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I Have My Own Plan .... Revolution - by Paul Clark

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    I Have My Own Plan .... Revolution By Paul Clark From: Paul C. Clark [mailto:clark@global101.com] Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 8:52 AM To: JAIL4Judges
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      Dealing with Judicial Misconduct
      I Have My Own Plan .... Revolution
      By Paul Clark

      From: Paul C. Clark [mailto:clark@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 8:52 AM
      To: JAIL4Judges
      Subject: Re: Dealing with Judicial Misconduct

      I have my own plan. .... I believe the only possible way to restore the constituion will prove to be a bloody revolt. As our constitution permits us to do, we can remove the tyrannical government when it becomes so dispotic that it no longer serves the people as it is supposed to do. The fact is that all of these groups varied issues would be resolved if the constitution was restored to its original power to limit government and restore the equality of every citizen.  
      Our constitution does not permit an elite class of people, those not subject to all laws equally, therefore immunity for judges or government officials can not exist, they are responsible for their actions, the same as anyother citizen. We also need to realize the value of citizenship is the rights that only citizens can claim. It is our constitution and our bill of rights and until you are a citizen you are not entitled to enjoy those rights. When you are a citizen you can demand those rights and they must be recognized, That is the guarantee of the constitution and the reason it exists. Either we restore the constitution or we let our nation be destroyed.  
      This corrupt government will not go quietly or without a fight. It no longer listens to our complaints. Therefore it no longer functions as a servant of the people and does not rule by consent. It is currently positioning itself to become master and this can not be allowed. If we can not rise up as a nation and throw off this government we will all fall together in to slavery. The time to act is NOW. 
      Paul C. Clark [mailto: clark@... ]

      Dear Paul Clark. It is undoubtedly true that America will descend into an outright bloody revolution if the people of this country stand-by waiting for it. However, the cause of JAIL4Judges is to restore our Constitution to its original state by passing a State Constitutional Amendment which will give force and effect to every Constitution in this country, both state and federal. Of course, this is going to take non-violent participation of enough people to pass it into law. It will take approximately $400,000 to pick a state and make it happen. So I ask, can the people of this country carry on the alternative of a national revolution for less than $400,000? I hardly think anyone believes that can be accomplished.
      And this only presupposes the money issue, and does not consider the lives of our sons, daughters and fathers, and the ruination of most everything in this country, etc.  "And for the support of this declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, or fortunes and our sacred honor."
      What you are suggesting is sitting back and letting nature take its course, and when it gets bad enough, somebody may decide to do something.  I always ask such people who advocate revolution who they plan to take out first, and will they be firing the first shot. I always receive the same response, which is non-response, or the Little Red Hen response, "Not me said the pig, not me said the cow, not me said the dog."
      If revolution is your answer, then I challenge you to start by appearing in the newspaper headlines this coming week.  The only danger facing the people placing J.A.I.L. into effect is tripping and skinning their knee on the way to the poll to vote. I do not consider contributing financially to the passage of J.A.I.L. as a grave "danger facing the people."
      - Ron Branson

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      Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:26 PM
      Subject: Dealing with Judicial Misconduct

      Dealing with Judicial Misconduct - Unity Needed

      To all,

      Please read the emails below.  Your response will be greatly appreciated.

      Marie (Shahidah) Musawwir

      Jail4Judges has established a plan already for the purpose of prosecuting and convicting judges who violate their Constitutional Oaths.  Perhaps this may be a plan that we all can promote.

      I haven't read it entirely yet due to being tied up with a court matter.  I think we should all read it to see if this is something we can all support and promote collectively.

      The plan of jail4judges may not have all of the answers, but may contribute to some of the changes that are needed.  We need a plan of action that we all can unify behind and promote.

      Let's continue our correspondence with each other and make suggestions until we can come up with something that we can all agree upon. Jail4judges may be considered a long term plan.  We need short term, intermediate and long term solutions for judicial reform.

      Dr. San Jani has come up with some plans immediate plans for combating judicial misconduct in his state and nationwide.  He has sent our emails.  Everyone on our list should have received them.

      We should not rely on others (apathy among our government officials) to do what we can do for ourselves.

      Marie (Shahidah) Musawwir

      I, Ron Branson, am often faced with the above short-term / long-term question. Some one the other day asked me what can be done in an certain instant situation. I knew that if I said, "Passage of JAIL4Judges" I was going to get, "No, we need something now, not years from now."  So I answered the question that the remedy today is the same remedy I proposed 13 years ago when I wrote J.A.I.L. for the short-term matters back then. My response averted the certain come-back that would have otherwise come had I answered differently.

      For thirteen years people have been looking for a short-term remedy to the judicial problem. The questions presented are always still the same as it was 13 years ago, and they are still looking for a "short-term" solution. This dilemma is cited perfectly in the Bible,  "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." II Timothy 3:17. Those who cannot discover the knowledge of truth in thirteen years will never find the truth in one-hundred and thirty years because they do not recognize the truth when it stares them in the face.

      The fact is, there shall never be any short-term remedy other than JAIL4Judges. Of a truth I say unto you, God has called me to this purpose and committed this cause into my hands. Those who will not listen are doomed to their own devices. They shall continue to descend into their own economic abyss.

      - Ron Branson


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