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Interview on BlogTalkRadio

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    Interview on BlogTalkRadio By David Klarr - djour8142@yahoo.com At 10 a.m. this morning (11/3/08 - tomorrow is election day) I got off the air in an interview
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      Interview on BlogTalkRadio

      By David Klarr – djour8142@...


      At 10 a.m. this morning (11/3/08 – tomorrow is election day) I got off the air in an interview by Zena Crenshaw on the “Change of Venue” Radio Program. I am very pleased to have been invited as their guest, and thankful to Zena for this opportunity.


      What I am hoping to see is the various and sundry “Judicial Reform” organizations forming a focus upon judicial accountability directly to the People in the forum of a Citizen’s Grand Jury. But the Citizen’s Grand Jury I am talking about is not the typical Grand Jury we commonly recognize, as they are judge-selected, District Attorney counseled, under-supported, under-paid, and advised that they have no jurisdiction to investigate judges. That is to be preserved to the “so-called” Judicial Oversight Commissions.


      So long as this routine continues unabated, the People shall continue spinning their wheels in hope of an effective remedy someday. As the Scriptures puts it, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:7.


      I have just started viewing the email responses, and below is my first comment on this radio program.


      -Ron Branson





      From: David E. Klarr [mailto:djour8142@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 10:33 AM
      To: JAIL4Judges
      Subject: Your interview in BlogTalkRadio




      I just listened to you interview on Judicial Reform by Citizen Grand Jury overseeing Judge performance.


      I must say I have to agree with you. The one man that called in and started saying such law is already on the books I saw as being naive. So many think they can get fair shake from the US legal SYSTEM. It is impossible.


      I have found that judges do not rule by law, rather, they rule by precedence and policy.


      No one going on trial before a judge anywhere in the USA will get a fair and impartial judge. Judges are also guilty of jury tampering. They have no regard for the law. They consider themselves to be the law and to tweak and CHANGE LAW AT THEIR OWN WHIMS.


      Do you know of any criminal that will apply law to himself? Such a thing cannot happen. No judge will apply the law to himself.


      So far as people wanting jail4judges, they think they do. The problem comes in when they feel threatened or they fear some agenda they have may be overturned like VAWA. People will scream for judges to conform to the Constitution until one of their pet laws is threatened as usually their pet law is unconstitutional as VAWA IS.


      So, they will listen to their own enemies of the "Just Us" system before they will listen to anyone that wants to restrict the enemies juris prudence system.


      I am in full support of Jailing Judges. I would go even further. I would have judges that refuse to hear constitutional arguments to the law hung by their necks until dead in the courthouse square when convicted of such illegal activity.


      The law people speak of does not apply to public servants so-called as they have written laws giving themselves immunity to the same laws they write against the citizens they are sworn and required to protect.


      I am happy I was able to listen to your interview and hope there will be many more. How do you get this message out before the majority of the people is what you should focus on now.


      May you keep up the good work while at the same time you must remember that Christians are to be separate from the world. The problem being the world is not separating itself from Christians so we are under their evil laws. I applaud your efforts.





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