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Fw: Lawsuit against Bill Clinton

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  • jail4judges
    ... From: Venera Valeri Popova To: jail4judges@mindspring.com Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 1:04 AM Subject: Lawsuit against Bill Clinton Dear Mr. Branson,
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 1:04 AM
      Subject: Lawsuit against Bill Clinton

      Dear Mr. Branson, On July 10, 2000 I filed a lawsuit against Bill Clinton and Glendale Community College, CV-00-07448 FMC (Mc) at United States District Court, Central District of California. Glendale Community College did Motion for Dismiss with two attorneys after 20 days; Mr. CLinton didn't vouchsafe an answer of the 60 days term. Free from any fear on September 29, 2000, I filed my answer to the order of Magistrate Judge McMahon to show cause. My complaint which on July 10 was only 1 1/2 page, now is 21 pages. There are very important facts about Clinton and Gledale Community College that I would like to share with you as native Americans and eventual to speak out on Veterans Day's party. This lawsuit is a sociopolitical necessity and this moment is very important for the future of America. On Friday, 22 Sep. 2000, ACLU wrote about its action on legislation , introduced by Rep. Charles Canady (R-FL) which is a reaction to the enormous growth in electronic surveillance. "...last three years in fact, nearly two million innocent communications have been intercepted in law enforcement wiretaps. The Clinton administration is trying to load down the bill with amendment that would lead to more wiretapping and government access to the email of innocent people. Privacy must be strengthened, not weakened, in this digital age." Please see on internet: -KGB-ing America by Tonny Serra -National Enquirer wrote on 10/08/00, "Hillary's group was a bunch of revolutionary law student who were trying to obstruct justice", told The Enquirer the author David Horowitz. Veteran White House correspondent Sarah McClendon told, ""Hillary never talks about her days as a radical because she's ashamed of her misplaced allegiance to a group of militant thugs. If the voters of Arkansas has been educated to the fact Hillary was an ardent supporter of a group that called for the killing of white leaders, Bill might not have been elected governor - the road that led him and Hillary to the White House." I think in August U.S.News wrote that a Hillary's aide said that Hillary wants to run for President after four or eight years. On President's Day, in 1999, in his speech Clinton mentioned something for the future U.S. President and said "he OR SHE..." Year ago, on September 13, 1999, I wrote to Clinton and I predicted that Al Gore will be the next President of United States. Immediately after my respond to the Judge on September 29, 2000, Al Gores try to go away from Clintons. Today National Enquirer published scandal's photos from Clinton's last night party in the White House where he invited all his supporters. They proper for the coming scandal and try to keep their supportes close. There are scandal and shameful facts at Glendale Community College and I would like to speak about them with you and your supporters. Before that I would like to show you the court papers. Finally I would like to notify that AP wrote on July 01, 2000 that Arkansas Panel "In an unprecedented rebuke of a sitting president, An Arkansas Supreme Court committee on Friday sued President Clinton to strip him of his law license and declared he lacked "overall fitness" to be a lawyer. I take action on my own to sue Bill Clinton and GCC for their shameful act of discrimination and abuse of power. "President Clinton for implementing Stalinism /Gov. Code Sec. 1027.5 (b) /as principle of government and enforcing obedience to Stalin's principles of abuse of power against innocent people in contrary with any Principles of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, AND LIBERTY,...An electronic surveillance allowed a total control over the nation that can lead to timely removing of gifted people from the stage of life and the policy and to invisible purge of the way to executive power. One day not only America, the world can wake up with an absolute powerful but for sure not the right person on the top". If you can see there are a lot of facts and individuals supporting my opinion that I recover after I did my answer to Magistrate Judge McMahon. I enforce him to take accountable action and open a lawsuit against Clinton and GCC supporting my request with examples from Jail4Judges. I think this a matter of your responsibility during the lawsuit to be very active and rallying point to all men of good will and voices of accountable justice. If we don't take this action and don't get the support we need from the nation /because there are a lot individual voices about the truth people who knows facts supporting the idea for a constructive change/ we really should deserve CLINTONS AND THEIR AMERICA. I'm waiting to hear from you JAIL4Judges. Best Regards, VENERA
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