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    KEEPING FOCUSED JAIL Responds To A Reader We must realize that the root of the ills of our society is not a branch of government, but a doctrine. I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2000
      JAIL Responds To A Reader
          We must realize that the root of the ills of our society is not a "branch of government," but a doctrine. I have drawn the executive and legislative branches before the judicial only to have the judicial branch repeatedly cover for the other two. I then drew the judicial branch before the judicial branch for involvement in cover-up, and every time those in the judicial branch hid themselves behind the doctrine of judicial immunity. I then woke up to the fact that the problem in America is not a branch of government, but a doctrine! What has happened in this nation is that a doctrine has become above and superior to all branches of government!
          What we have here is a cause and effect. Why is government corrupt? It is because they are unaccountable. Why is government unaccountable? Because the system of accountability is not working. Why is that system of accountability not working? Because the judiciary covers up for it. Why does the judiciary cover up for the system? Because the judiciary itself cannot be held accountable. Why can't the judiciary be held accountable? It is because judges are immune from accountability. Well, then, why are judges immune from accountability? It is because of the doctrine of judicial immunity.
          Any effort that does not take head-on the doctrine of judicial immunity at best can only be a good cause. But a good cause is ever the enemy of what is best, because it serves, whether unwittingly or not, to distract from that which is best.
          JAIL is thrusting its sword into the head of the beast, not the leg, tail or buttocks. The powers that be have long been pleased that the populace has been distracted by every perception of the public that government or laws are the problem. But it terrifies those powers that someone has caught on to the fact that the head of the beast is not government in chief, but a doctrine. That doctrine is the nerve center of the head of the beast.
          In my speaking engagements I tell the audience, "Judicial immunity is like a mighty oak behind which all our enemies hide. You may shoot all you want, but the mighty oak just absorbs every bullet, holding those hiding behind it harmless.
          I ask, "Why hack at the leaves or break off branches when we must uproot the entire tree? 
      JAIL proposes to do just that,  uproot the mighty oak leaving all who hide behind it vulnerable.  After that tree has fallen, you now have all government bureaucrats standing in a pretty little line vulnerable. A single shot can then fall three or four of them. Once they drop out of the way, another shot will take down the next three or four. Of course, by then, they are not going to be hanging around, since the doctrine of judicial immunity is no longer there to shield them. They will run for other cover, but they will have no place to hide!  There will no longer be an impenetrable cover available once the doctrine of judicial immunity has been brought directly under the control of the People.  Then the judicial branch can no longer cover for the other two.
          JAIL cannot, and WILL NOT, be distracted from its specific target--  the striking of a fatal blow to the doctrine of judicial immunity! Once successful there, JAIL shall then turn its sights upon other particular issues of corruption. But until we conquer the doctrine of judicial immunity, all else is but a distraction. When we have accomplished our single focused goal, then JAIL shall have the awesome power to correct all other evils that beset us in this country, including the Congress and the entire Executive Branch, and all other false and deceptive programs. First things first! We MUST NOT, by any means, become distracted from our goal by that which is "good!"  Only that which is BEST will we pursue!
          Thanks for sharing your mind with me. I know that you mean well, and it is in that spirit that I take your suggestion. God bless.
      -Ron Branson-


          ....I absolutely believe that the only way to really pass JAIL is by mounting an attack on the whole government rather than the judiciary alone. They work to protect each other. The legislatures will not allow for a passage of JAIL unless you flush the light on them at the same time.
           People are much more willing to talk when the legitimacy of their existence is questioned. That is what we need to do. Even if you were so lucky as to be able to get JAIL passed at the end of the day, the corrupt system would pervert everything back to what it is comfortable with.
          We have no choice but to go after the whole government. The corruption we are facing is like cancer and it is in all three branches of the government. Unless you take it out in every branch it will come back to every part. ...
      The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power
      of the judiciary...        -- Thomas Jefferson (1821)
      The Judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working under ground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric.
                                        -- Thomas Jefferson (1820)
      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one
      who is striking at the root."   -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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