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Honoraraniam for Bill Stegmeier & Others

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    Honorarium for Bill Stegmeier (And others) This week POPULAR will be announcing its Restore Integrity Award for Fine and others as indicated below (see copy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2009

      Honorarium for Bill Stegmeier

      (And others)


      This week POPULAR will be announcing its "Restore Integrity Award" for 

      Fine and others as indicated below (see copy of email sent to Senator Webb):


      Hello U.S. Senator James (Jim) Henry Webb, Jr.:


      As you may know, I am Executive Director of POPULAR, Inc. (POPULAR), a 

      nonprofit good government advocate and legal reform organization.*


      Congratulations on being selected to receive POPULAR’s 2009, midyear "Restore Integrity  Award" in the Public Sector category.** 


      All of POPULAR’s award recipients have taken or otherwise pursued one  or

      more specific acts or measures to eliminate significant inequity, waste, fraud, abuse, or other public and/or private sector corruption in America. 


      POPULAR defines corruption as any illegal or unethical conduct contributing  to

      the systemic malfunction of government, commerce, and/or democracy in 

      America as contemplated by the U.S. Constitution.


      Beginning this June 2009, POPULAR’s "Restore Integrity Award" will be awarded bi-annually in the categories of public sector, private sector, and grassroots advocacy. The 2009 midyear recipients are as follows:


      Public Sector Category:


      Senator Richard (Dick) Durbin  (D-IL)


      for declaring that banks which enabled  America’s current financial crisis, remain the most powerful lobby on  Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and "frankly own the place" as his  colleagues in the U.S. Senate vote down his proposed amendment to a bill  that would have allowed bankruptcy judges to help desperate homeowners  renegotiate their mortgage payments.


      Senator James (Jim) Henry Webb, Jr.  (D-Va)


      for introducing "The National Criminal Justice Act of 2009"  calling for a national commission to "undertake a top-to-bottom review of  (America’s) entire criminal justice system" and offer recommendations for  reform.


      Private Sector Category:


      Dr. Richard I. Fine


      for being the first attorney to  expose the illegality and inherent conflicts of interests spawned by the now  notorious, "double benefits" payments from Los Angeles County, California to  the state’s superior court judges, all to Fine’s professional and personal  detriment as he was subsequently disbarred and jailed indefinitely on contempt  of court charges. 


      Grassroots Advocacy Category:


      Ms. Marcel Reid and Ms. Karen  Inman,


      co-recipients, for spearheading the grassroots fight for  truth, transparency, and accountability within ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), a purported advocate for low and moderate income people. Reid and Inman began their fight to reform ACORN while serving  on its now defunct, Interim Management Committee and are among the co-founders  of ACORN 8, "the people’s movement to reform ACORN." 


      Mr. William (Bill) Stegmeier


      for financially underwriting America ’s highest profile though failed ballot initiative to accomplish substantial citizen oversight of  alleged judicial misconduct known as the South Dakota J.A.I.L. (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law) Initiative or Amendment E.


      A press release announcing your award is scheduled to be circulated through international wire services during the week of June 15, 2009. An  encased

      certificate commemorating your award will be mailed to you during that  time as well. You need not reply to this message. However, feel free to  contact me with any questions or comments at this email address and/or the  toll free number listed below.


      Thank you and again, congratulations.


      Zena D. Crenshaw Logal.

      Executive Director

      POPULAR, Inc.

      (TF) 888.478.4439 Ext 2





      *POPULAR is an acronym for "Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America 

      Restored".  The nonprofit corporation is essentially  an association of public

      interest attorneys and Juris Doctors, advised  by a board of nonlawyer, community leaders. These good government advocates  are committed to helping poor

      and other disadvantaged people access  affordable and competent legal

      representation, appropriate judicial  oversight, and important civil and criminal

      justice system reforms.


      **POPULAR’s "Restore Integrity Award" program is co-administered by the 

      organization’s Advisory Board President Katherine Moore and Advisory Board 

      Vice President Nancy Swan.


      Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored


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