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" If We Only Had More Reps To Rep Us "

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  • JAIL4Judges
    If We Only Had More Reps To Rep Us J.A.I.L. consistently receives ideas expressed by others as to what J.A.I.L. should focus upon. Just a couple days ago a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2008
      "If We Only Had More Reps To Rep Us"
      J.A.I.L. consistently receives ideas expressed by others as to what J.A.I.L. should focus upon. Just a couple days ago a recommended cure for America's woes was made to our Oregon JIC, Sherree Lowe, that we should focus on getting more Reps to rep us.
      Sherree Lowe is to be commended for her excellent response. I deemed it appropriate to reproduce in part for the benefit of all.
      -Ron Branson
      ~   ~   ~
      ... [I]f we had more elected offices, more representatives, would this not require more office space, more secretaries, more "lawyers" sitting in offices next to each new legislator? Would it not mean massive expense to the people to provide this office space, and salaries? Because even though the legislator who was elected to serve, the lawyers and secretaries have to have salaries. And then what about the aids, who are supposed to do all the research for the elected? they also have to be paid.
      You see, every good idea comes back to "compensation", and who picks up the tab?
      We haven't even touched on the office furnishings, computers, and other items that each legislator gets to take with them when they leave office, and this flows over to the secretary and lawyers, just little perks of the job! Oh, let us not forget, the petty cash funds, for the cocktail parties, and the bands and dancing girls in the court areas.
      Would not a smaller government, with all new members, who have to think for themselves and who serve on a voluntary basis, and take directions from the people, be more effective?
      IF, there were no lifetime payments to legislators, judiciary, and executive officers, and their spouses. would this not be more in line of the best interest of the people? Have you done the research and math on this issue? I have! Take away all this expense, and our nation would be solvent in no time!
      IF, we were not required to keep an attorney on payroll, a dentist, a doctor, an insurance company, and a social worker in every home, permits, licenses, would we not have back freedom of choice? The ability to think, instead of fear of breaking the law?
      The way the system now works, we are slaves, working, getting nowhere, to feed and house the ones who do not work, to pay for space programs, research, grants, and vacations and perks for those already in government, and simply asking a police officer a question can result in serving a stretch in one of the correction facilities, built by foreign funding, and guaranteed to be kept full by our judiciary!
      I really did not want to get into this, because from my experience, I could write a book, in fact volumes of books, but I am not interested in "compensation." I support freedom, the right to pursue happiness, mom and pop businesses, and those who do not work shall not eat!
      We need to dump the present system, and get back to the basics, living on and off the land, not government handouts! We need land, freedom, clean air, not stock markets, huge bank buildings, embassies, multi-million dollar court houses, and law firms and insurance companies, we need to stay out of space, and stop polluting the air we breath, the water we drink, and stop the wars, to control and take over the world, we need to stop messing with other countries and their governments, we need to let the people of the world, live under the governments they create, and let them fight their own wars.
      Have you taken the square miles of this nation, and divided it by the population? Very interesting thing to do, but then the government can better control a population when they are confined within a "city", and not permitted to raise their own meat, vegetables, and teach their own children. Forced to live under rules and regulations, the government owns the children, through the welfare and numbering system. The permission to marry, gives the government a 3rd party interest in a family, and total control of everyone, how they think, act, where they work, live, raise the children, and charges them a fee for all these "privileges" called taxation!
      When we get our county under control, and our freedom back, then we can be a role model for other countries, not the machine that rolls in and murders and kills the people of other nations and countries.
      We can settle the national debt, and be self sustaining, when we stop spending what we do not have, instead of looking for ways to spend even more, and provide for more of the wealthy to join the ranks of the already corrupt.
      Have you ever watched the movie for children " The never ending story" where the nothing is coming? Well, you should, because with the course we are following, the "nothing" is bearing down on us.
      [NAME], I am very, accurately aware of the Federalist papers, ever seen the site "Constitutional Guardian"? www.Constitutionalguardiancom
      Ever heard of Mary Webster, ever been to the AVALON PROJECT? Ever read completely the "articles of Confederation"?  I have!
      Sorry, I do not mean to dampen your spirits, but before you can engage in a venture, you need to research all avenues, know the answers before the questions are asked, and be ready to answer without hesitation, or "I will have to get back with you on that".
      When you focus on one issue, one thought, and lose sight of the big picture, you box yourself in, and we are not dealing with the past, we are dealing with NOW, and tomorrow, and tomorrow is fast vanishing for all of us, unless we do something NOW! Short of civil war, or the coming together of the American common man, woman and every able bodied person over the age of 18, we are doomed. Everyone has great ideas, but no common denominator to pull the forces together.
      Web sites are a tool, an aid, but they are small in the equation, because of getting the attention to get the traffic to the sites, it takes people working together for a common goal, and educating the public masses, and at this point in time, we do not have media support, except for public broadcasting stations, and everyone is too busy watching the sports channels, lifting the beer bottle or wine glass, or going to Wallyworld, to listen to the ones who are trying to tell them we are in a crisis.
      Sherree Lowe

      Ron Branson's Response:
      It never amazes me the ignorance of People. They are constantly looking for an answer, but can never recognize the answer when it is staring them in the face. I like to give the illustration of the BridgeBuilders.
      A man comes up with a great idea, we need to build a bridge across the river for the public good. He sells the idea and gathers support for the cause. A work crew arrives and the work is begun.
      Someone else comes along and thinks the objective is meritorious, and decides to begin the work on his own bridge just a 100 feet from the first at a slightly different angle. Then yet another gentleman comes along and decides to start a third bridge project, claiming he can do the job cheaper and faster. And lastly yet another thinks he can compete with the former three projects and winds up recruiting workers from the other jobsites. 
      In due time, weather conditions and a job strike interrupts the work with the workers leaving town. Eventually, everyone of the four projects went bankrupt leaving four concrete abutments standing with bridges a various stages of completion, and the results is that there exists no bridge across the river serving the public good.
      Years later a new gentleman arrives in town and comes up with a bright idea that the town needs a bridge over the river, but can find no interest from the community.
      People are still surveying for a remedy to the direction the judges are taking our country. 
      - Ron
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