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The Plan for Social Security Numbers

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    The Plan for Social Security Numbers By Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC Unfortunately many people are ignorant of the ultimate goal of government
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2008
      The Plan for Social Security Numbers
      By Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC
      Unfortunately many people are ignorant of the ultimate goal of "government" regarding the Social Security Number. It is generally viewed by people as an innocent retirement program wherein the government will take care of you until you are lowered into your grave. However, reality is much more dastardly that most could ever imagine.
      Back in 1936 when Social Security Numbers were first issued it faced attack by those accusing it as being the Mark of the Beast pursuant to Revelation Chapter 13. However, the government went to bat seeking damage control by assuring everyone that the Social Security Number would always remain voluntary and would never be used for identification. To affirm this position, they even printed on every Social Security Card the words, "Not To Be Used As Identification."
      However, we now know that this was a lie in development, for they thereafter removed the words from the Social Security Cards, "Not To Be Used As Identification," and have now turned to requiring the number as identification for everything, including turning on utility services, driver's licenses, getting a license to get married, working, getting a credit card, and traveling on an airplane, to name a few. Believe it or not, I have even seen the Social Security Number  mandatorily and insanely required to exercise the "privilege" of defecating while  being held in incarceration because of religious views in which a formal complaint resulted with a finding that such denial is the policy, practice and custom of government.
      The ignorance of people is truly amazing. Hosea 4:6 describes our current status of this nation, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee."
      It used to be that everyone was entirely open with their Social Security Number. If a man taking tickets at a theater entrance asked for a Social Security Number, people would get out their wallet and read off their number. Since the entire economy of this nation has become based upon a Social Security Number, people are now encouraged to keep their Social Security Numbers private and share it only with those authorized to acquire it. The problem now has become, "Who is authorized to your Social Security Number?" Is is a private security guard? the dog catcher? a store clerk? Everyone who looks like or asserts a right to know your Social Security Number?
      We are now constantly told to guard or identity because there are many identity thieves out their willing to steal the use your identity. Why has identity become so valuable? It is because government made it valuable. Before identification was required for everything, few valued the need for identification. Now that it is required, everyone values it, including clandestine thieves who will do anything to steal it.
      Now comes the mind-blower. What would you say if I said that evil governments are appreciative of identity thieves? You gasp and say."Why?" I will tell you why. The ultimate goal is to make it impossible for thieves to steal your identification. You say, "What?" Have you ever heard of the Hegelian Dialectic? THESIS, ANTITHESIS, and SYNTHESIS? It is the art of creating a problem,  then creating a remedy for the problem created, and bring about a result that would not other wise be acceptable. If we aren't faced with a huge identity theft problem, no one is going to be interested in a remedy. Government must "innocently" create a vast problem of identity theft everywhere to get everyone to cry out for the government's remedy. They already know what the remedy is. It  is a micro chip implant in ever man, woman, and child. "And he cuseth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead." But the conspirators of this world cannot accomplish its purpose without getting everyone to cry out for its remedy.
      Above we described the "innocence" of the early Social Security Card. Now let's consider what is being planned for everyone as described below. 
      *   *   *

      Social Security Surveilllance Act Enters House
      Written by Gary Franchi   
      Tuesday, 04 March 2008

      Kirk with an original SS card.RTR Libertyville, IL - Under the guise of protecting seniors and our national security, Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois 10th District and Peter Roskam of the 6th District are setting the wheels in motion for another crack at a national ID card.  The “Social Security Identity Theft Prevention Act” (H.R. 5405) more appropriately titled the “Social Security Surveillance Act” was likely spurred by high opposition to the failing Real ID Act.  This act would be an adequate run around to implement Real ID yet in another form.  They claim their reasons for introducing this act is to curb the high rate of identity theft in Northern Illinois .

      The new Social Security Surveillance (SSS) card will retain the standard features of the Social Security card such as the name and account number of the card holder, but will now include beefed up security measures also commonly used by law enforcement to track criminals, and hackers to falsify and clone sim cards.   

      The surveillance features of the card include: a digital image displayed of the card holder on the surface of the card and an "encrypted, machine-readable electronic record which shall include records of biometric identifiers unique to the individual to whom the card is issued, including a copy of any digitized facial image printed on the face of the card."

      sss-card.jpgManufacturing of the card will be out-sourced to the Department of Homeland Security and utilize the facilities that create the B1/B2 Visa and the Permanent Resident Card.  

      At a recent Libertyville , Illinois Town Hall Meeting on Saturday March 1st, 2008, Congressman Kirk explained to a packed room of concerned residents that participation is optional.  Gary Franchi, managing editor of Republic Magazine, a political publication that advocates constitutional rights and limited government, asked Kirk during the Q and A session when the "optional" card would become mandatory.  Kirk responded that the bill had not left the house yet.  Not quite the answer found when reading the text H.R. 5405.

      The bill clearly states the new surveillance cards are to be issued to social security account holders upon reaching the age of 16.   

      Massive new biometric databases of every American will be created to assist in tracking and authenticating the new SSS card.  The US Government has a tarnished record of managing databases.  The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs lost a laptop and external hard drive to thieves jeopardizing the identities of 26.5 million veterans. The Metropolitan State College in Denver , the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Los Angeles ' Department of Social Services have each fallen victim to their databases being plundered.  Foreign intelligence hackers, high tech terrorists, and identity thieves would have a one-stop-shop of every American in a Social Security database no longer just rich in numbers, but now biometric data.

      When asked by Franchi about private firms controlling and tracking the databases Kirk pushed the responsibility of management to the Social Security Administration.  However, as with Real ID, private companies like Viisage were contracted with to maintain the Real ID infrastructure.  This will likely be the case with the Social Security Surveillance Card unless the bill is stopped.  The bill is set to take effect two years from enactment, yet it is currently in the house, and has yet to be voted on.

      A proponent, of the new SSS card, asked Kirk, “Can you share what information’s on there that’s freaking everybody out about a national ID card, what’s being stored on there that the Government doesn’t already know?”

      He responded, “Just about everything the government already knows.”  

      Kirk with Korean President and First Lady at Chicago CFR luncheon.

      Standard operating procedure is in effect here.  Using fear tactics on uninformed senior citizens, and the usual excuse of national security in a post 9/11 world, another member of the DC boys club is attempting to slip a national ID card into the hands of a terrified populous.  This is another attempt to ratchet down the American people into a coded world of control where being asked for “your papers” is as common as the next tasing video.   However, Kirk and Roskam have failed to consider the ever increasing masses of freedom loving Americans who are dusting off their constitutions and putting the shackles back on our public servants. 

      Video bellow. 

      Full text of H.R. 5405 can be viewed here: VIEW BILL


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