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Report from Florida JAIL4Judges

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    Report from Florida JAIL4JudgesJudge Speaks Out Against Judicial Corruption,Now Under AttackHYPERLINK
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2006


      Report from Florida JAIL4Judges

      Judge Speaks Out Against Judicial Corruption,

      Now Under Attack


      Judicial corruption continues in Florida.

      Posted by: "T" allaboutme38@...   littlet38

      Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:14 pm (PST)

      Judge Cliff Barnes of St. Lucie County Court Florida spoke out against corruption and is now being attacked by Florida 's Judicial Qualification Committee.

      The JQC complaint can only be described as a meaningless act of retribution by a syndicate of legal practitioners abusing Florida 's legal system. When the citizens of Florida are forced into the legal system it is the members of The Florida Bar that reap the benefits.
      Criminal convictions force higher taxes and that revenue goes to lawyers, plea bargains force taxes and that revenue goes to lawyers, it is a monopoly on justice that has created an injustice against Florida Citizens. When criminal convictions and plea bargains are accomplished in violation of due process and the laws it costs us all. Forced taxes due to legal corruption must be stopped now. When Judges Cliff Barnes spoke out against how his colleagues where abusing the
      system, the law, and the constitution, the system comprised of his colleagues took action against Judge Barnes in the form of a ill-conceived complaint to the Judicial Qualification Committee.
      http://www.floridas upremecourt. org/pub_info/ jqc.shtml
      <http://www.floridas upremecourt. org/pub_info/ jqc.shtml>

      Even a layman to the law can see the charges against the Judge are superficial; this is how the corrupted Florida Bar has successfully usurped power from the citizens of Florida unchallenged for too long. I implore every reader of this article to read the JQC complaint against Judge Barnes, become informed and decide your government's power
      over you. Take action and live free, do nothing and you lose the liberties too many have fought and died to preserve. I believe if WE THE PEOPLE do not support Judge Barnes it is WE THE PEOPLE who will suffer the greatest lose. It is when good people do nothing that evil wins.

      The State of Florida is now rated at the bottom in Legal
      Fairness (Harris Poll), some 70% of Floridians do not trust
      attorney's, the Florida Bar's own statistics state that 14% of
      lawyers and judges suffer impairment disorders including cocaine addiction, yet theses legal practitioners continue shielded by the Corrupt Florida Bar law with no disclosure requirements to the public.

      It is WE THE PEOPLE who must make our government accountable and when the righteous defend our freedoms we must defend those with courage who took action. If this is to be a government formed by "you the people" and for "you the people" then take 10 to 15 minutes to educate yourself "Google Judge Cliff Barnes", take action, and let the corrupt know the righteous have allies. Send this to your friends, write letters to the JQC and Judge Barnes, let them both know you support Judge Barnes speaking out against the legal corruption in our court rooms.

      The Honorable Cliff Barnes
      St. Lucie County Court
      226 Courthouse Addition
      218 South 2nd Street
      Fort Pierce , FL 34950


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