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Different Strokes For Government Folks

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    Different Strokes For Government Folks By Attorney Gary Zerman National J.A.I.L. Lieutenant Commander-In-Chief GZerman@hotmail.com To All: Why is it that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2009


      Different Strokes For Government Folks

      By Attorney Gary Zerman

      National J.A.I.L. Lieutenant Commander-In-Chief



      To All:


      Why is it that the government actors - our servants - have different rules and greater rights, than *We* the People do?  *We* who are supposed to be Sovereign, the masters over government?


      Answer:  Because there are different strokes for government folks.


      Daily *WE* incessantly are being bombarded with false claims that *WE* must spend *TRILLION$* on stimulus for *“shovel ready” *infrastructure projects. But wait a minute.  STOP.  Aren’t *WE* already endlessly taxed by city, county & state (and fed) governments to pave the roads, fix the potholes, clean the sewers, repair the bridges, keep the streetlights on?  Examples.  Go look at the all the taxes on a single gallon of gas.  Check out all the taxes on your electric, gas, water and phone bills.


      Isn’t infrastructure just the basic, core, priority one function of local government?  In fact, don’t *WE* have a plethora of government agencies, bureaus, commissions and departments and employ countless government employees for these chores/task – who also come along with very generous and expensive pensions that *WE* also have to pay for?


      So the question must be asked:  *Where has all the tax money gone, if these tasks/projects have not been done?*


      Answer:  They mostly blew it. They spent it on everything but the basic chores/tasks.  Each year they have received (taken) more and more and more money from the People, only to spend more and more and more money, and then also continue to make more and more and more promises.  For decades these governments in fact have been derelict to their core duties.  The same is true *in spades* for the feds.


      All this talk about repairing the infrastructure is crap and endemic of the bad symptoms, but in fact ignores our - core illness.


      That is - We tolerate lying, cheating, stealing & spin.  What we lack, and what we are in need of, is *TOTAL *repair of our ethical and moral infrastructure.  It is so bad, that we have no real Rule of Law - what we actually have is a Rule of Arbitrary.  Everything has become crass, craven politics of power, creating endless bogus process that has tied *us* in knots, but made the polls, lobbyists and special interests very *RICH *and those in government virtually never accountable.


      Example.  The Clintons came to Washington , with very little personal wealth.  Now they personally are worth over *$100 Million *and the Clinton Foundation is worth over *$500 Million.  *(And he also gets a pension - that *we *get to pay!  Funny how they've now got so much, but the government is broke.)  So much for “public service” and “for the children”.  And maybe even more personal wealth was gained by Bush 41 & 43.


      A clear example of more bogus government, more bogus process  that simply does not work is the 1/25/09 *USAToday *article “*Federal departments fall short on civil liberties”* by Peter Eisler.  Here is the link and first 2 paragraphs.



      “ WASHINGTON — The departments of Defense, State, and Health and Human Services *have not met legal requirements meant to protect Americans' civil liberties*, and a board that's supposed to enforce the mandates has been dormant since 2007, according to federal records.


      “*All three departments have failed to comply with a 2007 law directing them to appoint civil liberties protection officers and report regularly to Congress* on the safeguards they use to make sure their programs don't undermine the public's rights and privacy, a USA TODAY review of congressional filings shows.”


      The article is remarkable because it reports to *you* a fundamental truth that government is the biggest violator of the law!  Different strokes for government folks.  That the law really means nothing to those in government, and thus, neither than do the rights of We the People matter to those in government.


      Recall, that on 6/23/04, in Washington D.C. , the American Bar Association released a report/study */“Justice System is ‘Broken’ Lawyers [ ABA ] Says”/*, LA Times 6/24/04, by Henry Weinstein.  The article quoted USSC Justice Anthony Kennedy:  “Our resources are misspent, *our punishments too severe*, our sentences too long.”


