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Why Just the Second Amendment?

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Why Just the Second Amendment? People: This is Barbie of JAIL4Judges responding, or better-- reacting-- to the below article by Peter Mancus, This Will Anger
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      Why Just the Second Amendment?




      This is Barbie of JAIL4Judges responding, or better-- reacting-- to the below article by Peter Mancus, "This Will Anger Many." My question is, "Why limit this sentiment to only the Second Amendment?" What about the entire Constitution? Is the Second Amendment any more important than any of the others?  for example, the First? the Fourth? the Fifth? or any of the rest of them?


      The People must view the entire organic Constitution as a whole. A lack of enforcement of one part of it is a violation of the entire instrument, especially the Bill of Rights. It is a Biblical principle that violation of one Commandment is a violation of ALL of them. That principle makes common sense, certainly pertaining to the Bill of Rights.


      I thank Peter for having the guts to write that message, for I couldn't have written a better commentary regarding the election fiasco of 2006 in South Dakota . His sentiments apply perfectly to that entire scenario-- where enforcement of the entire Constitution in South Dakota went down the tubes for the reasons described in Peter's article.


      Although he, as most people do, refers to the ruling regime as a usurping "government," the very fact that it usurps the People's rights takes it out of the category of government altogether in this country, for our founding document confirms that governments are instituted for the very purpose of securing our rights pursuant to the laws of nature and of nature's God. Why do we give the usurping traitors the honor of being called "government" in this country, while they are anything but according to the Declaration which sets forth the principles on which this country is founded?


      Calling them what they are --a power foreign to our Constitution-- is self-evident truth of why they don't recognize our rights, and they never will as long as they are allowed to remain in power OVER the People --OVER the Constitution. The shameful thing about this fact is that the People allow it to happen! It's the People who have let down this country for over two centuries, and we are now reaping what we have sown.


      They had a golden opportunity to put an end to this usurpation in 2006 by passing J.A.I.L. in South Dakota which would have affected the entire country. Imagine having a government that abides by the Constitution --state and federal-- and respects the Second Amendment as well as all Amendments in the Bill of Rights. We never had one because an enforcement provision was never included in the Constitution, which omission has allowed it to go to hell. And yet, the People as a whole just don't get it after living more than two centuries under this hell-bound regime.


      Merely getting "discombooberated" (spelled phonetically) about it isn't going to help. I'm sure the foreign power is getting a good chuckle over Peter's message, especially after successfully overcoming the People in South Dakota and thumping their chests in victorious and continuing usurpation. We'll keep yelling and screaming about these injustices, but why bother if we aren't serious about passing J.A.I.L.?  Nothing else is going to matter!


      My thanks to Peter for his message, but apply it to the entire Constitution, not just the Second Amendment; and read it in light of the election fiasco of 2006 in South Dakota . To refresh your memory, go to www.sd-jail4judges.org.







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      From: Peter Mancus [mailto:pmancus@...]



      Dear All,


          I just watched about a ten minute piece on CNN about the Obama Administration, and his Attorney General nominee, moving to gut Second Amendment rights and how, in effect, Obama has proven to be the best gun salesperson in years because many gun stores now have so many orders in place gun manufacturers will need up to eleven months to make the guns sold!

          My core reaction to all of this follows.


          1.   I do not recognize, not for an instant, that any US President, and/or any US Attorney General, and/or the US Congress and/or the US Supreme Court, have actual authority to infringe against the individual right codified by the Second Amendment.


          2.   I am intensely disgusted with those, who, by their behavior, seem to think that any government official, including the "highest" ones, have such authority.


          3.   I harbor a special loathing for champions of Second Amendment rights who have asked some government agent to give them a concealed weapon /permit/, which telegraphs that they do not believe the Second codifies a right, or, they will submit to governments usurpations against the Second, as long as they can get their "loophole" "gun permit", as if the Second is not their nation wide gun permit. As bad as government usurpations are, citizens who submit to same, to tolerate same, are, arguably, worse. This is because the usurpation becomes reality when the citizen submits to the usurpation, which reduces the right to a privilege.


