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  • jail4judges
    http://sites.netscape.net/riversys/homepage is a web page dedicated to the victims of corrupt judges and their story. Their story should however be supported
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2000
      http://sites.netscape.net/riversys/homepage is a web page dedicated to the victims of corrupt judges and their story. Their story should however be supported with documentation. -  John Petersen
      Sacramento JAIL Rep.


      The following horror stories are all true. If you live in one of the 26 states that presently have initiatives called JAIL4JUDGES please sign their petitions. We need Judicial Accountability and Integrity Laws NOW. If you have a similar story please contact me at the link on this site and I will post it for you. It should be noted that all Judges both State and Federal have given themselves full civil immunity for any liability arising from their actions thereby denying your constitutional right to redress of grievances against the government, it's agencies or agents.
      This site is dedicated to all those who have received treatment that is less than equal protection under the law. Remember the golden rule. "He who has the gold makes the rules" It should be noted that ALL of the information contained in this site is FULLY documented.
      If you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to relinquish your child to another person due to circumstances beyond your control, PLEASE be extremely careful to preserve your parental rights as spelled out in the California Family Code which can be found at any State or County law library. There are countless horror stories, ours among them that attest to the lack of care or concern for birth mothers. One birth mother that I am now married to had her baby daughter literally sold to another family member by Superior Court Judge John Lynch Henning, Dept. 421 Edelman's Children's Court, Los Angeles California. There were countless episodes of perjury, subornation of perjury, allowance of attorney malpractice, perjurous documents introduced by the opposing counsel and allowed into evidence by Judge Henning for the benefit of the prospective adoptive parents and Judge Henning was fully aware of all of it. The natural father who is a registered sex offender was allowed to literally walk away and be allowed to appear in court by and through his attorney. I myself was ordered to appear under threat of contempt as a party for 5 months even though Henning DENIED me counsel and 10 months under threat of contempt as a witness. The petitioners who earn a very healthy income and could have easily afforded counsel were given the top adoptions litigator in California as appointed counsel by Henning. The whole "proceeding" was to not last more than 60 days, but instead, lasted over 15 months due to petitioners constant petition amendments and over 25 vacated trial dates that were approved by the court. The DISABLED birth mother who subsists on far less income, was required to retain her own counsel who it later turns out was taking Psychiatric medications and did nothing but sell her out so he could buy out his high rise office lease and buy a new car and then refuse to give her the case file on appeal, thereby ruining her appeal!! I am hoping that any birth mothers who have been victimized by Judge Henning and his "gang of three" as he affectionately calls them, will contact me at the link located at this site. It should be noted that the child in question (Zana Simone) was taken from her sister by this egomaniacal money grubbing judge. UPDATE: It has just come to our attention that Henning was in reality attempting to take both our daughters due to his agreement $$$ with the opposing parties and counsel.

      Sarah and Zana
      Please contact me here
      It is our fervent hope that more birth moms will come forward to state their case so we can put a stop to this wholesale baby mill that Judge Henning is conducting for his own selfish gain. During the so called proceedings we learned that this so called "judge" was having an elicit sexual affair with the petitioners wife. This was verified when we learned that Judge Henning was maintaining a temporary residence at his ex-wife's house less than 5 minutes drive from the petitioners residence for the EXACT duration of the proceedings while his "official" residence is located 45 minutes drive away in downtown Los Angeles. It should be noted that Henning is associated with no less than 6 separate addresses. Aside from the aforementioned crimes, Judge Henning also altered the official transcripts and electronic recordings. (we know this to be true because the tape of the summation that we received from the court archives is a mixture of 2 and 4 track recordings) With the help of opposing counsel the tape was altered to reflect a kindly fatherly image instead of the abusive screaming and name calling by Henning that was directed at us and witnessed by no less than 13 people on June 20, 1996 and to add insult to injury this date was coincidentally the petitioners 3rd anniversary. WHAT A DISGUSTING AND DISGRACEFUL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE and the best part is that every penny of the petitioners expenses were paid for by YOU, the taxpayer with the approval of Henning. Altogether the petitioners spent less than $1,700 on a proceeding that they brought against us that should have cost them tens of thousands of dollars like it did us, just defending ourselves. One thing I find particularly disturbing is the fact that the attorney for the minor accepted her court appointment by Henning a full 21 days BEFORE the original petition was even filed. Maybe Judge Henning who was presiding Judge at the time saw a real opportunity and assigned the case to himself?? Hmmm It should be noted that the petitioners family have a bottomless checkbook due to their Labor Union connections. If you should ever be so unfortunate as to have the Dishonorable John Lynch Henning for a Judge be sure and ask him about his involvement with Pacific Heritage Bank and it's financial collapse...The documentation is VERY interesting....