      That was just four (4) days before Elena Sassower was sentenced on 6/28/04 in that very same Washington D.C., in a D.C. federal court, to six-months on a totally bogus charge of “disruption of Congress”.  Ms. Sassower disrupted nothing, caused no harm and was simply, respectfully, attempting to testify against what she believed was an unqualified, corrupt federal appellate judge nominee in a *public* confirmation hearing.  Clearly a *punishment too severe, *as she committed no crime. Ms. Sassower could be the poster child for the broken justice system.


      Contrasting Justice Kennedy’s statement above that “*…our punishments [are] too severe …*”, true for We the People, but in fact not – almost never - the case for those in government - is a 1/27/09 TimesAgrus.com article by Thatcher Moats mailto:thatcher.moats@... about:/mc/compose?to=thatcher.moats@...  TIMES ARGUS STAFF *“Northfield police chief rebuked by Vermont AG”.*


      Note the corrupt, criminal cop police chief - is “rebuked” – but of course is not prosecuted.  Different strokes for government folks.  Here is the link to that article, with the first few paragraphs.




      NORTHFIELD - Northfield *Police Chief Jeffrey Shaw's* handling of department training records has drawn a stinging rebuke from William Sorrell, the state's attorney general.


      *His conduct "was plainly deceptive* and calls into question both his credibility and integrity as a police officer," Sorrell wrote in a letter he sent to Shaw, Northfield officials and the director of the state police academy.


      Based on an investigation that began last spring and ended last week, Sorrell said he believes that *Shaw committed a crime by signing training records saying that he and other officers had received first aid and firearms training when in fact they had not.*


      Sorrell, however, said *he will not prosecute Shaw*, citing a lack of resources. In addition, it would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Shaw is guilty based on the evidence investigators have gathered so far, Sorrell said.


      "*We have concluded Chief Shaw did represent* that he had completed certain required training when he clearly had not done so," Sorrell wrote in the letter.


      Specifically, Shaw *falsely stated* that he had received first aid training each year from 2002 to 2008 when he had not, Sorrell wrote.


      Shaw also did not attend firearms training qualifications in 2004 and 2006, Sorrell said.


      "*It is very disturbing that Chief Shaw shirked not only his own responsibility on this requirement but that he also certified that other officers within his command* had completed training when there was no documentation to support this representation," Sorrell stated.


      Shaw said in an interview last week that first aid training for two other officers in his department lapsed, but he could not be reached for comment on Monday.


      Based on the evidence, Sorrell said*, there is probable cause to believe Shaw committed the criminal offense* of Neglect of Public Duty by a Public Officer.


      *Sorrell explained his decision not to file criminal charges* by saying, "We've lost prosecutors already as a result of the state budget cuts and we expect to have other layoffs."


      The process would also tie up the court system, he said, "and as you've seen, the courts are taking time off."


      "We've got to be mindful of whether, in this individual case, we can accomplish what we want to accomplish without taking up time and resources and money," said Sorrell.


      Asked if the false records could be an accident on the part of Shaw, Sorrell was dismissive.


      "I assume he signed the paperwork intentionally, and I assume that he knew what was in the paperwork he was signing," Sorrell said. Plus, it wasn't a one-time mistake, Sorrell said.  "It happened several years," he said.


      Would tie up the court system?  …the courts are taking time off?  … taking up time and resources and money?  Funny, you never hear those excuses when they chose to persecute Elena Sassower?  Scott Huminski?  Peter Mancus?  Richard Fine?  And so, so, many other citizens?  Chief Shaw's getting off scot free, or off light, is simply different strokes for government folks.


      Further example?  How about the recent confirmation of *tax cheat*  Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury?  Geithner was head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (and a protégé of Goldman Sach’s Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson) and he greenlighted the initial *$700 BILLION TARP fund.* Geithner’s first act in office as Treasury Sec.?  To hire a lobbyist as his top assistant.  So much for President Barack Obama’s claim that he is “not from Washington ”, “a different type of politician”, and is "taking responsibility” and "it's time to put away childish things”.


      Then recall Sandy Berger, Scooter Libby and Mike Nifong?  What do they all have in common?  They were all lawyers, working for the government, when they each committed serious crimes.  Each pled guilty or was found guilty of the charges  – yet none spent a day in jail/prison.  Different strokes for government folks.


