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*** Addendum - Petition to Congress

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    Addendum to First Amended Petition to Congress for Articles of Impeachment The Author/Founder of JAIL, Ronald Branson, received a letter from Patrick McAdam,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2000
      Addendum to First Amended Petition to Congress
      for Articles of Impeachment
          The Author/Founder of JAIL, Ronald Branson, received a letter from Patrick McAdam, of the lawfirm of Iverson, Yoakum, Papiano & Hatch, counsel for Lockheed Martin, dated June 29, 2000, addressed to the Clerk of the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, a copy of which letter is attached [See attmt. "Patrick McAdam Ltr 6-29-00"]* and hereunder pasted, marked Exhibit OA-1.
          That letter is an Exhibit to the Affidavit of Ronald Branson Re: Overt Act No.1 in further pursuance of an Extortion Plot. [See attmt. "Overt Act No. 1 (Affid. 7-7-00)"].*
          This Extortion Plot is fully described in Branson's First Amended Petition to Congress appearing on the website at www.jail4judges.org
          Attorney Patrick McAdam's letter is pasted below:

      One Wilshire Building
      624 South Grand Avenue
       27th Floor
      Los Angeles, California 90017-3328
      (213) 624-7444
      (213) 629-4563
      June 29, 2000
      Cathy Catterson, Clerk
      United States Court of Appeals
         for the Ninth Circuit
      Post Office Box 193939
      San Francisco, CA 94119-3939
          Re:     Ronald Branson v. City of Los Angeles et al
                    Nos. 98-56530, 98-56685
      Dear Ms. Catterson: 
          On February 25, 2000 Appellate Commissioner Peter L. Shaw entered an order awarding Lockheed Martin IMS attorney’s fees in the amount of $10,207 and doubling Lockheed Martin IMS’s costs. Commissioner Shaw also directed the Clerk to "amend the mandate to so reflect." As of the date of this letter, however, we have not received that amended mandate. Has it been issued?
                                      Patrick McAdam of
                  IVERSON, YOAKUM, PAPAINO & HATCH
      PMC: an
      cc: Ronald Branson
      Exhibit OA-1

          The Affidavit of 7-7-00 (with Exhibit OA-1) was mailed to Congressman Henry Hyde on July 8, 2000 [See attmt. "Overt Act No. 1 (Cvr Ltr to Hyde 7-8-00)"]*  with Congressman Hyde's letter to Congressman John Duncan for reference. [See attmt. "Letter From Hyde To Duncan 4-24-00]*                         Accompanying the letter to Hyde is the proposed federal JAIL Bill. [See attmt. "Judicial Accountability and Integrity Legislation"]*

      Significance:  On December 27, 1994, Branson, as a defense against unauthorized and harassing actions by Lockheed Martin, filed a state tort action for his injuries caused by Lockheed Martin operating as the Parking Violations Bureau of the City of Los Angeles. No state court would address the facts set forth by Branson against Lockheed, nor was Branson afforded his statutory right to an appeal under California Code of Civil Procedure §906. As a result, Branson was forced to take his statutory deprivation to Federal District Court, where it too refused to address Branson's entitlement under C.C.P. §906. Instead of receiving redress in federal court, Branson was slapped with sanctions urged by Lockheed's counsel, Patrick McAdam, without any evidentiary foundation or support. The federal appellate judges even refused in writing to support its judgment upon Branson's specific request in writing that they do so. Thus an evil extortion plot and conspiracy between the federal judges and Lockheed Martin and Patrick McAdam was devised against  Branson for the benefit of Lockheed Martin. Branson then registered a Fourth Amendment Affidavit with the U.S. Attorney for the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators. Branson has no intention of participating in any manner in this felony extortion plot engineered by Patrick McAdam.

      Lockheed Martin:  This case represents only the tip of the iceberg. Many are not familiar that Lockheed is one of the greatest ills in our American society in the privatization of our government, both locally and nationally. Many think they are dealing with government, when in fact they are actually dealing with a private corporation for the benefit and profit of their shareholders on the New York Stock Exchange. For instance, Lockheed is big time in the child support industry that is destroying our family units, while raking in millions! Yet most people think Lockheed just builds aircraft and space rockets. Lockheed is the mastermind behind information-gathering of the people for government.

      * JAIL's Attachment Policy:
      We realize the dangers associated with viruses moving
      around the internet via attachments. Therefore, it is our
      policy not to open attachments for security reasons.
          There arises times, however, when we are requested
      (or required) to send out attachments, such as when
      there are problems with downloading our JAIL Signature Petition.
          All emails originating from JAIL containing attach-
      ments are self-generated in our computer. Our computer
      is believed to be virus free, and we will never knowingly
      send a virus through our self-made attachments. We are
      currently running the latest Norton Anti-Virus Software.
      While we encourage you to trust JAIL, we ask you to
      exercise your own judgment. -Ron Branson/JAIL Author

      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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