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Fw: jail4judges initiative and the trashing of the American Republic

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    Dear JAILers: I thought you might be open to some humor for today. I personally know Bill Thornton. He believes we should set up our own self-made judicial
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2000
      Dear JAILers:
          I thought you might be open to some humor for today. I personally know Bill Thornton. He believes we should set up our own self-made judicial system, while not recognizing or submitting to the current judicial system. His proposal is that we should accomplish this through what he defines as "common law courts."
          When another person whom I know, now deceased, was asked where they may locate the court of common law, the response was, "Well, it's in Van Nuys somewhere. I understand the hinges are rusted and it has cobwebs over the door."   (Van Nuys is the civic center in the San Fernando Valley in which he was teaching a class on Common Law - for a fee, of course.)
          According to Thornton, I am deceiving and misleading everyone of you into following "my plan." Should I/we succeed, I/we will accomplish the ultimate destruction of our country, of which our supposed "enemies" actually hope I/we accomplish. My comment is, "I was wondering why all the judges, legislators and prosecuting attorneys are rushing to us with their personal money in hand to give to us so as to assure the passage of JAIL. Maybe that's why billions of dollars are coming our way!"

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      Subject: jail4judges initiative and the trashing of the American Republic

      To:  Ron Branson
          Re:  Jail for Judges Initiative and the trashing of the American Republic. As the old Chinese saying goes, be careful what you wish for, lest you actually get it.
          I have been telling you that our system already has the mechanisms built into it for correcting rogue judges. For some reason you have not bothered to avail yourself of the information.  I wonder why.  I guess you feel you know all that needs to be known about our system.  I can't say for sure.
          What I see is your brash willingness to trash one of the critical protections of our Constitution:  The common law.  And you are convincing a lot of people who have misplaced their faith in you that this is the way to go. In your angry zeal to get at the judges your way, instead of the well thought out existing way, you are advocating short term cures with long term destructiveness.
          The American common law has everything needed to correct rouge judges.  The only requirement is that you must actually take the time to learn it.
          You have proposed in your writings that the constitutionally legislated law created by the people through the initiative process should supersede the common law of the people.  In other words, what is now the higher, unwritten, highly adaptable, inexpensive common law of the people is to be completely replaced by a written, unadaptable organic law that if found to be imperfect can only be changed by expensive, difficult, sluggish means.
          Goethe once said, "There is nothing so fearful as ignorance in action."  I fear your well intentioned ignorance.  Yes, you do mean well.  But you have demonstrated to me such a lack of understanding of our system:  my rights are endangered by your well meaning proposals.  You are in the process of setting a destructive precedent that, once it takes root, will complete the conversion of this country from a republic which legally recognizes absolute individual rights and protections through the common law, to a democracy which allows absolute rule by the majority (in a democracy minorities only have privileges granted to them at the will and pleasure of a condescending
      majority; i.e. minorities have no genuine rights). 
          Said another way, you are advocating replacing the law of 100% of the people by a law that requires only a majority of the people--that, sir, is a definite weakening of the system's protections from this minority member's point of view.
          If I were on the side of the state, I would hope that your Jail for Judges initiative passes.  Myopic bureaucrats will be opposed, but the long term thinkers among the bureaucracy will see the great destructive opportunity you are handing them and will support your cause.   It will be a great precedent and opportunity for the U.S.A. to rejoin the countries of Europe and Latin America where the will of the state (which represents the manipulated majority) supersedes the minority with only cursory concern for the minority's rights.
          All that will be so if your proposal to make the common law subservient to the written law succeeds.
          And for what reason?  Because you won't learn about the existing legal tools given to the people by the founding fathers to protect our freedoms.

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