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Justice Souter Questioned

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    SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ASKED ABOUT POSSIBLE ROLE IN JUDICIAL SCANDAL Date: 7/7/00 9:14:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: info@judicialwatch.org Sender:
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      Date:   7/7/00 9:14:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time
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      July 7, 2000
      Contact:  Richard Tomkins
      (202) 646-5172
          Judicial Watch Asks Justice Souter to Issue Statement About His Role in Case that May Lead To Impeachment of Former Colleague in New Hampshire.
          New Hampshire Politicians Failed to Question Justice Souter.

          (Washington, DC) Judicial Watch yesterday hand-delivered a letter to The Honorable David Souter, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, concerning the impeachment of his former colleague, David A. Brock,
      the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire legislature is considering impeaching Chief Justice Brock for, among other things, his alleged interference in a case concerning a powerful New Hampshire politician. Press reports show that Justice Souter, when he served on the New Hampshire Supreme Court in 1987, was also involved in this case.
          Despite his involvement in the case, Justice Souter was only justice from the New Hampshire Supreme Court of 1987 not to be questioned by New Hampshire legislators investigating the controversy. As Justice Souter may have relevant information to the controversy, Judicial Watch thought it in the public interest to ask him to issue a public statement about his knowledge of the matters. A copy of the letter to Justice Souter is available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at www.judicialwatch.org.
          "We hope that Justice Souter responds quickly to our letter. We urge Justice Souter, both in the interests of justice and in fairness to his former colleagues on the New Hampshire bench, to issue a statement to 'clear the air' of any lingering questions about any role he may have had in the scandal," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
          Responding to the fact that the New Hampshire scandal came to public light only after a law clerk came forward, Fitton added, "We wish other members of the judiciary had come forward in New Hampshire earlier about the improper practices of their colleagues. What is interesting about the investigation of the Chief Justice in New Hampshire is that it is happening at all. Too often, corruption in the judiciary goes unchecked."

          Judicial Watch is a public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes public corruption. *

      * Judicial Watch will be holding a fundraiser August 20, 2000 in LaCanada. Tickets may be purchased for this event for $25 per person, or $40 per couple. Larry Klayman will be one of the featured speakers. To obtain more information, contact Connie at Judicial Watch, (626) 287-4540, or fax her at
      (626) 237-2003. Tell her "Ron sent ya."
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