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* Opening the Eyes of the Blind *

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Opening the Eyes of the Blind By Civil Gideon - HYPERLINK mailto:127001@civilgideon.com 127001@civilgideon.com I have to say thank you! for all the work you
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Opening the Eyes of the Blind
      By Civil Gideon - 127001@...
      I have to say "thank you!" for all the work you have done and are doing. Because #1, from the beginning of my conflicts with the courts in 2004, I found your site and your work educated me to the reality of what lies ... within the courts and judiciary itself. Your information was rational, logical, and within the law. ... the courts choose to ignore and even scoff and laugh at the statutes
      written for the people! .... I admit that if I had not been confronted with this in my personal life, it would have passed me by unnoticed and not an issue.

      Apparently there is a reason we have these personal "crises" in order to call our attention to changes that must be made. And judges MUST be held accountable for their actions. It is shocking that the immunities exist and are applied in the first place. It is even more shocking that people don't realize the extent of it, at least not until they are confronted with it. Even then they tend to take it personally rather than apply it to the system of corruption and "elitism" that it really is.

      I can only do what I do ...Your messages deserve a lot more recognition than they get and should be networked out through the larger community. ...  I'm going to add Jail4Judges as a "member" for the posts that I republish the contents of your digest. I'll figure out how to set it to forward notifications to you when contents or comments (hopefully) are posted. ...

      I wish you continued success in your efforts. I was pleased to see that you were "targeted" in that speech. It means what you are doing is extremely effective! Fantastic!

      Civil Gideon

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