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So, we meet again

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  • jail4judges
    Well, well, well, Dr. E. L. Bynum, so we meet again after these many years. Let me tell you who this is. I am Ronald Branson, author of the Alert Sheet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2000
          Well, well, well, Dr. E. L. Bynum, so we meet again after these many years. Let me tell you who this is. I am Ronald Branson, author of the Alert Sheet Publications. The first time you called me was somewhere around 1974 when I was with Dr. M. H. Reynolds. Does the light bulb come on now as to who I am? I remember you asked my permission to reprint an article.
          I was just fooling around with a legal search engine and entered my name, attempting to see legal published cases entitled Branson vrs. Nott, or Branson vrs. Martin. I was totally shocked. What I got was a retrieval of my life history, including material I had written as publisher of the Alert Sheet some 26 years ago, which you currently have on your website.
          Back then, the computer was unheard of, nor was the internet even thought of. Hasn't the Lord just blessed us with such an invention as this.
          A lot of water has run under the bridge since those days, and I would like to bring you up to date with what I've been doing.     As you may recall, along with the Alert Sheet Publications, I started publishing the Alert Sheet Informant. In that publication I began to expose, what I believe to be, the biggest cult threat to the churches today, and that is humanistic government. I've been attacked, terrorized, harassed and tortured because of my stand for Christ and against this humanistic government. I have countered with numerous lawsuits against the government, and have become famous (or infamous) among the judges with fourteen trips to and through the U.S. Supreme Court of the United States.
          Having seen that the system has everything mysteriously stacked against those who would dare take it on, I believe I have been called of God to lead in the cause of judicial accountability. I felt led of the Lord to sit down and write what has now become called the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, or "J.A.I.L." in short. Since it was for judges, I preserved a website entitled www.jail4judges.org.
          This website and our emails, which emits from jail4judges@... has moved across this nation like a wildfire. I remember praying to the Lord, "Who am I to be given this task, and how will I propagate it?" The Lord seemed to be telling me, "Leave that to me, just go forth." I thereafter determined that I was going to go forth with the message of JAIL even if no one followed.
          There have been many points of discouragement, like that of Elijah, even the thought that no one cared if I died of starvation in a dark alley out behind a business somewhere behind a dumpster. With zero support, and in the face of no prospect of hope, I continued on, knowing this was the calling of the Lord for me.
          With the internet, God opened a door to this nation, and we have now attained growth as such a rapid rate that it cannot be attained. We are now beginning to go on nationwide radio regularly. People's eyes are starting to awake up as reality sets in that it is indeed the judiciary that is leading us down the road to a One World Government. One day JAIL will be duly honored nationwide for what it is rightfully entitled, and I attribute this  to the working of His Might Hand!
          I am sure you are aware of the Dr. Greg Dixon matter and the attach upon his fifty year ministry. Well, it is incidents like that that motivate me. If you were to ask me how I reconcile Bible prophecy with the expectation of JAIL, I could not answer you but to say that this is what the Lord has called me to do, and I'll leave that in His hands.
          I do not want to belabor the matter, as I know you are a very busy man, but I am just so excited to re-establish contact with you. Many of us have gone our way to our final home, such as Pastor Reynolds, but some of us are still in here fighting.              Please look at my website and see what we are doing. We have some seventeen states behind this now, and I will share this experience of reunion with the heads of state by c.c. for their encouragement.
          Also, I would like to take this opportunity of adding you to my future mailings. I have many pastors across America, such as yourself, that are following what we are doing. God bless you, Brother Bynum. Please acknowledge reception of this email.
      Love In Christ,
      Ronald Branson 
      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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