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DMV's Ongoing Fraud

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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2000
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Listen to HotSeat4Judges daily on Internet Radio M-Th, 6-7 pm P.T.
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      DMV's Ongoing Fraud
      DMV's mass license fraud persists

      CRIME: Workers still engage in a black market for bogus documents despite a crackdown.

      October 1, 2000

      The Orange County Register

      Department of Motor Vehicle clerks are selling fraudulent driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, convicts and identity thieves despite the DMV's claim that the renegade employees have been rooted out, an Orange County Register investigation has found.

      Internal department records and DMV managers say just as many employees are involved in this black-market fraud as before the department's much-touted operation "Clean Sweep," which started in May 1997 and ended in mid-1998.

      That investigation led to the firing of about 80 employees. But the department failed to make changes to prevent other employees from illegally selling licenses. As a result, the fraud is back -- and as widespread as ever, with prices soaring to as high as $4,000 per license.

      And as fast as investigators pluck out the corrupt employees, others move in to fill their spots.

      "We still have a very large employee fraud problem. We have 60 active cases right now,'' said DMV Commander Ed Loveless, who oversees employee misconduct investigations.

      Selling the licenses is a form of fraud and a felony. Employees caught often had criminal records before being hired by the department. Even employees who are formally charged with crimes on the job are sometimes kept in positions where they can continue to issue licenses, or supervise others who do, Loveless conceded.


      Loveless and other investigators said employee crime rings have become "more sophisticated" in recent years.

      Employees are now charging as much as $4,000 per license - a doubling of the high-end price of $2,000 from two years ago.

      "With the increased scrutiny on our part, the employee is demanding more because the risk is higher," Loveless said. "We've essentially driven the price up." *

      Register staff writers John McDonald and Casey Newton contributed to this report.

      * In an honest market, there is no need for false IDs. What has happened is that government, through its dishonest practices and  intrusive objectives, has created a vast black-market and need that would not other wise exist but for government. Want to deminish false I.D.? Then get back to an honest government! People do not hide behind false I.D. when there is no real need to hide. Create the need, and you thereby create the market! The greater the demand, the more  will be charged for the "service." If the government passed a law that all blue-eyed people should be shot, you create a market for hiding blue-eyed people, and thus,  more "criminals" who would dare stow away blue-eyed people for the money. Oh, and yes, the stock market on sunglasses would prosper too!
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