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Functional 13yr. old Retard "Learns" Judicial System

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    Enormous Response To Article Retard, Who Can t Read, Learns About The Judicial System Mr. Lokey is just one example of the many responses. (This gives us
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2000
      Enormous Response To Article
      Retard, Who Can't Read,
       "Learns" About The Judicial System
          Mr. Lokey is just one example of the many responses.
      (This gives us insight from the "inside")
      Ron, the woman ought to be glad her ward is still alive.  When human babies are no longer sacrosanct, no longer universally loved and empathized with, anybody is a fool to think his own life important to anybody but himself.  This is especially true among the criminal element in jail or prison, and most particularly in California.  When you find yourself in jail, you are in a no-man's land, a wilderness where there is no law whatsoever much of the time, except yourself.  It was during my sojourn that I realized I am the law in and unto myself.
      There are rare individuals even in jail, of course, who are willing to look out for somebody as helpless as the mental retardate mentioned in the subject above.  I have done this myself, and so I know that it is done from time to time.  However, it all depends on the luck of the draw.  If one is helpless AND he is unlucky, that is, gets thrown in with a group in which there are no individuals such as I, the very LEAST that may happen is that he will be sexually molested. 
      While I was battling through my ordeal in California, I was confined in a jail in Auburn, where there was a bunch of very tough men.  I was sitting at the "day table" when they threw a boy in there that looked more like a fourteen-year-old girl than most girls do.  He had long, flowing honey blond hair.  For not being a girl, he did a better job at appearing as one than most girls do.  The cops that brought him to the cell leered and laughed uproariously, winking at themselves and making obscene gestures behind the boy's back.  Had I not been present the boy would have had an unlucky draw, as I mentioned above.   Instantly, everybody in the place (except I) began scheming on who would get him first.  I had already been fighting the legal system for more than twenty years.  I had seen so much that I could not stomach one more incident. 
      I stood up and said, "If anybody touches this boy, he will have to touch me, too, and he will have to get me first."
      There were no takers, fortunately, as there were some pretty tough hombres in there, maybe tougher than I.  I was in the prime of Karate right then, with a black belt.  My statement settled all the sizzling down and caused some to present me with a sullen attitude.  I told the man sleeping next to me that he would have to move so the boy could sleep there where I could watch him.  He moved.  Like I said, jail is a lawless jungle where every man is his own law.  I simply asserted mine.  Fortunately, I could back it up if I had to.  I was glad I did not have to.
      Everybody thought I wanted the boy myself.  However, they must have thought I was as tough as I sounded and so they just grumbled and left it alone.  It reminded me of being in the wilderness where I was a bull elk that had won the only female because my head was the hardest.  I was not among men and had not been for many years.  I was among animals, both convict and cop.  I had done nothing but assert animal dominance.  I'd been doing it for years in my own behalf.  It didn't cost that much more to do it for the boy.
      That night I questioned the boy carefully.  
      I said, "Son, you look enough like a girl to be one.  I guess you know that.  Your mannerisms are extremely effeminate.  Everything about you is effeminate.  Everybody in here but I want to bugger you.  Now, let me tell you something, son.  If you are a homosexual I want you to tell me so.  I don't want to protect you if you are a homosexual.  If this is what you are, then you would simply be doing something you otherwise like to do and I'll wash my hands of it now."
      He replied, "I swear to God that I am not gay." 
      It was good enough for me.  He slept across from me until he was gone a week or so later.  Many of the perverts in there thought I was doing something sexual with him at night.
      I said, "You know, if I had not been here you would have had a very bad experience, son.  You may not be so lucky next time.  You would have been gang raped if I had not been here.  You ought to try to stay out of jail.  Do yourself a favor and don't come back."  
      The point of this whole story is that in a jail situation, in California especially, of the nature the retardate was mixed up in, he was fortunate to survive at all.  He was probably sexually molested.  But I don't suppose that matters.  After all, the man is only a child.  Children are sexually molested all the time.  Maybe he enjoyed it.  Maybe he will forget.  There are a lot of maybes that can be redemptive.
      Where babies are not sacrosanct, nobody can think himself safe.  Anybody who does think so is a fool.  I'll just be happy to see all the monsters the judiciary has created turn on it and make the judges whine and cry as they are ground under.  Keep the grinders going.
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      Retard, Who Can't Read,
       "Learns" About The Judicial System
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      Subject: mental retarded jailed 15 days

          On 2-7-00 a policeman came to my door to arrest the ward I take care of.    [Snip]

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