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"Anger Driven Assholes"

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    Anger Driven Assholes http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2005/Anger.html Our former JIC of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2009
      Anger Driven Assholes
      "Anger Driven Assholes"
      Our former JIC of Alabama has saw fit to renew the below information which he has dug up and has represented. 
      Incidentally, the Washington State Legislature, as a direct result of J.A.I.L., has taken measures to fortify and immunize itself from the likes of JAIL4Judges ever entering their State.  -  Ron Branson

      Sen. Adam Kline 

       Appears to be Angry at those whom require Accountability in  "OUR" Constitutional Republic- Government.


      --- Original Message -----
      There are already enough anger-driven assholes that I have to listen to.  I don't need any more.  Please REMOVE me from your e-mail list immediately.
      Adam Kline
      Dear Senator Adam Kline:
      "Anger-Driven Assholes"

      This is to confirm your removal from J.A.I.L.  I wish to point out, however, that it was you who first wrote J.A.I.L. Evidently J.A.I.L. is on your mail list, and we responded.

      Since you are a Senator having raised your hand and sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I would like to pose a question to you.  Is it your position that all citizens who stand up for and contend for Constitutional principles are "anger-driven assholes?"
      I find this perspective somewhat at odds with an elected statesman. What does your electorate think of your perspective of then being "assholes?" 
      You do need to know that one day it will be those in JAIL4Judges who will be going to the polls and voting statesmen in or out of office, for we shall conquer America with righteous principles through accountability of tyrants who do not respect the Constitution. Thank you very much.
      -Ron Branson-
      National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief
      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
      JAIL's very informative website is found at
      JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      JAIL is spreading across America like a fast moving wildfire!
      JAIL is making inroads into Congress for federal accountability!
      JAIL may be supported at P.O. Box 207, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
      To subscribe or be removed: 
      E-Groups may sign on at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jail4judges/join
      Open forum to make your voice heard JAIL-SoundOff@egroups.com
      Ask not what J.A.I.L. can do for me, but ask what I can do for J.A.I.L.
      "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel Adams
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><

      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                 December 29, 2001 
      Senator Kline's "Assholes"
      Statement Explodes!
      Below are messages from Tally Eddings, who has done a lot regarding publicizing the Senator Kline quote. Statements of this type by an elected public official, no matter where located, should receive notoriety. People have a right to know how elected officials think. We are informed that Senator Kline is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the Washington legislature. For those of you who are interested, contact Tally Eddings, tallyeddings@....  

      Dear Mrs. Goody,  Barbara.Goody@...
      Washington State Representative Adam Kline thinks citizens who are for Judicial Accountability are "anger-driven assholes" (please excuse the language, Mrs. Goody, I want you to know it is YOUR representative who uses such foul language, (not me) and has so stated (see Kline's email below for verification).
      I wonder if you would care to make an official statement prior to this being released to the Press in your State of Washington to give the Governor's position on: 
      1.  JAIL4JUDGES  (Please research the Organization before formulating your reply), and
      2.  Rep. Adam Kline's comments and the Governor's opinion on citizens who want Judicial Accountability.  Is Governor Locke in favor or opposed to JAIL4JUDGES and in agreement with or opposed to Adam Kline's comments?
      I am in the process of preparing an article to be submitted to all of the Newspapers in the great State of Washington in either the form of an article or direct letters to the Editors.  Your input and direct quotes from Governor Locke will be used in this article which will also be disseminated and posted on the internet. The citizens of every State are demanding accountability of a Judicial system gone berserk.
      Thank you for your assistance.
      Tally Eddings
      Orlando, Florida
      You guys should look into and report on JAIL4JUDGES.
      Tally Eddings
      Orlando, Florida]
      ----- Original Message -----
      There are already enough anger-driven assholes that I have to listen to.  I don't need any more.  Please REMOVE me from your e-mail list immediately.
      Adam Kline

      Sir,    [Senator Adam Kline]    Kline_Ad@...
      It is difficult for me to understand your perspective in referring to members of JAIL4JUDGES as " angry assholes" (such language from an elected "gentleman"?);  evidently, YOU are very angry.  And well you should be, but not with citizens who only want FAIRNESS, JUSTICE and  ACCOUNTABILITY in our government. 
      Yes, WE are ANGRY and justifiably so.  WHAT is your justification?  If you have a legitimate complaint about any points of information being in error or a disagreement with the need for justice in our Courts, it would be beneficial for us all if you would share your opinions and views openly. That way, we can come to some understanding based in fact rather than emotionalism.
      In all fairness, I ask you to address your concerns openly for discussion.  Surely you, above all others, having dedicated yourself to serving citizens, want to know and understand the significant diversion from justice which is escalating in our Courts due to lack of judicial restraints and accountability.   I beg you to STAND UP for the TRUTH.  To hide under the facade of aggravation serves no person, serves no cause and denies even a hearing of the abuses citizens sustain in courts.
      Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
      May God Bless you in your service to others.
      Tally H. Eddings, II
      Orlando, Florida



      Dear JAILers:
      As you may already know, the internet is just buzzing with Senator Adam Kline's statement. It appears that so may of his so called "Anger-Drive Assholes" have dumped so much on him that he has become buried, and has shut down. We are checking into this.
      He is ducking and on the run from the public and the media, however, we have some very strong connections in Washington State. As George Bush says of Osama, "He can run, but he can't hide." We're a sendin' out the bloodhounds. Remember, if you're not havin' fun, you're not doin' it right. So let's keep on the fresh Kline trail and push him over the edge.
      To date, which can change by the minute, we are informed that his wife is a judge, and possible he used to be a judge prior to running for the Senate. (We're trying to confirm that.)
      He is now Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee - how appropriate. We are told by a couple of sources that Senator Kline is very pompous, arrogant, and proud.



