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    SCOTT TAKES ON VERMONT JUDICIARY (Lawfirm Jumps In / Media Follows) ... I am involved in over 10 pro se lawsuits in state and federal court. I have come to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2000
      (Lawfirm Jumps In / Media Follows)
         ... I am involved in over 10 pro se lawsuits in state and federal court.  I have come to the conclusion that the facts, the law and the constitution are irrelevant if you are a pro se and your cause challenges the power structures in place.  I have been banned from all courts in the State of Vermont for my criticism of a judge and when I filed suit to vindicate my rights to attend state court proceedings the Chief Judge for the United States District Court found that no clearly established constitutional right had been violated, therefore all the defendants were entitled to immunity.  A corrupt federal judge backing up his state colleagues.  My case is now before the second circuit and the firm of Hogan and Hartson (Washington DC) has taken the case on a pro bono basis. The case has gotten National AP wire service coverage.  More info is contained on the following news sites,
      In another matter, I have filed suit against prosecutors attempting to hold them liable for vast and egregious violations of ethical precepts.  The case was set to be heard in January by a 3 justice appellate panel but was bumped to be heard before the entire Vermont Supreme Court (of course it was quickly dismissed in the lower state courts on immunity grounds).  From what I've been told a full court opinion will set case law for Vermont.
      I have been involved in much other litigation over the past 4 years and, even though I may receive justice in the 2 cases I just mentioned, I believe that as long as judges ignore the facts, law and constitution in pro se cases -- most pro se litigants will give up upon dismissal and not pursue the mystical task of appealing.  Judges know this and are quick to dismiss, clear their docket and rule in favor of a connected establishment attorney for the Attorney General's Office or an attorney from a similarly connected lawfirm.  If I do achieve a just result in some of these cases (questionable), should 4 lost years of my life be the cost of obtaining a just and constitutional result because of corrupt lower court decisions based solely on the 'good ole boys' system and the belief that I would give up?
      JAIL initiatives such as the one prepared by Ron Branson are the only hope to end this corruption of the Courts and denial of justice.
      Scott Huminski

      Hats off to Scott Huminski for his courageous stand. Scott shares JAIL's leadership in Vermont along with Marilynn Christian. Both are fine leaders.
      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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