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Dear David May

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    Dear David May Latest New Mexico JAILer - youjudgetv@yahoo.com Dear David May, I am pleased to hear from you and of your work there in the State of New Mexico.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2009

      Dear David May

      Latest New Mexico JAILer - youjudgetv@...


      Dear David May, I am pleased to hear from you and of your work there in the State of New Mexico . Much of the complaints we receive here at JAIL4Judges regards the Family Courts around the nation. The reason, I believe, is because of the proximity to that which is near and dear to our hearts: namely, our spouses and our children. You are correct in that there are groups all over this country centering upon this very subject.


      From the tone of you letter, it appears you are well aware of the focus of J.A.I.L being bringing Judicial Immunity directly to the forefront of the citizens to decide as to whether it shall be allowed it to protect judges from both civil liability and criminal prosecution. Indeed, two Deputy District Attorneys here in the County of Los Angeles called me and asked who J.A.I.L. might be of assistance in namely two cases in which the Los Angeles Judges were being protected from being criminally prosecuted by other judges ruling they were covered by judicial immunity.


      With success in the areal of Judicial Immunity, absolutely every other organization concerned with the unconstitutional direction which our country is headed, including Family Courts, shall benefit. In fact, we attest that until this is accomplished, no other cause shall ultimately prevail. We shall merely continue to vent our hardships to one another.


      I have taken the liberty, because of the positiveness of your words, to unilaterally sign you up as a New Mexico JAILer, and I therefore welcome you. I am sure we shall have many future opportunities to address the mutuality of both our efforts.


      Now as to your invitation, I accept. All we need to deal with is the technically and set up a date and time to get together, whether it be a telephonic interview or a webcam interview. By responding hereto, and am also manifesting this to our JAILers regarding your communication. Doubtless you shall be hearing from many of them regarding this contact. There is already an effort at foot to see if the various judicial reform groups can agree on a collective effort.


      God bless you, David May. Again, I welcome you as our newest New Mexico JAILer.


      Ron Branson





      From: YouJudge Tv [mailto:youjudgetv@...]  
      Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 8:08 AM
      To: JAIL4Judges
      Subject: Hi.


      Mr. Branson,


      I am a board member of the New Mexico Center for Family Justice, a group much like your own fighting for the rights of our members in family court.  I run a TV show here called You Judge, where we expose judicial acts to drum up local support.  We have actually been successful in having 3 judges removed from the bench and believe we contributed to the decision of several others to take early retirement.  We have, of course, not been able to get any of them prosecuted.


      I was wondering if you would be interested in a telephonic appearance on our show, or even possibly a web cam interview.  Even if not, we would still be interested in joining with you in an alliance, whatever that might look like.  There are many organizations like ours which exist in every state.  I believe that if we were to combine our efforts we would be able to achieve more than each of us has been able to alone.


      Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and let me know your thoughts on these matters.


      David May



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