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JAIL4Judges Sues Florida Bar Association

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    JAIL4Judges Sues Florida Bar Association Ron, Barbie and all JIC s, I am forwarding the first article that has been printed regarding the Florida JAIL4judges
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2007
      JAIL4Judges Sues
      Florida Bar Association
      Ron, Barbie and all JIC's,
      I am forwarding the first article that has been printed regarding the Florida JAIL4judges vs. Florida Bar action. I believe Rachel did an excellent job and I responded thanking her for her thoughtful work.
      I've been in communication with Montgomery Sibley for almost a year. He contacted me informing me of his support for JAIL4judges and judicial reform. When I read in the Florida Bar News the negative propaganda being printed about Florida JAIL4judges I mentioned to Mr. Sibley that I thought something should be done to stop it. Mr. Sibley accepted to file  "pro bono" providing Florida Jail4judges pay the filing fee. All the JIC's in this  country should be encouraged by what is happening here, because we are going to be successful.
      OUR PLANS:
      Starting April 25th Florida JAIL4judges will be at a different county courthouse every Wednesday collecting petitions, forming committees from volunteers then filing the signed petitions with the county Supervisor's of Elections. 
      See www.floridajail4judges.org for the Petition Drive Schedule. 
      We are becoming united force to standup for our God given rights that have been trampled upon for so long.
      The Florida Bar is a defacto entity that infiltrated (took over) the Supreme Court in 1949.  It is not legal, has no standing or official authority. but,  NOW there exists a lawful Florida Bar Association, Inc. that was recently formed and is registered with the Department of State, Division of Corporations.  The President of the (lawful) Florida Bar Association, Inc. is a gentleman named Andrew Mooney in Bradenton, Florida.
      Florida JAIL4judges will soon be doing "a shout out" (announcement) on our Florida JAIL4judges website asking all the attorneys in Florida who support judicial reform to join the LAWFUL Florida Bar Association.
      Nancy Grant, Jailer in Chief
      Florida JAIL4judges


      Committee sues Florida Bar, hopes for dissolution

      Jacksonville Business Journal - April 13, 2007
      Staff Writer

      The Florida Bar Association is being sued by a political action committee that wants to create a system to sanction judges.

      The Florida Judicial Accountability Initiative Law for Judges, based in Arcadia, advocates amending the state constitution to remove immunity from judges and establish juries with the power to indict them. The committee recently filed a petition in the Florida Supreme Court with four claims against the Florida Bar regarding its political activity.

      The claims against the Florida Bar are about editorials in its publications. The committee states in the petition that the Florida Bar "engaged in direct and indirect political activities," specifically by publishing content about J.A.I.L. for Judges. The committee claims that the Florida Bar should not be politically active because it's an arm of the state's Supreme Court and not a political action committee recognized by the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections.

      "I expect the Florida Bar to be dissolved," said Montgomery Sibley, attorney for J.A.I.L. for Judges. The committee wants a new "lawful" Bar that is not engaged in political activity.

      Equal space

      J.A.I.L. for Judges further stated in its petition that the Florida Bar should "give equal space in its publications" and should be required to register as a political action committee.

      "If they are going to express an opinion, they need to be registered," said Nancy Grant, director of the committee. "Since they're not going to do that, they need to shut up."

      The Florida Bar is not speaking about the suit until the Supreme Court issues an order on whether it will hear the case filed Feb. 21, said Paul Hill, general counsel. The Bar is prepared to speak if called to do so by the court.

      A Florida Bar News editorial dated Jan. 15 stated that if the amendment reaches the Florida ballot, "the state's lawyers should be ready to lead a campaign to defeat it."

      The amendment would create two 25-member special grand juries that could sanction judges accused of misconduct and issue fines, forfeitures or removal from the bench for third-time offenses. The program would be funded by a 2.9 percent tax on all state judges' gross salaries.

      'Probably in violation'

      The top state judge in Jacksonville does not expect the initiative to succeed. "Even if it gets passed on the Florida Constitution, it's probably in violation of the federal Constitution," said Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge Donald Moran.

      Hill said the Florida Bar is acting as though the amendment will make the ballot. There is a concern that fewer individuals would seek judicial office in the state if voters approve the amendment.

      Sibley said the committee is working to get the 611,000 verified signatures in the state to place the amendment on the ballot in 2009.

      There are attorneys in the state who support J.A.I.L. for Judges, Grant said, but they can't publicly support it because they could be disbarred.

      She said the committee will come to Downtown Jacksonville soon to collect petitions in front of the Duval County Courthouse. Grant is also seeking support from at least one elected official in every county in Florida.

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