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    Does Anyone Have A Solution? Question asked by Mark Adams - markadamsjdmba@hotmail.com From: henrymorgan@knology.net To: ronpaul-48@meetup.com Subject: RE:
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      Does Anyone Have A Solution?

      Question asked by Mark Adams - markadamsjdmba@...


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      Subject: RE: [ronpaul-48] Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

      Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:26:54 -0400


      Does anyone know how to hold our government accountable?  Does anyone have a solution?


      Mark Adams


      Answer offered by henrymorgan@...


      Sure Mark, right here:    




      Reply by Mark Adams:


      Close, Henry . 


      Actually, there are 3 really big problems with the JAIL initiative. First, you have to get a petition to amend the constitution on the ballot and get it passed. It’s pretty hard to get it on the ballot, and when they did get in on the ballot in SD in 2006, the results appear to have been flipped. So, it will be impossible to get it passed until either secret vote counting is eliminated or enough people get off of their ass to conduct exit polls regularly so the scum who program the secret vote counting computers will quit stealing elections. This brings up the other problem.


      JAIL wants to pass an amendment giving people the ability to make complaints about judges to a grand jury. However, the last time that I heard from Ron Branson , he still would not acknowledge that such a right existed and was stolen. That seriously undermines his whole effort. Maybe he has changed his position since I’ve been pointing out that such a right did exist as part of the right to petition for a redress of grievances, but until he does, I’m not supporting JAIL. By the way, which do you think would get people more fired up, telling them that we need a new amendment or telling them that we need a stolen right restored?


      Finally, the JAIL initiative does not restore the full power of the right to control our government which once existed when a citizen could present evidence of criminal conduct to a grand jury which is made up of citizens summoned to jury duty and ask them to indict or investigate further. As Justice Bradley said, "To deprive a whole class of the community of this right, to refuse their evidence and their sworn complaints, is to brand them with a badge of slavery; is to expose them to wanton insults and fiendish assaults; is to leave their lives, their families, and their property unprotected by law."


      Imagine how restoration of this fundamental right to control our government could transform our Nation overnight.


      People who accepted money from banking industry lobbyists and then voted to give the bankers a bunch of cash in spite of widespread condemnation of such a plan might just fear getting indicted for bribery.


      Bankers who sold people on 3% adjustable rate mortgages based on loan commitments with caps on those adjustments and who then removed such caps from the paperwork presented at closing which resulted in the payments doubling after the first adjustment might just be worried about being indicted.


      Cops who arrest people in their own homes for disorderly conduct, shoot people who are handcuffed and rape pretty young victims of crime might just get indicted.


      The fear that the general populace has about being prosecuted for crimes would be restored to those who now are above the law if they knew that the citizens could hold them accountable. Right now, they know that the prosecuting princes will protect them no matter whether they have stolen elections, raped young innocent women, or killed people.


      If you want to know the truth about torture and why U.S. government agents can get away with committing these and other horrible crimes, see Why does the U.S. government torture people?  This includes a link to the case with the quote from Justice Bradley.


      If you want to know about the widespread mortgage fraud that our rulers allowed and how they also took action to crash the value of real estate and our economy, see Senate Bailout a.k.a. Bank Robbery Bill and make sure that you read the first comment to it.


      Maybe Ron will reconsider and restructure the JAIL movement or maybe someone else knows how to restore liberty and justice and will be able to reach the people.  As shown below, the plan seems to be to crush liberty and justice in our country and the time for stopping the plan is growing short.


      Mark A. Adams JD/MBA



      Ron Branson’s Response:


      Mark Adams’ first concern is getting J.A.I.L. on the ballot. J.A.I.L. was placed upon the South Dakota ballot by just one man, Bill Stegmeier. He got off his duff and decided to invest $130 M of his own personal money to acquire the signatures. Admittedly, other states vary and may require more. But if one man could do it, what could ten men like Bill do in the country if they got off their duff?


      Next, we are presented with the defeatist argument that it did not win. True, it did not “win,” but I am now so sure we did not win. Unknown to many who where not personally engaged in the battle, just placing it on the ballot won us at least two million dollars in free negative advertisement, and sent the system into a panic.


