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      JAILers’ Journal
      Judicial  Accountability  Initiative  Law

      Los Angeles, CA                                                   May 9, 2009

      A Public Service Announcement to America

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      The Battle Lines are Drawn:  J.A.I.L. versus The Foreign Power 

      A Power Foreign to Our Constitution

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      America’s Corrupt Legal System – A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents

      by Dr Les Sachs


      Dr. Les Sachs is a former American resident and a honorary

      JAILer-at-large situated outside America   – Ron Branson

      [Excerpts] …

      The tragic reality of the world’s biggest corrupt legal system -

      America’s rigged courts, bribed judges, fake and phony trials, extortion by lawyers, and over 2.2 million prisoners in the USA gulag.

      Why USA “justice” is not like in Hollywood movies, and why YOU could be the next victim on USA territory – innocent and sent to prison, or strapped to a table and put to death; or robbed of your life savings by American lawyers.

      Why YOU can be tortured, have your freedom and rights taken away, and why people in America are afraid to help you, or even tell what happened to you.

      Right now, about 1 out of every 45 working age males in the US (that is, not counting children or the elderly) are BEHIND BARS inside the US empire – Many of those millions of US prisoners are innocent. Maybe YOU are next.

      The recent pattern of American violations of international law are ultimately based in the corruption of the USA domestic legal system. Phony USA courts are very dangerous even for travellers and visitors to America , who can easily wind up among the USA ’s more than 2 million prisoners, or lose all their family’s possessions to corrupt American lawyers. ….

      The reality is that the United States of America , which proclaims itself the “land of freedom”, has the most dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any developed nation. Legal corruption is covering America like a blanket.

      The corruption of the USA legal system is well-known, but also well-hidden, by the news services of America ’s corporate-owned media. The US media companies are afraid both of reprisal, and of the social revolution that would come from exposing the truth.

      Here is what the US media companies know, but are afraid to tell you about American “justice”.

      Concentration camps with concrete walls

      America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world – yes, right there in the United States of America , the self-proclaimed “land of freedom”. The starting point for understanding anything about the USA, is to digest the fact that just this one country, the United States of America, has twenty-five percent of ALL of the prisoners in the entire world.

      More than 2.2 million prisoners – more than 1 out of every 150 people in America – are behind bars in the American gulag. This is now the world’s biggest system of what are effectively concentration camps, though most of these prisoners are behind masonry walls and inside prison buildings. ….

      Quite amazingly, Americans and the American government, continually criticize the legal systems and so-called “political” legal proceedings in other countries such as China , Russia , and even Belgium among many other places. Yet, for example, the proportion of prisoners is 30 times higher in the USA than in China , even though China is a country regularly criticized and denounced by the USA government.

      No one imprisons people as readily, or casually, as does America . As you learn more about America ’s horrifying legal system, you find out how easily and carelessly America arrests people, and tosses innocent people into prison. It is estimated that America has at least 100,000 completely innocent people in jail, but the statistics of innocence may well run far higher. The number of people known to be innocent, and yet who were actually sentenced to death in recent years in America , is already running into the hundreds.

      The USA jailing of more than 2 million people is also, quite literally, a revival of slavery and slave labour, on a scale not seen since the days of the Nazis. USA business corporations are using these prisoners as a giant slave labor pool. Prisoners are forced to produce goods and products while earning mere pennies per hour, which they sometimes have to pay back to the prison for their own upkeep. The expanding system of USA prison slave labor is not only a major source of business profit, but also a wedge to drive down the wages of workers outside the prison walls.

      This USA policy, of using mass casual imprisonment as a way to revive slavery, is targeted particularly at minorities, but ends up affecting all working people. Supervised by malicious judges and corrupt lawyers, this culture of mass prisons and slave labour is sold to the citizens by creating a psychology of fear among USA residents. This climate of fear is nourished in the USA by both the media and the government, who work together with the judges and lawyers to maintain the whole crooked game. ….

      Understanding that America has such a huge percentage of even its own people in prison, is to start to understand the subconscious fear behind much of American life.

      Before you set foot in America , you should have a clear picture of the terror of America ’s legal system – the judges and lawyers and money and bribery, that have made this system of fear so pervasive. There is not yet enough public media information about America ’s domestic legal horrors, horrors which have been rapidly increasing. And the American public, even the victims of its legal system, have a hard time realizing why it is so hard to fight legal corruption there.

