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L.A. Judges Agree to Voluntary Pay Cuts

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      L.A. judges agree to voluntary pay cuts

      7:15 AM | June 3, 2009

      L.A. County Superior Court judges have approved a plan to take voluntary pay cuts to help fill a budget shortfall in the county's courts.

      The plan received "overwhelmingly positive" support from the county's judges, Presiding Judge Charles "Tim" McCoy said. Court officials had previously announced a plan to close courthouses and furlough employees one day a month, but judges were excluded because of a constitutional provision that protects them from receiving a pay cut during their term on the bench.

      McCoy said he did not have an estimate on how much the voluntary pay reduction would save, but said it would be in the millions of dollars. The county's courts are facing an approximately $90-million shortfall in the coming fiscal year and are being slapped with an additional $55 million in cuts in the governor's latest plan to close the state's massive budget gap, the presiding judge said.

      McCoy said court officials were still working out the details on how to absorb the additional cut in funding and that they might have to take drastic measures.

      -- Victoria Kim


      The above article allows your comments to be posted. (See the URL above to add your post.) The following are the words I have posted to this L.A. Times article;


      *   *   *

      I find this story laughable. We just published an article regarding the judges getting what they wished for, and compared it to pirates on a ship gloating over the abundance of gold they stole from the People, as the ship goes down because it cannot sustain the weight of all the gold.

      I humorously recommended we give the judges 31 days a month off with pay, and close down all the courts, and we settle all our differences in the street. I stated that we could greatly improve our justice here by flipping a coin, for in that manor we would at least be assured of a 50% chance of getting justice, which if far greater than can be expected of cases in front of these judges.

      I made the prediction that while the judges are gloating over their "victory", I stated that the negative media nightmare is going to sink them. I was right on point. These judges paid lobbyist to push emergency legislation through to seize these shameful sums of money that surpass the wages of even the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Something had to give. Ah, but now we are told that these judges have a soft heart in compassion for the taxpayers, and are voluntarily giving up their wages to help us all out.

      This publicity is like muggers who pushed down an 80 year old woman and stole her purse with all her living in it. This incident was caught on camera, and publicity resulted. After the fact the mugger has gone to the home of the little old lady to give some of the money they stole back to the destitute woman. Are we to now give praise to these mugging judges? I tell you, Nay! Let them be known for the thieves and robbers they are.

      - Ron Branson




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