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Despairing Situation - So what are we going to do about it?

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  • Ron Branson
    ... Subject: RE: Despairing Situation - So what are we going to do about it? Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 15:03:26 +0000 From: michayl mellen
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      Subject:RE: Despairing Situation - So what are we going to do about it?
      Date:Mon, 6 Aug 2012 15:03:26 +0000
      From:michayl mellen <mlmellen@...>
      To:JUDICIAL7 <victoryusa@...>, Zena Crenshaw` <zcrenshaw@...>, TEXAS STATE CLIENT COUNCIL 12 GEORGE STOKES <gstokes2008@...>, POPULAR11 <dradjackson@...>, TEXAS STATE CLIENT COUNCIL 44 ROY VP LOZANO <roy-lozano@...>, "avemariagloria@..." <avemariagloria@...>, "candyman@..." <candyman@...>, WEST TEXAS TRIBUNE SIENNA <fa1_miller@...>

      I am not an Attorney, nor profess to be one, but in my opinion jail4judges is the only way and for attorneys to grow a set of (cajones) and confront these crooked judges, and not lay in bed with them.

      . I recently had a judge deny every motion I presented to the court because I was Sui juris, including motions demanding to show jurisdiction. I was arrested and jailed for CONTEMPT OF COURT for requesting justice.

      If you all are looking for complete backing by local communities, forget it, they are ignorant of what is happening, and for the most part, afraid to speak out because of the threat of being targeted as I was for speaking out unprotected on injustices on behalf of Abilene, Texas and popular4people.

      There is a need for a National Campaign to bring this dirty secret out in the open. Time for discussion is over.



      Michayl Lamar Mellen, 67 years

       Past President and Chairman of the Board WEST TEXAS LEGAL SERVICES

      Abilene Texas


      Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 17:16:58 -0700
      From: VictoryUSA@...
      To: zcrenshaw@...
      CC: VictoryUSA@...
      Subject: Despairing Situation - So what are we going to do about it?

      Zena, I am seeking the same type of support as sought by our Founding Fathers in the establishment of this nation when they said, "[W]ith a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, or fortunes and our sacred honor." I suppose the answer to your question would be based upon one's view as to whether they were anarchists or lent sympathetic ears to their plight by working within prescribed channels.


      Zena Crenshaw wrote:
      I don't say this to be critical, but Jail4Judges reflects such an exclusion of institutional support from government that it seems only anarchists or near anarchists could consider its execution manageable.  Are anarchists and near anarchists your intended base of support?

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