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"Why We Can Never Get Anything Done!" by Kenneth Pangborn

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    Why We Can Never Get Anything Done! By Kenneth Pangborn - Mississippi On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 2:06 PM, Kenneth Pangborn, MS pangborn@a-team.org wrote: Hello
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      “Why We Can Never Get Anything Done!”

      By Kenneth Pangborn - Mississippi


      On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 2:06 PM, Kenneth Pangborn, MS

      pangborn@... wrote:


      Hello Mr. Smith,


      I simply try to keep it simple.  There will never be a massive gathering of advocate of father's rights on the same accord similar to activists as depicted by the Civil Rights Movement.  I can literally write a 10 thousand word paper explaining why this is so.  However, those with hidden agendas, hard headedness, overpowering wills, and loud mouths are creating diversions in order to only persist the problem.  If the problem is solved, folks will not have a platform or soapbox to boost the ego.  Some people's careers are simply focused on convincing you to pay $30 plus dollars per year and claim that they are fighting for us.   


      Well, $30 times 5000 equals $150,0000.00.  5000 plus members is considered an under estimation.  One hundred grant is a nice paycheck, even by recession standards.  If these same folks doing, what most would consider "good", with that 100 grand then it will be all good.  As long a folk are profiting and/or profiteering, then viable solutions will continue to be avoided.  People like that are

      committing crimes against society.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE.


      Over the past 30 years I have answered this issue a thousand times. Our

      movement- Father's Rights, Men's Rights movements have always been impotent.

      It has had some really good men come along over the years. Charlie Metz,

      Dick Doyle and others. From where I sit you are dead wrong about money being

      the problem. Not even close. None of the guys I have seen have been in it

      for the money. There isn't any. The problem is EGO. The movement is cures

      with too many Chiefs and NO Indians. Everyone wants to be the GREAT LEADER.


      The problem is narcissism. Men who need sycophant followers. Men who see

      anyone else's accomplishments as a "THREAT" to their throne.  So the

      movement since the 50's has been stagnant because it is locked in internecine warfare. The movement will remain a joke until men stop out nature to be so competitive and we can put aside attempts to be the Alpha Male. When more men can look at efforts like those of our British cousins, and support a GOOD IDEA that came from somebody else - THEN we'll have a chance. But as long as our GREAT LEADERS see the success of the others as a THREAT - we are doomed. Until we accept the need for UNITY we're all wasting our time. I gave up on the "MOVEMENT" over 20 years ago.  I have better things to do. I still support good ideas, and generally use the right to remain silent on ideas I am not thrilled with.  If it works, I'll be on the sidelines cheering. If it doesn't, I'll still be around to console the effort. Others can TEAR DOWN.


      Kenneth Pangborn



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