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Re: JAIL Billboard???

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  • jail4judges
    Attention JAILers! Okay, jailers, we ve got a bite below with Donna. She wants to lay money on the line to start the ball rolling. I d like one of our jailers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2000
      Attention JAILers!
          Okay, jailers, we've got a bite below with Donna. She wants to lay money on the line to start the ball rolling. I'd like one of our jailers to lead this effort. How about pooling our efforts throughout the states, appointing a leader and forming a Billboard Committee, and come up with a/some billboard(s). It's a start. 
          I wouldn't think it would cost too much if we started along some long lonely stretch of highway. It would drop driver's  jaws and wake them up from the road monotony. They will speed home to talk about it and tell all their friends everywhere.
          At the least, let's discuss it. I'm sure driver's seeing this would respond with support for more signs. I personally think this thing has the potential of starting a contagious epidemic.  First billboard inspiring the second, and the third, etc., until they're all over the country. Even people not formally connected with JAIL will want get in on the act without our knowledge. JAIL is becoming a movement and a household name.
          I would be delighted to put this project out to everyone on our general JAIL email list. We could even consider a dedicated website to this cause.
          For obvious reasons, I won't be a part of the planning stage, but I would like to approve the final plans. (I only start fires.
      -Smile.) And don't forget to include photos of the actual billboard for publicity promos. Imagine someone who has the side of a barn that "needs a paint job." I'll bet that people would even donate their barn for this. Think of the press potential. Ideas, discussions jailers? Let's go get'em!
          I have a more advanced version suggestion - "Got Justice? - Try www.jail4judges.org! Call 1 (900) Go4JAIL"*      
                                  * $10 first 5 Min., $2 min. thereafter.
      -Ron / Chief Fire Starter- 

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      Ron -  The billboard sounds like a great idea. I will gladly donate for this.
      Donna, Calif. Rep.
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