      The situation is so bad, that a social explosion is beginning inside America . You can read some news stories – about people murdering judges, or attacking the families of judges, or people setting fire to courthouses in the USA – and see the pattern that is emerging, even though the news media are afraid to connect the dots and suggest what might be behind all these events. America is trying to maintain its myths about its legal system, even while the desperate reality of life inside the USA is starting to blow back into escalating social upheaval. ….

      In the regular functioning of the USA courts, America ’s domestic lawyers and judges, threaten people with illegal jailing, and rape, torture and murder in jail, just like the threats used by Americans against Iraqi subjects of the American occupation. America will play the song about “just a few bad apples in the barrel” whenever an abuse scandal gets exposed, either domestically or abroad, but the cover-up of such abuse is more the routine response.

      Theoretically, torture and abuse is totally outlawed by America ’s Constitution, but some of the nice words in America ’s Constitution hold little power anymore, despite how often people quote them. The Americans who still believe that the US Constitution protects them, are mostly those people who haven’t yet dealt with the judges and lawyers of America ’s corrupt legal system.

      America’s Bill of Rights and Constitution are nearly dead, not just because the judges will no longer enforce them, but even more because America ’s lawyers will not even fight for them. The two American “political parties” are not fighting for them, either, and America ’s news media are also very passive. If you look at America in depth, you can see there has been a widespread moral collapse in America ’s legal and political structures. This means that America ’s legal system has become largely a tool of government terror, and of bribery for the rich and the powerful. The average person is just fodder for the meat-grinder of America ’s courts.

      America’s lies and sleazy arguments to make excuses for torture, or to deny people the rights of the Geneva convention, or holding people for many years without charges, are also just an extension of the deviousness in America ’s domestic legal system. Inside America , neither its laws nor its Constitution nor the facts nor evidence nor anything else, no longer have real authority inside the American courts.

      All that’s left is what American lawyers and judges call “the game”. As part of playing this game, USA lawyers and judges just twist words around, in order to produce any excuse, however flimsy, to achieve their objective, whether that be to jail an innocent person, or to obtain the verdict that was sought by the big company that paid the big bribe through its law firm.

      It is an endlessly devious manipulation of words and phrases to get the desired result, it is just devious falsehood and lies backed by the naked power of the US judges. The only “real” part, in the midst of these lies, is the raw malicious power that the judges and lawyers hold in America , to jail you and take away your property. The words of the law don’t protect you in the USA , because American judges and lawyers have no scruples about bending them to mean the opposite of what they say.

      America’s lawyers are controlled by the judges, and don’t really work for you – that’s why they sell you out to the government, or to the big companies that pay bribes

      There’s some very special aspects about the way American lawyers are controlled by American judges, which is central to why America’s legal corruption is so much worse than any other advanced nation. Even if you are paying an American lawyer huge amounts of money, he or she doesn’t really work for you, and in fact may sell you down the river to the jailhouse.  …. America ’s army of nearly 1 million lawyers, is almost totally under the control of a few thousand judges, with their entrenched culture of bribery and fraud and miscarriage of justice. ….

      That means that any time you hire an American lawyer, he already is in a conflict of interest. He has to make the judge happy first. And if the judge wants to make the government happy, or make some corporation happy who is paying a big bribe, then guess what? You are destroyed. It doesn’t matter what you paid the lawyer. He works for the judge, first and foremost.

      So a totally unique factor in USA legal corruption is the amazingly dishonest profession of American lawyers, these lawyers who “play the game” with America ’s judges and politicians and police. It is a savage culture of legal fraud, where lawyers work with judges to rob and terrify people, especially minorities, but also foreigners, and above all those who dare to question the system.

      People accused of serious crimes have the “right” to a lawyer, but this may only provide a crooked lawyer who is stage-managing the victim. to help the government and prosecutors. If the lawyer does not betray the victim to help the government, he can be put out of work and not “assigned” to any more cases, or treated badly the next time he is in a courtroom. ….

      The judges of America gave every accused criminal the “right” to a lawyer, not because they cared about the rights of the accused, but because it helps stage-manage the victim, with a lawyer who has to do things the judge’s way. In America , such government-appointed lawyers are the means by which hundreds of thousands of poor people are railroaded into prison. ….

