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The Judiciary: The Greatest Consumer Fraud in the World

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    The Judiciary: The Greatest Consumer Fraud in the World July, 2007 Dear Clients, Friends and alleged honorable members of the Judiciary. Years ago I discovered
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      The Judiciary: The Greatest Consumer Fraud in the World

      July, 2007


      Dear Clients, Friends and alleged honorable members of the Judiciary.


      Years ago I discovered what more of 'the People' are discovering all the time. Our Third Branch of Government; our alleged honorable judiciary, is not only infested with liars, cheats, thugs and thieves, but this completely autonomous, self interested, and unaccountable institution is corrupt to such a scandalous degree as to present very real and present dangers to anyone caught in this Holodeck [1]. Americas justice system has become the greatest example of consumer fraud in the world.


      Former Virginia attorney Linda Kennedy laments?  


      "Until Americans are awakened by their own court-hardships, each will continue to repeat the words, like a parrot wanting a cracker, that America has the fairest courts in the world. Some have come to realize that this is not true as the justice system continues to advance, plundering American citizens at its whim.


      "When you voluntarily go into court you will find (or have found) that many times you will lose even though the law is clearly on your side. After such loss, due to your sense of justice, you file subsequent lawsuits or complaints against judges, you appeal decisions, and spend time and other resources thinking of other legal strategies for recourse, etc. 


      "Even worse, you become occupied for years on a course that costs you large sums of money and keeps you busy with very little to show for it except perhaps high blood pressure.  Most often however, you become even more outraged and impoverished than when you innocently started down this path many years before. 


      "This is the "LITIGATION VORTEX"; where nothing is as it appears and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again - with money.


      This has in fact been my experience. I have been encountering this scourge on society for more than a decade. THUS FAR it has cost me a MILLION DOLLARS or more. It has caused me to sacrifice the most productive years of my life and the love and presence of my only child.


      NOW, it has apparently cost me my unblemished sixteen [16] year career in the securities business.


      Since April 07, I have been unable to subcontract with a securities broker/dealer because of some absolutely VOID money judgments that were issued against me by courts that KNEW they were VOID when they issued them. Despite that they are VOID, and, that they derive from FRAUD BY THE COURT as long as they remain on my record I am not bondable … and thus not employable. In my efforts a few years ago to have them vacated and purged from my record, I was lured into the courtroom of Satan himself; NY Supreme Court Judge Tom VanStrydonck. For the next fifteen [15] months VanStrydonck subjected me to the most overtly lawless criminal prosecution and wrongful incarceration thought to be possible in a lawful civilized society. But, in the final analysis, America is not the lawful civilized society MOST citizens believe it to be.




      It is said that the first thing Hitler did when he came to power was to seize control of the courts. I submit to you that today's judiciary looks, acts and smells very much like Nazi Germany. In fact, they practice the same propaganda tactics; never admit a fault or wrong; never accept blame; leave NO ROOM for alternatives, AND, 'tell a lie big enough and often enough and the People will begin to believe it”.




      I have now publicized my abusive experiences on DVD and through a series of videos on www.Google.com and www.YouTube.com. I am pleased to report that they have now been seen by more than 1,400 viewers in the first month only. I hope you'll review themyourself, and forward the links to everyone you know who may be interested in seeing what contemporary jurisprudence in Western New York looks like. 


      Click the following links or Search Google Video for " Judicial Fraud in Rochester NY ". Start with the clip marked 'INTRO'.
















      But remember to HANG ON TO YOUR BREAKFAST.


      K. Pat Brady


      Fn1 http://www.wbflegalreform.com/



      [1] From an article by Virginia attorney, Linda Kennedy. www.wbflegalreform.com


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