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    JUDGES PULLING OUT THE STOPS When you can t deal with the message, attack the messenger! As many of you know, there is a big judicial recall underway in Marin
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2000
      When you can't deal with the message, attack the messenger!

          As many of you know, there is a big judicial recall underway in Marin County California led by Peter Romanowsky (our Marin County JAIL Rep.), involving numerous citizens fed up with the corruption taking place in their county courts. This recall was sparked by a report released by Karen Winner at a Sacramento Press Conference at the State Capitol. The recall of three judges and the district attorney are at issue. Because of the gathering momentum of this recall drive, the judges are showing signs of the pending threat to their careers and public image, and are pulling out all the stops in retaliation, an example of which follows written by Karen Winner:
          There are a lot of false rumors being circulated by a group of lawyers who were named in my Marin County report for their questionable ethics, in cases before Judge Michael Dufficy and Commissioner Sylvia Shapiro.
          Now they are attacking me -- and they are spreading the false rumor that I am going to be "criminally indicted" for releasing confidential information --  .... These are exactly the kind of bogus threats that lead to fear. 
          The records were released TO ME, Not BY ME. I attached the records to my report, after the mother gave them to me.
      The mother who released them to me gave me a signed release, and her daughter gave me a signed release, for their permission to release the records. That brave person would rather face a $500 fine for releasing the records to me, (the law says the person releasing the records faces a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum $500 penalty) rather then letting the truth be covered up. .... the actual law [is] ... Section 827 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. 
          Everyone  needs to understand that there is a public relations war going on in the press in Marin County, and I am being targeted right now because I am on the side of truth. Judge Dufficy's support group of lawyers hired a publicist, and they are waging a campaign against me because they are afraid.
          The FBI is investigating them, NOT ME. They are
      misrepresenting the facts now, and this is nothing new -- they are used to misrepresenting the facts. This is how they won cases in Judge Dufficy's court. This is how they operate.  And they expect the public to fall for their misrepresentations because they've gotten away with it for so long --because no one was looking. So be on guard, and don't be fooled.
          All hell is breaking loose in Marin County, politically  speaking, and the mud-slinging is bound to continue until the truth finally comes out.
      Karen Winner
      (Contact Karen for an email copy of ยง827 Calif. W&I Code.) 

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