      Most American court cases never go to trial, never see a jury; it is the job of the victim’s lawyer to “sell the deal” that the judge has decided will happen, or else. This is how people accept a “plea bargain” so they accept going to jail for 3 years even though they are innocent, instead of going to trial before a jury: The victim is warned: you accept a “bargain” of a few years in jail, or you go to jail the rest of your life.

      Because of the corruption of lawyers under the thumb of the judges, there’s a very fake and phony aspect of court proceedings in America . They are really fake “show trials” in many cases, sometimes very obviously so, where both purported “sides” of lawyers are actually working together for the government, or for the big corporation or rich person that is bribing the judge.

      You will also find, in the American legal system, that you essentially have no recourse whatsoever against wrongdoing by your own lawyer. A lawyer can sell you out, betray you, steal your money, engage in malpractice, help out the other side, hide the evidence that proved you were right, or commit felony crimes against you, and there is nothing you can do about it, so long as the lawyer made the judge happy, and the judge got his cut of any money the lawyer stole from you. ….

      If they do arrest you in America , they like to pile on all sorts of criminal charges. The idea is to charge you with 10 crimes, because it makes you sound bad, and maybe convict you on 3 of them or you will accept a plea bargain on 1 or 2 of them. Any kind of guilty plea, and they call it a success, even though you were totally innocent. For the police and prosecutors, it’s all a kind of sporting game, so they can bring about their “high conviction rate”. ….

      Multi-millionaires and big corporations, vs. everybody else

      The only people who really can get some fairness in American courts are multi-millionaires and big corporations who pay political contributions and bribery money, and who protect the interests of other rich people. Nobody else really matters to American judges and lawyers. ….

      Here’s how it works. Rich people pay huge amounts of money to law firms with connections. The lawyers walk around with a certain amount of cash in their jacket, and they pass it to the judges in their quiet moments together. It is mostly all cash of course. Sometimes the bribery is blatantly obvious, because of the other crimes that lawyers and judges commit in broad daylight together. In the courtrooms you can see the judges being extremely friendly to their rich lawyer friends who pay big bribes. As an average person, there’s no real way to out-bribe a big corporation, regardless of what your lawyer promised you. That’s why the big companies win most of the time.

      American judges are very devious, and use all sorts of techniques to prevent a victim from getting justice. Lots of judges issue gag orders, and bans on freedom of speech, to help prevent other people from finding out what is going on. Judges set up a trial in all sorts of ways, giving orders that all sorts of evidence be hidden from a jury, for example. The judge may declare, for example, that the evidence that proves you are innocent or right, will not be allowed at the trial.

      Jury trials are actually very rare in America , unlike what you see in the movies. Most cases are settled through some deal or extortion or intimidation, before there is an actual trial. If there is a jury trial, they tend to stack the jury with un-educated idiots who will tend to believe whatever lies they are told by the judge and the government. If you are trying to fight a rich person in court, the judge might let the fancy lawyers for the rich person say anything they want, while he tells you to shut up as soon as you start talking. The judges have a thousand ways to rig a legal proceeding, to benefit rich people or the government.

      It’s no wonder so many innocent people go to prison. With the fundamental brutality and harshness of life in America , American citizens are confused and fearful, and gullible to propaganda. So, a jury in a courtroom, these people who tend to be poorly educated, will tend to go along with any lies presented by government prosecutors. In this environment of fear, the feeling of safety for the jury, comes from following the “strong” government in sending various “suspected criminals” to jail.

      Yes, there are “appeals” courts, but these are just more judges, who are usually friends with the lower court judge who originally sold you out. …. Americans love to talk about “taking it all the way to the Supreme Court!”, but this is a nearly empty hope for real people. The U.S. Supreme Court simply refuses to consider most cases that are presented to it. ….

      In America today, reporters are little timid people who are afraid of getting fired, and who almost never write a story on government corruption, unless some other part of the government is officially investigating or prosecuting. That goes triple when judges or lawyers are involved. The owners of the newspapers and television stations are afraid of revenge by the judges if they have to go to court, and the nervous little reporters who work for the media understand the rules of the game.

      If you look closely at a modern newspaper or news magazine in the USA , you will see how almost all stories originate with the government itself. When the media “investigates”, they are usually just adding more details on a situation already being targeted by the government. Every news media and television station in America is swamped with people begging them to report on stories, that they totally refuse to cover. The reporters are too scared, and they know the stories wouldn’t get printed or broadcast even if they were written.

