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*** Ya'll Come to the J.A.I.L. BBQ on Aug. 27th ! RSVP

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    ANNOUNCING AUGUST 27th J.A.I.L. EVENT Brad, the Head of the Washington State J.A.I.L. Chapter, is sponsoring an informal J.A.I.L. event in the State of
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      AUGUST 27th J.A.I.L. EVENT
          Brad, the Head of the Washington State J.A.I.L. Chapter,
      is sponsoring an informal J.A.I.L. event in the State of Washington on Sunday, August 27th. It will be an opportunity for everyone, especially those in the northwestern area of the United States, to gather together and meet one another. There will be a hosted BBQ for this event, compliments of Brad.
      As a J.A.I.L. promotion, however, the cost of admission to the BBQ will be $9.95 for a high-quality J.A.I.L. T-shirt (dark blue with gold lettering front and back). The T-shirt will be your "ticket" in. The "official" time for the BBQ is 3 p.m., however everyone is encouraged to come early for a social time of meeting one another. Brad says we will be treated to "food that people will never forget!"
          Ronald Branson, the author and founder of J.A.I.L will be present along with other J.A.I.L. leaders. Anticipated also is the presence of a friend of Branson, U.S. Senator Jack Metcalf, whom Branson has known since 1982, along with anticipated several other legislators.
          Also, there will be a limited space, on a first come first served basis, jet boat ride up the Hanford Reach on Sunday morning. Brad says this might be one of the last chances we'll have to see this last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River and White Sands Bluffs because of all the federal land grabs and restrictions to the public into this area. 
          We're looking forward to a wonderful time, enjoying one another and seeing God's wondrous nature. Pass the word around and place this event on your websites.
          You must RSVP Brad at baronboy@...  for this event  so he can properly plan for the numbers attending.
          YA'LL COME -- YA HEAR!   SEE YA THERE!
      Ron Branson
      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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