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    J.A.I.L. News Journal Los Angeles - September 13, 2000 ____________________________________________________ Listen to HotSeat4Judges daily on Internet Radio
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles - September 13, 2000
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          I have stated on occasion how the Second Amendment defenders have shunned the cause of J.A.I.L. I have expressed how their mission may be accomplished placing attention upon defending the entire Constitution through JAIL, and not just the Second Amendment.
          One gun organization stated that they could not support JAIL because the Second Amendment was not expressly set forth in JAIL. I asked myself, what is it they want? JAIL specifies "any deliberate violation of the Constitutions of [state name] or of the United States. It would appear they want JAIL to add, "including the Second Amendment," as though the Second Amendment were something detached from the United States Constitution. I somehow sense a position of uncertainty in their stand.
          I asked a room full of defenders of the Second Amendment if they thought that all these anti-gun legislation laws were unconstitutional, and everyone in the room raised their hands. I then followed up with the challenge, "Then why don't you just go into court and have these laws declared unconstitutional by a judge?" They responded that they had already taken this issue into the courts. Then I responded, "Why, then, are we still here arguing that we have rights under the Second Amendment? How come we haven't already laid this issue to rest?" I was attempting to invoke out of their own mouths that the problem was "the courts."
          I further challenged them with the words, "Why fight with your enemies when you can get them to support you." Even the left professes to believe that everyone must obey the law. That's what we want in JAIL, the law obeyed. Even liberals support JAIL. Further, the liberal politicians swear with an oath to uphold, without reservation, the State and Federal Constitutions. By supporting JAIL, you support the Constitution, all the Constitution, including the First, Second, Third and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.
          Somehow, these Second Amendment defenders want to get legislators into Congress to write good gun law like, "The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Do they really think a good gun law like that will be of higher significance than what is already written in the Constitution? Or is it they think that the Second Amendment is confusing and needs to be rewritten? Oh, no, they wouldn't admit to that. So it's back to the position that good gun laws will somehow become more effective than the good Second Amendment we now already have.
          Is it not likely that the same judges do not respect the Second Amendment whatsoever will never respect a law that says the same thing? So what law is it they want written? What is their real motive? It is a fact, that time and time again I cannot get anywhere with the Second Amendment people. They seem to have ears that cannot hear, and eyes that cannot see, but a mouth that talks a good talk, but, as I say, is it really a good talk? It appears they are their own worse enemy. I am persuaded that the Second Amendment people will never get anywhere because of the Second Amendment people.
          They will go on arguing they have rights under the Second Amendment, but will refuse to see that the root of their problem is the judiciary, not the legislature or bad gun laws. As I say, "What's wrong with the Second Amendment?" They can not answer that question.
          I've had any number of people who, when I have previously written on this topic say, "Amen" "Your right on point." I figure that by hammering on this point, I can force the gun people to come clean and blast away at JAIL and argue exactly why they cannot support it. It seems to me that they just rather go to sleep and not have to think about what I am saying. They never argue with me. (Is anyone home?)
      I well realize in writing this article that I may never be invited to speak at another gun rights seminar or convention. I accept that cost.
          What inspired me to write this article is the position expressed by Mr. John Wolfgram below. I provide his account to you for his argument of "the rest of the story."  I'll let it speak for itself.
          The thing that I noted that makes 2nd Amendment and NRA supporters not Jail supporters, is the big money orientation.  NRA depends on lobbyists and has to support a lobby industry to influence Congressmen to support good gun laws. 
          That brings in money and is the reason it needs that money forever, to support a lobby industry to lobby for good laws. That industry is their spokesmen and that industry and its advisors do not want to hear anything that is inconsistent with their business of influencing Congressmen to be good Congressmen to get the support of NRA.
          Jail is inconsistent with that basic position. Jail teaches that the judiciary and Judicial Immunity is the evil. The way to fix it is to simply remove the insulating effects of immunity. It's a one shot deal and it does not require or employ lobbyists.  
          Business speaking, Jail and NRA have nothing in common. Jail, if right, will put NRA lobbyists out of business. 
      Mr. Wolfgram  

      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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