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Using Humor to Get a Serious Point Across

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    _*Using Humor to Get a Serious Point Across*_ * By KJS (aka Kirk Schwoebel)* kjs420@verizon.net We ve got to get this (JAIL4Judges) passed, we re running out
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2010

      Using Humor to Get a Serious Point Across

      By KJS  (aka Kirk Schwoebel)


      We've got to get this (JAIL4Judges) passed, we're running out of time. The cancer of judicial corruption has metastasized in Los Angeles, and is spreading quickly. It has even migrated to law enforcement, rendering it useless against the disease. With the natural defenses compromised, it's time for the big guns of common sense to finish the job. The common sense I refer to is none other than JAIL4judges. One inoculation should be sufficient, but, it must be administered evenly across the nation. Everybody must have access to this life saving cure. (Independent studies have shown that rampant judicial corruption, if left untreated, can lead to more serious disease, reoccurring symptoms, and a complete breakdown of vital organs. If symptoms persist, discontinue use and contact a doctor). Ask your physician if JAIL4judges is right for you.
      (Take only as directed)  


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