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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California December 21, 2006 The
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                              December 21, 2006

      The Inherent Right of ALL People to Alter or Reform Government.

      The Right Upon Which All Other Rights Depend

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      Twisted Lawyer Logic


      Society abounds in lawyer jokes with everybody knowing at least one lawyer joke. Further, there is no one who believes ethics resides in lawyers. Rather they are rated right down there as bottom-dwelling scavengers alongside of used car salesmen. It is said that a man entered a bar and yelled, “All attorneys are horse’s asses,” to which a man at the other end of the bar retorted, “I object.” The man then asked, “Who are you, sir, an attorney?” He responds, “No, I am a horse’s ass!”


      But amazingly, it appears that despite people’s viewpoint toward attorneys, they are still so gullible as to believe their arguments.


      Below is the argument of the president of the Georgia State Bar Re: “judicial independence” of judges nationwide. Ironically, these lawyers have no idea of what they are talking about when it comes to “judicial independence.” To hear them speak, one would think that judges are to be independent of the very Constitution they have sworn to uphold, and independent of all laws made in pursuance thereof. Further, the lawyers say, judges must be independent of the various legislatures, of Congress, and of the People from which judges derive their just powers.


      The argument, so the lawyer reasoning goes, is that one branch of government cannot interfere with that of another, but that is just the opposite reasoning of what the separation of powers is about. Each branch is to be a check and balance on each of the other two, calling them into account.


      I once called upon my state legislator to intercede when my entire court record totally disappeared from the court building, and could not even be found within the archives. I was told by my legislator that they could not get involved because of the separation of powers. So what kind of checks and balance in government is this when one branch of government cannot call another into account? But, this “Twisted Lawyer Logic” meets the approval of the attorneys, who nonetheless, argue in defense of judicial corruption.


      I have said, and continue to say, that America will either be laid waste by the judges of this country through anarchy, or the People will restore this country by passing JAIL4Judges. There shall never exist a middle ground of negotiation. Be sure that


      -Ron Branson




      Keep judicial system free from influences
      By JAY COOK
      Published on: 12/20/06

      This election season, threats to judicial independence rippled through ballot boxes across America . But the voters spoke loud and clear: We do not want partisan and special-interest factions interfering with our impartial courts.

      In Georgia , special-interest money did not prevail after producing "one of the most negative judicial campaigns in American history," according to a national news report.


      Jay Cook, an Athens attorney, is president of the State Bar of Georgia.

      In South Dakota , voters soundly defeated the "JAIL 4 Judges" initiative. Only 10 percent of voters backed the measure that would have stripped judicial immunity and established an unaccountable fourth branch of government to intimidate judges.

      In Colorado , voters defeated Amendment 40, which sought to impose four-year term limits for Supreme Court justices and appellate judges. If the amendment had passed, five of the state's seven high-court justices would have been removed from the bench within the next two years.

      But this is no time to rest on our laurels.

      According to news reports, these same special-interest groups (trying to convince some of our own state legislators) are hoping to get around the voters by adding two justices to Georgia 's seven-seat Supreme Court. Because the state constitution allows "up to nine justices," they can legally stack the court without voter consent.

      Sounds to me like having failed to get their candidates approved by the voters in the last two Supreme Court elections, they're looking for new ways to pack our courts with their partial pals. Sounds to me like they're looking to tamper with judicial independence. Sounds to me like they're looking to discount democracy.

      The elections affirmed what we already knew. Georgians believe in the sanctity of the constitution and impartial courts. In a statewide poll conducted last year by the State Bar of Georgia, nine out of 10 respondents strongly agreed with the following statements:

      • Everyone should have access to equal justice under our court system.

      • Judges should be impartial and free from political interference.

      • No one should be above the law, and the courts should make that possible.

      Apparently, what voters want doesn't matter. At least that's the message they're sending: "If you don't vote the way we want, we'll find other ways to put our judges on the bench. If the judges you elect don't rule the way we want, we'll find other ways to intimidate them."

      Was the last congressional election cycle not a referendum on the culture of corruption?

      Shannon Goessling, executive director of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, claims that her group was asked by "legislative leadership" to look into ways of "revamping" our court. It's hard to imagine any legislator would do such a thing. The Safety and Prosperity Coalition also has pledged support for these and other court-maiming measures.

      Looks to me like they're not going away. But neither are we. Not as long as America 's promise remains "justice for all," not "justice for sale."









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