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Re: *** Let's Get On With The Solution!

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  • jail4judges
    Molli: The difference is in approach to the problem: (1) whether you choose to educate yourself on the fraud and deception game the corrupt system is playing
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         The difference is in approach to the problem: (1) whether you choose to "educate" yourself on the fraud and deception game the corrupt system is playing against the people, and then participate in that game under "their" rules; or (2) whether you choose to alter or abolish it, and institute new government (speaking here of a people's oversight body of the judiciary) to provide new guards for our future security. (See Declaration of Independence).
          I choose the latter method, as I firmly believe that it is the DUTY of the people to do so as the Declaration sets forth. I cannot expect to go into a corrupt forum and obtain honest redress. As Dan Meador so aptly put it, "Would you go to a pirate's court for justice? Hardly. To the pirate, law is a matter of convenience."
          Dan also states "We aren't going to secure reliable individual remedies until we secure general remedies."  A system fraught with fraud and deception is hardly a formulae for "general remedies." Until the judicial system operates on an honest and constitutional basis, it is my opinion that people are wasting valuable time and energy operating with a corrupt authority.  I do not believe that "posing problems to them where they have to run to their legal eggheads asking 'what do I do now?' " is providing the "general remedies" so sorely needed.
          It is important to "pose problems," in a forum OUTSIDE the corrupt court system-- and THEN let them run to their "legal eggheads" and say "What do we do now?"  It is the forum that must be abolished and replaced with a new one.
          As far as we must "understand the very clever con they are running on us in terms of the current governing entity and the jurisdiction in which it operates,"  it is precisely because we recognize it for what it truly is-- "clever con they are running on us" -- that we cannot participate in it. Participating in a fraud and con game isn't the solution. I have written a proposal which IS the solution.
          Thank you for writing.

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      Subject: Re: *** Let's Get On With The Solution!

      Dear Ron -
      This posting is very interesting; Meador makes a lot of very good
      points. I agree with him that the system is essential corrupt, that the
      untouchable sacred cow of the usurpers is their 'cash cow' - the central bank/fiat money system - and that the Constitutionalist community at present is too small to have much clout or force. Might makes right now as throughout history. Sad but true. Which means that our main effort should be - trying to educate/raise the consciousness of 'the thinking few' capable of understanding and caring.

      Which leads me to my main subject - according to the Bible, it is the
      truth which shall make us free. BUT - the teachers have to know the
      truth before they can teach it. One comment of yours, in the posting
      which I am responding to, that I have a problem with - the paragraph in which you dismiss information/theories such as - we are all slaves; the judges are ruling correctly based on current law/codes/
      jurisdictions, and etc.

      I believe you are seriously missing the point of such comments. You
      are interpreting them to be apologias or defenses of the current set-up, which I believe they are not. Rather, they come from a position of 'you can't solve the problem until you understand it.'

      If we go into court thinking & acting as if we are in a lawful original
      jurisdiction court, when we are not - when we are in fact presumed by the court to be under contract - to have voluntarily waived our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution in exchange for benefits, under specific contract(s) with a legislatively created corporation which is governing in the stead of the original government - then the judge in a narrow 'letter-of-the-law sense' is correct (although I agree that the whole set-up is dishonest and a fraud at base) to find against us.
      IF we can learn the true nature of the jurisdiction the courts
      operate in almost all the time, and if we can use that knowledge to
      press on some of the weak points in the structure of quasi-legality they have created, and on which their putative authority and right to govern are based - THEN we are putting the fire to their feet and posing them some problems they, at the very least, have to run to their legal eggheads with, asking 'what do I do now?"
      IF more of the patriot/legal reform community could elevate their
      understanding and write briefs that come from an understanding of the current corporate/commercial jurisdiction and the presumptions which underlie it - presumptions which are assailable at several key weak points - then we could make things a little hotter, at least, for this at base fraudulent and deceitful system or engine for wealth
      appropriation, or transfer - from the working masses, the source of all wealth, to a tiny  elite or de facto aristocracy of wealth (OUR wealth).
      I hope you will read and think on the above a bit & not just dismiss
      out out of hand. I truly believe that if you - or any reformer -  do not
      understand the very clever con they are running on us in terms of the
      current governing entity and the jurisdiction in which it operates, then
      you are as the old saw goes, more a well-intentioned but fatally
      ill-informed part of the problem - and not, sadly, part of the solution.
      I am not saying that you should accept what I am saying on faith or
      just because I say it - but I think it would be frankly irresponsible of
      you to reject it out-of-hand without trying to educate yourself
      regarding this research to the point of being able to make an informed decision regarding its merit.

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