      No only did it send the entire government into a defensive mode, but they brought in the Oil Corporations, the banking industry, and the massive Insurance Industry to oppose us. It brought out U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to oppose us, which resulted in an article against J.A.I.L. in the Wall Street Journal, which resulted in CNN calling me and asking me to come on nation TV to speak on behalf of J.A.I.L. This was followed by the Los Angeles Times calling me and sitting down with them for an interview.


      Some six State Supreme Court Justices of their respective states started chattering in the media against J.A.I.L., and J.A.I.L. was the subject of several states websites in their 2007 State of the Judiciary messages. Oh yes, I was mocked and ridiculed, but like water thrown upon a duck, I endured, and had a heyday responding to many many articles intended to put me down.


      Now, let us compare this to the many dollars the patriots have spend trying to get the attention of the media who just ignored them. On the other hand, the media was just clamoring for an opportunity to take the next shot at Ron Branson and at J.A.I.L. Now just who would not consider it a wise investment to put in $130M to receive over $2 million in advertisement? Hey, Ron was in his glory!


      Instead of viewing South Dakota a defeat, it was an obvious sign that we were hitting them where it hurts, and I am not necessarily talking about the wallet, although they did complain about all the money they had to spend to “defeat” J.A.I.L.  But, I ask, was J.A.I.L. defeated? I think not. What the patriots failed to take advantage of was this was the time to “CHARGE!” There is nothing that throws the fear in the so-called “government,” than that J.A.I.L. should make a comeback! They are still shuttering at the very thought. The Chief Justice of California has said in the media that Ron Branson is out to destroy this wonderful judicial system we have here in California . Now, how much would one pay for such a notable statement? I am sure Mark Adams would love to have any Chief Justice of a state say “Mark Adams is out to destroy our wonderful judicial system of the State of Whocares .”


      Marks’ suggestion is that we should alter our focus from the judiciary to running around to investigate the election process. Am I concerned about honest elections? Sure I am, but I am not going to forsake judicial accountability to attack a nebulous problem that can never be assured we have won. Like the statement, “For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always,” Matt. 26:11, we shall always have people trying to foil elections. You can never win that battle, only seek to control it. But if we are going to let the nebulous control us, we shall never get anywhere! You see, the enemy, like a big snake, knows they must protect the head, which is the judiciary. If the head is bitten, that is the end for snake!


      Next is his statement, “JAIL wants to pass an amendment giving people the ability to make complaints about judges to a grand jury. However, the last time that I heard from Ron Branson , he still would not acknowledge that such a right existed and was stolen. That seriously undermines his whole effort.” I’m not sure why he brings up this point. Of course the right of access to the Grand Jury was stolen, and J.A.I.L. believes that until we recover that lost right, we shall forever be spinning our wheels and just complaining instead of getting off of duff and making it happen.

      Sure we have a right to “redress of grievances,” but my point is, “try and get it.” The position of the “government” is, “Go ahead and petition all you want, but we don’t have any obligation to pay attention.” So I ask, “What is a right without a means of enforcement? J.A.I.L. will provide that enforcement so we have more than just an expectation of the right, but the power to bring it about or else.


      Thirdly, Mark states, “Finally, the JAIL initiative does not restore the full power of the right to control our government.” I cannot think of anything more power in our form of government above the power residing with the People in the forum of an independent autonomous Grand Jury! This Jury has the power to remove every judges’ defense of judicial immunity and subject him to the same standards any “normal” man is subject to. One thing for sure is that no judge is willing to give up his career and his future just to defend politics or politicians. How many judges will be willing to be eaten by the lions in order to defend his favorite politician?


      I say “Amen!” to Mark Adams’ next contention, and that is, “Imagine how restoration of this fundamental right to control our government could transform our Nation overnight.” This is precisely the objective of J.A.I.L. If Mark has a better idea, then let him proclaim it to a candid world who is waiting his solution, as his first question asks and was answered;

      Does Anyone Have A Solution?



      I am Ron Branson

      The fear of the judges!

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