMV

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal Los Angeles - January 17, 2001 ____________________________________________________ Listen to HotSeat4Judges daily on Internet Radio
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles - January 17, 2001
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      Mountain Media, DEC. 8, 2000
      THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz
      And now ... armed guards at the DMV

      Constitutional authority for licensing cars and drivers is pretty tenuous, largely based on early legal sleight-of-hand designed to purposely confuse the excisable professional of "driving" -- hauling passengers or freight for profit on the public roads -- with simple civilian travel.

      The image is colorful -- the Slim Pickens "toll booth" scene from the Mel Brooks film "Blazing Saddles" comes to mind -- but there's no record that George Washington had to stop by each state capitol along his route,
      signing up for the 18th century equivalent of a "photo ID" and a little
      metal plate to hang over his horse's rump, as he moved from Massachusetts through Connecticut, rushing to the defense of New York in 1776 and Philadelphia in 1777.

      In fact, drivers' licenses are thinly disguised police ID cards. (Does one forget how to drive when moving across town, or into another state? Then why isn't the license you got in another state the year you graduated from high school still as "good" as the high school diploma you earned that
      same year? [or even your marriage license -Ed])

      Yet we obligingly buy into the euphemism that the "customers" of the
      Department of Motor Vehicles want quick and efficient "service" when we go wait in line to renew these sundry government forms -- as though anyone would be buying this bill of goods, absent the armed and uniformed men who stand ready to handcuff us and impound our valuable vehicles if we're caught without our "papers, please."

      Now, some of the peons are apparently growing restless. Nevada Gov.
      Kenny Guinn said Monday that state workers fear for their lives because "patrons" at DMV offices are going ballistic when they're told -- after waiting in line for an average of more than an hour -- not only that they're being refused the routine paperwork they've come to pay for, but that their
      vehicles are instead going to be impounded for overdue traffic or parking

      DMV Director Richard Kirkland added that some victims have told his
      employees that they will be killed or that they should be looking over
      their shoulder when they leave work.

      "Some have been grabbed around the throat," he added.

      Oh, the humanity!

      The governor Monday asked members of the Legislature's Interim Finance
      Committee to provide funding for armed guards in the Las Vegas and Reno DMV offices, to keep these unruly peasants in line.

      Though it's tempting to suggest they be given MP-40 submachine guns and fancy black uniforms with silver skulls on the collars, the better to help
      everyone appreciate the true nature of the transaction being effected, in
      fact some better solutions are available:

      First, the American system of governance is based on carefully delineated
      lines of jurisdiction between the various levels of government -- one of
      many safeguards against a vertically integrated, Napoleonic tyranny.

      state motor vehicle office has no more business withholding a state document from an otherwise qualified citizen based on non-payment of local or municipal parking tickets, than the U.S. State Department should be refusing us passports because our chicken coops are alleged to be in violation of some local zoning code.

      Yes, local judges have ruled that the state should impound the vehicles
      of drivers who ignore local parking tickets. The correct response from Gov. Guinn should be: "The judges have made their ruling; now let them try to enforce it. My guys aren't going to do it, because it's unconstitutional." *

      * It is noteworthy here to ask, what are citizens supposed to do when  forced to comply with an unconstitutional law. The logical answer should be, "Tak'em to court and mak'em justify the law on Constitutional grounds." But why are we still being harassed by these swarms of officers seeking to eat out our substance? Is it because no one has thought of taking them to court? or is it because the courts are not exercising their duty of overturning these unconstitutional laws? Hmmmm. Let me see...
      No country can go into anarchy but by rulings of its courts. As we have continually said, near every problem in this country leads back to an unaccountable judicial system. JAIL4Judges will cure at least 80% or more of all our problems in this country. Post JAIL we can then work on the remaining 20%. Do I hear a vote of support for JAIL? Then reach in those right hip pockets and cast your vote!
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