      In the Edelman's Children's Court there is a little song about Judge Henning and it goes something like this. sung to the tune of crooked little man: There was a crooked judge, who walked a crooked mile, He has a crooked lawyer, who wears a crooked smile, He has a crooked clerk. Who is a crooked jerk, and they all sell decisions, in their crooked little court. Please give generously to the Judge Henning retirement fund..... Union Plans Welcome...................
      The Kravitz Case: After enduring 22 years of marriage, Mary Kravitz worked up the courage to leave her sadistically abusive husband. She wanted to protect her two sons and prevent them from learning from their Father's disturbed and violent ways. Mary and her Sons have received counseling from specialists in domestic violence. In trying to protect her sons, Mary had to appear in court more than 70 times in 5 years and has spent in excess of $92,000. Sacramento Public defender, Tom Wirtz who is related to Brent Kravitz, represented the ex-husband for free. It should be noted that Mary's ex-husband's family is wealthy. Presiding Judge Peter McBrien has repeatedly made orders contrary to all decency and common sense and totally ignored the well being of Sean and Randall, Mary's two sons. Brent, Mary's ex-husband is an alcoholic, drug abuser, subject to uncontrollable rages. pathological liar, sexually violent and VERY manipulative in the form of threatening suicide. Judge Peter J McBrien completely ignored the law and awarded custody to this maniac.
      The following is just a few of the documented examples of the torture that Tom Wirtz and Judge Peter McBrien forced Mary to endure. * Tom Wirtz threatened to sue custody evaluator, Tom Leek if he performed another evaluation. * Tom Wirtz used his public office at the Public Defenders office to send harassing faxes to Mary Kravitz. * Tom Wirtz disobeyed court orders not to involve his brother, Steve Wirtz who works at Children's Protective Services. * C.P.S. claims to have lost 3 reports of child abuse by the father, Brent Kravitz. * Judge Peter McBrien wrongfully jailed Mary for allegedly missing a paternal visitation that had been rescheduled by all parties and their attorneys. * Despite the recommendations of the court appointed expert, Judge Peter McBrien awarded custody to the father and ordered her sons sent across state lines to Indiana, thereby depriving Mary of any and all contact. * Judge Peter McBrien on May 19, 2000 ordered Mary's case file to his court and is hiding it in chambers due to the fact that Mary can prove that he falsified documents. This happened the day after Mary was interviewed on TV News. It should also be mentioned that there is evidence that some of the judicial officials involved are possibly pedophiles and that some of these young children are being tortured and used for child pornography.
      On march 28, 2000 Tom Wirtz was arrested by Sacramento Police for patronizing TWO known prostitutes at the Greenbriar Motel and being in possession of rock cocaine, drug equipment and being under the influence of "crack cocaine". The prostitutes have lengthy records of drug and prostitution convictions. In the end when Tom Arnold Wirtz went to court he accepted a plea agreement. His sentence: TWO months of PAID administrative leave with full benefits. The prostitutes received jail sentences. Only in America can government officials get away with that.
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