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Federal Gov't Cleared -- Why???

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  • jail4judges
    Folks, in light of additional facts that have come to light respecting the clearing of the entire federal government in the WACO incident by former Sen. Dan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2000
          Folks, in light of additional facts that have come to light respecting the clearing of the entire federal government in the WACO incident by former Sen. Dan Danforth, (MO.), we deemed it fitting to append at the bottom of this email a behind the scene....
      .... Follow Up to
      The Green Light for More WACOs?
      Appearing in
      Daily News (Los Angeles)
      Saturday, July 22, 2000, page 11
      Government Cleared in Siege... [excerpts]
      The New York Times
          ST. LOUIS -- John Danforth, the special counsel investigating the 1993 tear-gas assault by federal agents on the Branch Dividian compound, Friday issued a sweeping report that cleared Attorney General Janet Reno and the government of any wrongdoing in the deadly episode.
          .... Danforth, a former Republican senator from Missouri, did not mince words. He declared the agents did not shoot at the Branch Dividians and did not start the fire that destroyed the compound on April 19, 1993, claiming the lives of about 80 people.
          He said the military was not used improperly and that the government "did not engage in a massive conspiracy and coverup."  ....
          .... He spoke pointedly and passionately about how public confidence in government had eroded....
          The report concluded the FBI agents fired three pyrotechnic rounds at a bunker about 75 yards from the living quarters of the Dividians.  The rounds did not cause any damage, the report said. *
      * ...and word is out that the WACO tragedy never really happened-- it's just a concoction of the vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit the government. RB
      *   *   *
      Follow Up Article: (The Why???)
      The following is an excerpt from:

      Cheney, Danforth emerge as Bush's top choices
      July 22, 2000

          CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- Former Missouri Sen. John Danforth and former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney have emerged as the leading contenders for the vice-presidential spot in Texas Gov. George W. Bush's run for president, CNN has confirmed.
          Bush is expected to make up his mind this weekend. Apart from a brief sortie to Atlanta to attend the funeral of Sen. Paul Coverdell, he has been in veritable seclusion on his 1,600-acre farm in Crawford, Texas, pondering his choices. ....
          Danforth, who said earlier this year he wasn't interested in the vice presidency, met with Bush Tuesday in Chicago.
          At a news conference on Friday, he indicated a political reason for his eagerness to wrap up his work as the special counsel appointed to investigate the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.
          "In May, an unexpected political possibility was sort of thrust my way, and at that time it was clear to me that if there was any chance of that coming to pass, it would mean I would have to step down as special counsel and I did not want to step down as special counsel without taking responsibility for the work product," Danforth said in releasing a preliminary report absolving federal agents of wrongdoing in the siege.
      Hmmmm  -Ron Branson

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