      Frankly, *we* are just pissing in the wind when we allow these different strokes for government folks and until *we *stop tolerating their lying, cheating, stealing & spin and return to the proper rule of law that has integrity & honesty, it will just be more and more and more of the same - until there is anarchy.  *We must repair out ethical infrastructure - NOW!*


      There is no one left to blame but – the judges/judiciary.  They ultimately put us in this position, as the judiciary has the special place of being the final backstop – the gatekeeper in our system of government.


      However, too many of *WE the PEOPLE* have been tourists in our own country, and have taken a permanent vacation from citizenship and have given or allowed more and more power to be taken & abused by corrupt government.


      Government will never reform itself.  It is up to *WE the PEOPLE* to reform it, and if that does not happen, NATURE will reform it, as NATURE abhors a vacuum.


      Truth require constant vigilance. 




      Thanks goes to Scott Huminski for the article on corrupt criminal cop Chief Shaw.




      Comments from the following readers:

      From: Sherree Lowe [mailto:sherreelowe@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:27 PM

      YES, YES, YES, and the rest of us spread the word far and wide!!!!!!!




          Subject: Re: Different Strokes for Government Folks - Where's the Ethical Infrastructure?


      Ok, so how many people on this list think that Gary and Peter ought to have their own Blog?


      Michael Burns


      American Jackal Press

      Chicago , Illinois




      From: Jeffandmary@...

       Subject: Re: Different Strokes for Government Folks - Where's the Ethical Infrastructure?


      Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 5:55 PM


      Dear Peter,


      Thanks for your response to Gary 's comments. I feel that Gary doesn't get enough recognition for his excellent work. He has been a great source of friendship, support, and information for us. We couldn't have survived without him.


      Jeff and Mary




      On Jan 28, 2009, Attorney Peter Mancus wrote:


      Dear Gary,


      You have written excellent material before. This one, below, is, in my judgment, one of your finest. It is well reasoned, factually specific, and you tied many threads together exceedingly well. You should be proud of what you wrote. You manifested excellent insight and mastery of the subject matter.


      Let me add some additional insights:


      1.   Have you ever heard of a retired govt employee having his/her pension rights discharged [vaporized] when the former employer goes bankrupt or gets its contractual obligation nullified in court? No! But, we non-govt employees, via taxes, pay for those retirement benefits--for the same people who committed gross civic malpractice that enforced or promoted policies that lead to private companies having to declare bankruptcy, wiping out retirement benefit obligations. Reformulated: As a generalization, which is true, public servants who retire never loose their retirement benefits because the servants have their hooks deep into their former masters--citizens, who are unduly compliant.


      2.   From approximately 1965-2005, many wives and mothers returned to the work force to help maintain their families' standard of living. That was a vital financial safety value that compensated, for awhile, for inflation, govts' agents bad policies and wasteful expenditures. A two income family, however, allowed the govt to go on an even bigger spending binge because it then had more workers to tax. To make matters worse, currently, there are no other adults in a family, under one roof, who are available to go to work to earn money to compensate for the substantial decline in standard of living. As a result, the middle class is being wiped out, rapidly. The destruction of the middle class in this nation is unprecedented, and it will probably lead to violent civil unrest.


      3.   When jobs are shipped overseas, and not replaced with good paying jobs, former workers who had decent income no longer can function as cash rich consumers. Without cash rich consumers, the era of plastic money, eventually, comes to a rather sudden, jarring, halt.


      4.   Paper money, credit, and/or dependency on foreign made goods is the antithesis of true wealth: The ability to manufacture and enjoy life's essentials independently of dependence on anyone. But, we [the US ] now relies on foreigners to build most of what we buy and we also rely on them to loan us their money so we can buy what they sell us. This rat race is one huge stinking dung heap.


      5.   I do not recognize the nation I was born into. The nation I was born into died years ago and the current one is sick, fundamentally sick.


      Attorney Peter Mancus


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