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"Unauthorized Practice of Law" false/void charge

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    www.SD-JAILJudges.org (Turn on your speakers) ... From: Indiana Civil Rights Council To: ngrant@strato.net Subject: offer of legal help on FL Unauthorized
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2006
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      Subject: offer of legal help on FL "Unauthorized Practice of Law" false/void charge

      Dear Nancy [Grant],
      This past weekend, I attended the National Family Law Reform Conference in Washington, DC, where I happened to meet your Pasco County J4J representative, Ms. Martin. In just the few minutes I spent talking with her, I was impressed with her intelligence and aligned motivation for the reform of American courts. Ms. Martin also joined our national efforts recently, which are an upcoming wave of some 3000+ federal classaction lawsuits against each and every USA county and it's family law injustice system, including it's family law judges, masters, and/or commissioners. You can learn more details by either contacting Ms. Martin, or by visiting the link below.
      I also know the Indiana Jailer-in-Chief, Bif G., very well, and have worked with him and his team sporadically, at private strategy meetings, attending his various public protests/rallies, and etc. We are in contact frequently, and several of his people are also Indiana county team leaders in our upcoming national county classactions agenda.
      Wanting to recruit even more mutual involvement by J4J people nationwide, including your other various Florida county representatives, I was just now visiting the main FL J4J website, noticed the fairly recent UPL charge that has been tendered against you personally, and also noted the ridiculous background details of that incident.
      Please be advised that the criminal charge lodged against you is strictly unconstitutional, and null and void as a matter of law. Further, the proper constitutional defense against this false charge could be used as a formidable "test case" against Florida to help put a quicker end to yet another form of government abuse against it's own citizens. Pursuant to many consistent rulings by the United States Supreme Court itself, it is strictly unlawful for a State to discriminate between "lawyers" and "nonlawyers" in any form of access to, and use of, the court system, as that violates the anti-trust provisions of the federal Sherman Act, the federal Clayton Act, and portions of the federal Hobbs Act, as well as the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.
      It is also my best understanding that the Department of Justice now has permanent injunctions against no less than eleven (11) different States in this same regard (enjoining any discrimination between "lawyers" and "nonlawyers"), although this is obviously not a highly publicized fact... In a nutshell, they can *not* even criminally charge you, in the first place, no matter what form of "legal services" you provide, and further, you are entitled to compensatory damages against your own friendly county and/or the State of Florida, for the same unlawful violations of your corresponding federal rights of full and equal access to the courts, which is also a Sixth Amendment right.
      I might be interested in personally assisting you in the background in your constitutional defense to this utterly false criminal charge, as it means a matter of fundamental principle to me.
      I am also interested, in return, in seeking your help to recruit your other Florida county reps on board with us, as the corresponding team leaders, and also in approaching Mr. Branson, as I know he is a very busy man as well, and may not even get a chance to read this email for some time, if ever, as he may or may not quickly recognize me. J4J should get mutually involved in our national efforts, as the goals are directly aligned together.
      We also, in addition to the lawsuits themselves, have other prongs of attack against the injustice system, including a courtwatcher system, and mass demands for impeachment of the very worst judge in each USA county, as a national wake-up call to "chill" the other judges back into line and under the real law as it is written.
      Perhaps you would like to discuss these matters further. If so, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your continued diligence to help reform our nation's courts.


      Torm Howse, President
      Indiana Civil Rights Council
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