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    JAILers4Justice (J4J) ____________________________________________________________ Los Angeles, CA September 3, 2009
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      JAILers4Justice (J4J)
      Los Angeles, CA                                                       September 3, 2009


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      Screwed In Court


      It is not unusual we hear of people who have been screwed in court, as this is par for the course. However the below account takes this attestation to the extreme. Former Judge Herman Thomas has been indicted by a Grand Jury on charges that he pulled inmates out of incarceration so he could bend them over his desk and sodomize them. A Grand Jury has returned 57 indictments against Judge Thomas.


      But, lest you think Herman Thomas is greatly suffering for his alleged crime, don’t concern yourself. The system is taking good care of him. He is now free on $250,000 bail.


      Let’s see, for a judge that is just a little over a year’s salary, not counting hidden and unspecified judicial perks. And consider how much would it cost to hire a steady line-up of assorted prostitutes for one’s personal service and pleasure? The way I figure it, Judge Thomas’ return didn’t pan out too bad. Maybe a bit high on the open market, but since he was able to use the bench for free, and didn’t have to pay for motels, that consideration sweetens the deal. Furthermore, let us consider that he didn’t have to cruse the streets of the city for pick-ups.


      Ah, yes, and let us not forget the many opportunities that may await him should he be thrown in the slammer along with those who drew off a stoggie or two. Who knows, but maybe he might even be asigned a cell mate that enjoys being rear ended!


      So next time you have reason to go to court, take heed to the advice of those who tell you they were screwed in court!


      Ron Branson



      *   *   *


       Former Judge Herman Thomas Indicted on Sex, Ethics Charges



      Reported by: Jenna Susko
      Email: jsusko@...
      Last Update: 3/28 3:26 am
















      Former Mobile County Judge Arrested


      ( MOBILE , Ala. )(AP) March 26 - Former Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas has bonded out of the Mobile County Metro Jail after he was arrested Friday afternoon.

      Before his arrest, Thomas was indicted by a grand jury on 57 felony counts, accusing him of, among other things, sexually abusing Mobile County inmates in exchange for favors in his courtroom.

      Thomas is charged with ethics violations, kidnapping, extortion, sexual abuse and sodomy. The indictment against him includes graphic details of alleged paddling and other sexual favors.

      Eight victims are named in the indictment. All of the alleged victims are men. Some still remain in Metro Jail.

      "It's a high-tech lynching," said Thomas's attorney, Bob Clark. "This is racism as its very finest. We should be proud citizens of this county and proud we elected these bastards."

      Friday, Mobile County District Attorney, John Tyson, Jr., asked for other possible victims of Thomas to come forward.

      Thomas resigned from the bench in 2007 amid allegations that he took over other judges' cases without their knowledge, checked inmates out of jail and paddled them, and involved himself in cases where he had personal connections.

      Thomas was let out of jail shortly after he was arrested Friday, on a $250,000 bond.

      Tyson does not believe Thomas is a flight risk. Thomas's bond, however, has three conditions. Thomas is not allowed to have any contact with males under the age of 21 or contact with witnesses in the case or their family members. If Thomas has a passport, he must give it up.

      (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)



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