      To:  All JAILers (& a few others)
      Now the Entire Membership of
       the Senate and House
      Have Been Told About Senator Kline!
      Dear Barbie:
      Idiot Kline- and his soon to be smoked out cronies- just did all of us the greatest favor any of their ilk could do. I've emailed my response to the entire membership of the senate and house.
      The only response thus far has been from a Seattle democrat representative by the name of Ed Murray. His bio says he lives with his "partner" Michael.
      Mr./Ms. Murray says that I'm the "asshole," not his/her good friend and colleague, Kline. And that I should "remove him from my list!" You can imagine what I responded with!
      Thanks for the "heads up." I will contact these people. You can rest assured that I will run this down until there's none of these corrupt, self-serving bastards left in office!
      Also, if its appropriate to your purpose, feel free to use anything I send j4j.
      Also, also- since I'm not a "member" of j4j, none of these people can accuse me of grinding an axe! That's exactly why I remain "unaffiliated." In this day and age, it's very important to be armored with certain teflon when you're at war with these "sticky beasts."
      Robert Birdwell   

      Good on you Robert!


      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                            January 17, 2002

      Senator Kline
      Apologizes To J.A.I.L.
      Due to all the heat placed upon Senator Adam Kline, he has written to J.A.I.L. to apologize for the use of his term "anger-driven assholes." His apology is quoted immediately below.
      I apologize for my poor choice of words. I answered one e-mail with a rude remark out of frustration from being spammed by so many groups. Still, it was wrong. 
      Adam Kline
      J.A.I.L. has accepted his apology, and has responded to him as follows.
      Dear Senator Kline:
      Thank you for apologizing for your "poor choice of words." Your verbiage is forgiven. However, more serious than a "poor choice of words" is the concern of a poor internal attitude of a very serious problem --all the more important because you are entrusted by the people as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
      The basis for your remark, according to your apology, is "frustration from being spammed by so many groups."  Senator Kline, as a Senator and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, you cannot afford to be frustrated by members of the public which are crying out for judicial  accountability. You, sir, hold the most sensitive position that anyone could hold. You face the likelihood of hearing from "anger-driven"  citizenry concerned about the condition of their judiciary more than  anyone else. Your position is not for the impatient or weak at heart!
      Since you use "spamming" as the basis of your frustration, allow me to address that subject on two grounds. First, it was originally your unsolicited e-mail that came directly from your office to J.A.I.L.  Before that, I had no knowledge of you whatsoever, nor had J.A.I.L. sent you anything. Nonetheless, I do not complain about this unsolicited email from you.
      Secondly, you must understand the nature of your position. As an elected public official, your time is bought and paid for by the people. The computer you use belongs to the people; your email service belongs to the people; your time belongs to the people; and the office you occupy and chair you sit on belongs to the people. Therefore, you are not in the same position as a private citizen to complain about "spamming." Email received by a public official on matters of public interest is not "spam." Moreover, neither of us as a party to this email exchange was attempting to market a commercial product to the other that either of us should become "frustrated."
      As to our cause, J.A.I.L. is not a social organization, but a Public Interest First Amendment Redress organization. We are aggressive --very aggressive! J.A.I.L. is seeking diligently to establish an independent  process for judicial accountability in Washington State. Such effort reflects directly upon you and the Committee you chair.
      Now you may not like or wish to recognize the efforts of J.A.I.L. in seeking accountability for Washington's judges. However, you are going to have to deal with the fact that J.A.I.L. is here; that J.A.I.L. is here to stay; and that J.A.I.L. is not going to go away. You have to face this fact as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. J.A.I.L. can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare.
      J.A.I.L. is  growing more and more powerful and influential in society with the passage of time; and will continue to do so until we, the citizenry through J.A.I.L., are the fear and respect of every politician. We are not a bunch of wackos, but an amassing block of civilization from every respected walk of life that you could imagine, including medical doctors, ministers, law enforcement, and yes, legislators, hardly deserving of being referred to as "assholes" --although "anger-driven."
      Senator Kline, it is now well known that your wife is a sitting Superior Court judge and you are a member of the Bar. Nevertheless, it behooves you to sit up and take notice of this pressing national plague that has reached crisis proportions, destroying life, liberty, and property daily right in your jurisdiction.
      Yes, Senator Kline, the judicial system in this country has overthrown our Constitutional Republic as set up by our Founding Fathers, who themselves were "anger-driven." (See the Declaration of Independence). It is the duty of the people to do what is necessary for their posterity.
      Your acceptance of public office is your acceptance of responsibility to serve the people, to listen to THEIR frustrations --not be overtaken by your own.  Senator, it's time to redirect your thinking from self-serving arrogance to a gracious, humble concern for the people whom you are elected to serve.
      You are going to be given the opportunity of putting that concern into practice, when the J.A.I.L. legislation is presented to you and other legislative officials in Washington State. This legislation is being presented to legislatures throughout the country, or by the initiative process in some states. As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, you will be a key figure in considering this measure for judicial accountability in Washington.
      Now that I have your attention, Senator Kline, and have accepted your apology, let's now work together in a positive effort with all "frustrations" behind us. In this mutual effort, I am hereby submitting to you the proposed J.A.I.L. Bill for Washington State. You are to present this Bill to your Committee for study and review, and then you are to sponsor it to the entire Senate. As my further participation in this joint effort with you, I will make myself, or our counsel, available to meet with you, and/or answer any questions you or the Committee may have. Passage of this Bill will be not only for the good of the people, but for the best interest of the judicial system itself.
      Everyone will benefit when accountability, and thus Truth, becomes the touchstone of the Washington judicial process. It is upon this point we mutually agree, is it not?
      We look forward to a future relationship of dignity and mutual respect.
      Ronald Branson


      The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
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