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Falsely Imitating JAIL4Judges

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    Falsely Imitating JAIL4Judges Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC This past week a tear-out article dated February 23, 2008 (article below) was mailed to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2008
      Falsely Imitating JAIL4Judges
      Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC
      This past week a tear-out article dated February 23, 2008 (article below) was mailed to JAIL4Judges from an unknown source. Once I opened the envelope, I knew it had to be from someone who was familiar with the earlier history of J.A.I.L. Back in September, 2004, a man named Victory DePonceau came out of nowhere claiming that he was the Founder of JAIL4Judges, and collecting money from people with legal problems supposedly for the purpose of representing them or doing legal work for them. The hitch came when people started writing to me stating that they had paid money to this man, and that he was not performing on the agreed understanding they had with him.
      Of course, I had no knowledge of him, or of his having any part to do with JAIL4Judges, and stated that JAIL4Judges has a fixed policy of not representing anyone in their legal problems and cases. I further stated that I was the founder of JAIL4Judges going back to its inception in 1995.
      Since this Victor DePonceau was indicting JAIL4Judges by claiming to represent the people he had collected fees from in the name of J.A.I.L., I had to contact the authorities in New York and set the record straight. This man, Victor DePonceau, was arrested and convicted on criminal charges, with the media publishing a September 23, 2004 article in the Livingston County News entitled, 'Jail (4) Judges' founder jailed, complete with a photograph of the supposed "Founder" in handcuffs wearing a jump suit, being led from jail into court by Police Sergeant David Provo.
      Since DePonceau is of African decent, and I of Caucasian decent, it was easy to see the obvious distinction that we could not be the same person. I wrote the  Livingston County News with the following;
      *    *    *
      Dear Reporter Liz Morrill & Livingston County News:
      I have received a copy of a publication written by you, Liz Morrill, entitled 'Jail(4)Judges' founder jailed, dated September 23, 2004, Livingston County News, New York. Your article is misleading. I, Ron Branson, founded this organization in April of 1995, and I have placed J.A.I.L. under copyright protection in the Library of Congress and registered myself as the owner.
      I do not know the man in your picture claiming to be Victor DePonceau other than what is being reported to me via emails, and your newspaper. Therein you report that this man has been arrested on various charges involving fraud, sex, and practicing law, in which people are writing to me about this.
      For the record, I have never communicated with this man you show as Victor DePonceau, which would of necessity have to be, since I, as the National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief, appoint all our state leaders to their positions. I am informing you that there are no state founders, neither in the State of New York, nor in any of our other fifty state JAIL4Judges Chapters, nor in any of our three foreign countries in which we operate.
      JAIL4Judges national website is www.jail4judges.org, which contains our National J.A.I.L. Constitution & By-Laws, and our Mission Statement. A reading of these documents will reveal that we do not practice law or act as an advocate for any organizations or persons as you report this man has done. We are strictly about bringing judicial accountability to our state and federal Constitutions, and to the laws which have been made in pursuance thereof. We only seek the creation of Special Grand Juries in every state, which Grand Juries are specifically designed for bringing about such judicial accountability.
      Since your newspaper is stating that the founder of JAIL4Judges has been jailed, and I am the founder of JAIL4Judges, and have not been jailed, your article is impugning my character, and people are writing to me on this.
      Please print a correction or retraction article to your readership that this previous article was in error, and that the founder, Ron Branson, who lives in Los Angeles California, was not, and is not jailed. I am providing you with a photo of myself, since you show the photo of Victor DePonceau as the founder. Please send me a personal copy of your published retraction/correction to:
      Ron Branson
      National JAIL4Judges Headquarters
      P.O. Box 207
      North Hollywood, California 91603
      *   *   *
      This above communication. along with the newspaper article and the photograph of Victor DePonceau, may be seen in its entirety reproduced on our website at http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2004/2004-10-05.html
      Thinking that this was the end of that event, now comes a fresh story in the mail about Victor DePonceau on extremely much more serious charges, the article of which I present below dated February 28, 2008.

      Democrat and Chronicle
      Rochester, NY
      Sat. February 28, 2008
      'Dangerous guy' sentenced
      Rochester man plotted to kill two witnesses to Webster arson.
      Meaghan M. McDermott, STAFF WRITER
          A Rochester man convicted of conspiring to kill two witnesses in an elaborate plot to help a jailhouse friend escape an arson charge will spend 15 to 30 years in prison.
          Victor DePonceau, 47, of 636 Merchants Road was convicted by a jury on Feb. 8 of two counts of second-degree conspiracy to kill and two counts of fifth-degree conspiracy to commit perjury.
          He was sentenced Friday by Acting state Supreme Court Justice Stephen R. Sirkin to consecutive terms of 10 to 20 years in prison for each of the second-degree counts and one year in prison for each of the fifth-degree counts, said District Attorney Paul Irving.
          DePonceau was a conspirator in a plot to help Frank J. Povoski Jr. of Penfield beat charges that he set fire to four police cars in Webster and robbed a store in Victor, Ontario County.
          While being held in County jail after his arrest for the police car fires in January 2005, Povoski hatched a plot to escape from jail by having his girlfriend smuggle a handcuff key to him so he could flee while being transported to a town court. When Povoski pleaded guilty to the arson charge in July 2006, he admitted to enlisting DePonceau to kidnap or kill two witnesses to the arson.
          Irving said the District Attorney's Office mounted an investigation into DePonceau in April of 2005, and during that time used wiretaps and confidential informants to gather information about the efforts to kill the two witnesses.
          "He is a very dangerous guy," said Irving. "We have surveillance of him standing outside one of the intended targets' houses one day looking for him. He was pretty intent on carrying this out. ... The tapes are chilling."
          Irving said DePonceau will likely serve 15 to 30 years in prison.
          Additional federal weapons charges are pending against DePonceau, as are charges that he passed himself off as a lawyer to gullible people who needed legal assistance.
          He represented himself during his conspiracy trial.
      # # #
      Please remember the needs of  "J.A.I.L" in your financial giving this month. We have received a computer repair bill for right at $400.
      P.O. Box 207
      North Hollywood, CA. 91603    


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