      America is the land of fear, as regards the legal system and the culture of corruption. Everyone involved with the US legal system is afraid, very afraid, of stepping on the wrong toes. …. In reality, there is almost nothing you can do against misconduct, and even open felony crime, committed against you by American judges and lawyers. All of the official complaint procedures you find on the internet, or at the courthouse or in the law books, turn out to be a joke, a farce and a fraud.

      Complaints about lawyers in America , usually go to the “Bar”, which is itself run by the judges who are involved in bribery with the lawyers. And complaints about judges go to other judges, their friends.

      Nearly all the complaints about lawyers and judges – tens of thousands of them – are kept secret. Nearly all are dismissed or ignored. They are generally only used if the judges or politicians want to specially destroy someone – some radical minority lawyer, someone who is not playing the bribery game, somebody who has dared to expose wrongdoing. Otherwise, even criminal acts by lawyers and judges get a smiling cover-up.

      The police and FBI almost certainly will not help you, either. They all know the bribery game, and they rely on the same crooked judges to help send innocent people to prison after they have been arrested. The more crooked the judge, the more eager the judge will be, to help the police or FBI do a dirty deal and convict an innocent person.

      And, of course, the newspapers and television and media won’t help you. They hear stories like yours all the time. If they publish or broadcast your story, then they will have problems the next time they get sued in court. Or they might find themselves arrested on false charges, and end up in an even worse situation than you.

      The newspapers are so tied into the establishment of judges and lawyers, that the newspapers sometimes help the judges and lawyers to commit their crimes, and to unfairly smear and attack their victims. The big media newspapers have even helped to plant false “evidence” in court cases, and help the legal establishment to destroy innocent people. But even if not harming you, the USA media is afraid to help you, afraid of revenge if they expose judicial corruption. ….

      Of course, America ’s politicians will not help you, either. Many politicians are themselves lawyers, very used to the whole game of bribery with judges and other lawyers. ….

      When you find a group in America that is genuinely struggling to combat US legal corruption, like the Jail 4 Judges effort that has been so important a beacon for many victims of the US legal system – what you will find is a grass-roots effort, that is being attacked on every side by corporate America and its corporate media, without money or clout, and with almost no resources, legal or otherwise, to help the victims who are desperately searching for help against the US legal monster.

      Aside from Jail 4 Judges, there are some overwhelmed and struggling projects here and there, sometimes doing worthy but very limited work for a few of the innocent people in prison, but they function in an environment of timidity and fear, and without the resources or clout or media access to expose or change what is happening.

      What you can find on the internet and from victims themselves, are bucketfuls of horror stories, and bucketfuls of ice-cold proof of crimes by US lawyers and judges. But the corporate media refuses to cover such evidence, so until people or close family members become victims themselves, most people don’t ever realize what is happening, until someone close to them is caught in the meat-grinder.

      It’s getting worse and worse in America all the time. As the judges and lawyers can get away with committing crimes, they are getting more open and blatant, committing felony crimes in broad daylight, because they know no one will stop them or bring them to account. ….

      Certainly, don’t ever expect any justice from American courts. Expect the judges and both sides of lawyers to tilt toward the government, or toward the big company that can pay bribes on a regular basis. All that most people get out of American courts, is grief, and lawyers stealing their money. Best not to approach American courts unless absolutely necessary. ….

      The growing American nightmare

      It is just getting worse and worse in America ’s legal system. …. It can’t go on like this forever, but it may get a lot worse first, despite the fair internet visibility on documented American legal corruption. One should note the brave grass-roots attempt at judicial reform mentioned above (Jail 4 Judges – www.jail4judges.org), which has been attempting to place onto American ballots, a referendum for a procedure to give citizens a real right of redress against corrupt judges. It is a wonderful and beautiful idea that has deserved success, and would transform America if it was implemented. ….

      Source: Banned in America.net



      J.A.I.L. (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)www.jail4judges.org, has

      been in existence for over 12 years, and is in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

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      He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to

      our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to

      their acts of pretended legislation.    - Declaration of Independence
      "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless

      minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."  - Samuel Adams
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is

      striking at the root."   -- Henry David Thoreau                    



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