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    CANADA J.A.I.L? Dear Canadian: I found your email to JAIL to be very moving. Yours is not the first letter we have received about JAIL s impact upon foreign
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2000
      CANADA  J.A.I.L?
      Dear Canadian:
          I found your email to JAIL to be very moving. Yours is not the first letter we have received about JAIL's impact upon foreign countries. Indeed, we have been contacted by the head of an Armenian group who has been watching JAIL, and made an appointment with us to discuss the implications of how JAIL might help in the country of Armenia. I have to admit that I had no vision of JAIL ever seriously going beyond the borders of the U.S.A. My discussion with the Armenian leader urged upon me that what we were doing had great potential influence upon their country. Now comes your email about the need for JAIL in Canada. It is true that our motto is "JAIL will be the next shot heard 'round the world," but I considered that all nations would only stand up and take notice of what has happened in this country, but I never ever thought of other countries adopting a form of JAIL. Is that possible? I don't know, so I am not going to cut your idea short.
          You will have to teach me about your structured form of government in relation to Federal and States, likeness of our Grand Juries, the initiative process and or legislative amendments to your "Constitution." Can JAIL be tenable in your country? Let's examine the possibilities. Thanks for writing us at JAIL, and I look forward to your response. (Can it be that JAIL is for the whole world, and not just a shot to be heard 'round the world?)
      -Ron Branson, author/founder-

      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
      JAIL's very informative website is found at www.jail4judges.org
      JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      JAIL's is spreading across America like a fast moving wildfire!
      JAIL is making headroads into Congress for federal accountability!
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      Dear Ron Branson:
          I have been following your posts for a long time and really enjoy your articles.
          Here we live in canada and the same type of hardships are being placed on our canadian citizens each and every day. We have judges involved in court cases that as a rule leaves the defendant guilty
      until proven innocent.
          Over the past years more and more people have fought for their god given rights to defend themselves in court and the results thus far show absolutely too many people have been thrown in jail for no reason. Yes a great deal of people are guilty of crimes, I myself believe in the old addage, if you do the crime, you do the time.
          However we need a type of organization here as in other parts of the world to make judges, police accountable for their actions if they are found to be at fault.
          In Canada as in United States we have a very corrupt situation ....
      Children having to go without food, lights, heat ... After reading and following your articles on the Internet maybe you ... will find a lot of people who are just waiting for the opportunity to join a large group such as your own.
          In closing, hope I made my points correctly and hope to hear from you soon, as we need help to get our message across....
      Thank You.
      A Canadian Injured Worker...      
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