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*** J.A.I.L. In Florida

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    J.A.I.L. In Florida Many of you on our regular JAIL email do not often see the interworkings of our JAIL leadership around this nation. As you may already
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2000
      J.A.I.L. In Florida
      Many of you on our regular JAIL email do not often see the interworkings of our JAIL leadership around this nation. As you may already know, we now have JAIL Chapters in over half the United States who share their experiences one with another. On occasion, some emails are worthy of sharing outside that circle to everyone. The following is just such a one. This is from Sherree Lowe who is heading up JAIL in Florida. If you know of someone living in Florida, or if you would just like to encourage her, please contact her at the eddress below. Thanks.
          More requests are coming in, I was getting a little discouraged, but JAIL is catching on here, and the word is spreading, but many are so scared to get involved. 
          I keep lecturing about be nothing, do nothing, care about nothing, and everybody just wants someone to listen to them, and I keep saying to the skeptics, "I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet." It takes awhile for that to sink in, but when it does, it makes a point.
          I have several coming regularly to meetings, and getting excited about the possibilities. They tend to watch, to see if I am going to get into trouble [for supporting J.A.I.L.], but slowly trust is building.
          The Reform Party's ears really perked up, when I introduced JAIL4Judges at the convention in Tampa, last Saturday, the 5th of August. I have had several e-mail asking for the web sites, which I gladly gave.
          I have given the hard copy of JAIL to several politicians, and sent a copy to John McCain! And have one ready for John Hagelman, the opposition for Bucannan, which will be presented at the convention in Long Beach this Tuesday. Sorry, I don't mean to tread on others territory, but one of the Florida delegates elected to hand carry it for me, since Hagelman was supposed to meet with me here, and didn't show!
          Being a bit tiffed at the locals here, I " accidentally "(on purpose) left a copy laying in a judges office.
          I have also mailed a copy to the Palm Beach Post Times, editorial Dept. for review, hoping for some response. I also dropped copies off to many of the Senate and Legislators offices in Tallahassee.
          I hope they are having to purchase lots of antiperspirant, since 90% are lawyers! And they didn't respond to my snail mail!
          We have a state of really scared people, or uncaring freeloaders! Of course we also have (1) lawyer for every nine (9) people in the state, so I suppose the public has reason to be scared. Of course, that is what the government has been trying to achieve, control, by fear of intimidation and false arrests and total violation of rights and justice, and they continue to build more and more prisons, and less schools and housing.
          Yet the people keep buying those lottery tickets, pouring more of their hard earned money into the coffers of the elected, so they can channel it to bogus programs, and make the wealthy, wealthier.
          The schools are crying about the cut in funds and programs, the roads are in need of repair even in the State Capitol, there are no services for the poor, disabled, and elderly, yet the people keep letting the same criminals stay in government, term after term! and continue to hand out hard earned dollars, hoping for the big six numbers, totally unaware that no winners are ever published!
          When we ask, "where is the lottery money going" they keep saying "to the schools," yet the schools are in such neglect, and need of repair, and our children in "portables" after billions of dollars have gone to the lottery in the years since it was voted in, FOR THE CHILDREN TO HAVE BETTER SCHOOLS. Schools, what schools?  Roads, only the ones leading to the big
      business sites! Try to get a residential street repaved, not with out assessment! Why! oh, why! are the American people so small minded, so timid, so cowardly!  Until, they become
      victimized, then they want someone to listen to their tale of woe. Why will they not listen before? Can you tell, that I am having a hard time understanding, that "there are none so blind, as those who will not see", and "none so deaf as those who will not hear". Sorry, I guess I needed to let out some of my frustration.
      Well, I guess we pray harder!

      Sherree Lowe
      JAIL4Judges Florida Chapter
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