           4.    Let's get real. It is time for a reality check. You either

      believe the Second codified an individual right or you do not. You either have the courage to stand up for that right or you do not. When society and government and a majority dishonor that right, you, push comes to shove, will either hire a lawyer to fight for that right, or you will use lethal force yourself to enforce that right when no one else will honor it, or you will yield. Buying one more gun, or ten more guns, or ten thousand more guns, in a panic, out of fear of what any government official might do, will not change what is or is not between your ears and/or behind your breast bone: you either believe it is a right or not and you either have courage to stand up for that right or you do not. When liberty dies in your mind, in your heart, in your soul, do not expect a lawyer to save you or a government agent to save you--from yourself. You need to take responsibility for your own gross citizenship malpractice.


          5.   Buying more guns does not prove you believe the Second codified an individual right or that you have courage.


          6.   Armed Americans already have such a huge surplus arsenal in small arms that they do not need any more firearms to enforce their Second Amendment rights.


          7.   What they need is not for sale at any price anywhere, because it cannot be bought. What they need is conviction and courage, and, in my judgment, both are lacking.


          8.   Thus, to the damn government officials who seek to gut the Second Amendment, I invite them to self-fornicate and to go to Hell, to burn, eternally. I despise them. I cerebrally urinate on them, defecate on them, spit on them. And, to my no guts fellow "citizens" who have manifested gross citizenship malpractice, I have more respect for a cow in the field chewing its cud. You folks have had plenty of time to organize, to apply political pressure, to hire lawyers, etc., to fight for the right, but, instead of doing that, you squandered time and you imprudently over compensate and move in the wrong direction by still buying more guns, when, for most of you, you have not come anywhere close to steeling yourself to have the courage to use the gun(s) you already have, for the best conceivable purpose: TYRANT TERMINATOR TOOLS, which includes terminating the tyrant wannabes' Useful Idiots.


          9.   People who are buying more guns in a panic are the same type who would wear a pink ribbon on their exposed penis or breast nipple if the government ordered them to do so just to stay out of trouble.


          10.  Even after the US Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to arms that is worthy of serious enforcement and respect, there are still many domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution in high and petty places of power in this country who disagree and who are actively plotting to gut the Second Amendment, who engage in cherry picking what parts of the U.S. Constitution they like and do not like. These officials are worthy of having a rope put around their neck, dragged down from their damn thrones, tried for treason, convicted, and executed.


           11.   Assuming my remarks cause you to experience mental and/or emotional vapor lock, tough. Push pass vapor lock, get realistic, wake up, and think.


          12.    There is a major civil war in your future and mine, on

      "American" soil, the "Homeland", which I no longer recognize because this nation's misleaders and its citizens have broken faith with the Republic the Framers gave us in 1789. Damn. Damn. Damn. Odds are high your acts of commission and commission are part of the cause of this war--one that will soon be coming to you. Why? Enough people who already have guns know their real purpose and will use them as such: TYRANT TERMINATOR TOOLS.


          13.   When you lose your love of liberty and you no longer place a high premium on the rights codified by the US Constitution, you are lost, you are damned, and you are unworthy of those rights.


          14.   Rights are not self-enforcing, not self-executing. If you do not breathe life into your rights, who will?


          15.   I am reading a book by a lawyer about how the Founding

      Fathers, and their generation, viewed gun rights. I am only about 30 pages into the book. What follows is a faithful paraphrase of their attitude toward the individual right to firearms:


      A) Rights are so vital that any government agent who violated your rights, in effect, wages war against you and does so at risk of forfeiting his life because you have a right to use force to enforce your right to liberty and


      B) All love begins with self-love; the instinct for self-preservation is strong and is a manifestation of nature promoting self-love via self-preservation. Thus, those who demand that you circulate in public, unarmed, set you up for plunder, mayhem, and murder, demanding that you, in effect,/ hate yourself/ so much you refuse to take prudent steps to preserve yourself, e.g., you refuse to circulate armed, only because some punk, misguided, control freak, callous as hell, government official dared to tell you that you had -- or have – no right to enforce your right to life, and your right to liberty, with a gun, merely because the punk government official, alone, or as a part of a gang of stupid, callous, government officials, said so.


      Any government policy that requires citizens, in effect, to /hate themselves/ enough that they would be so unduly compliant that they would fail to take prudent steps to preserve themselves by being armed for lawful self-defense is a damnable, stupid, ridiculous, government policy worthy of intense contempt and that policy should be widely violated.


          16.   Question: Do you believe what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Patrick Henry believed?


          -- Peter Mancus



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