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* * From Medical Doctor to Surviving Out of a Van * *

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California February 18, 2006
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                       February 18, 2006
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      From Medical Doctor
      To Surviving Out Of A Van
      (By Ron Branson)
      As I read the below testimony, I was struck by the fact that just the day before yesterday, Thursday, I was told the amazingly similar testimony in the office of my medical doctor. This next Thursday my medical doctor is required to fly across the country to face an out-of-state "disciplinary board."
      Now I have known this principled doctor for many years, who is also a nationally known reputable doctor among many reputable doctors throughout the country. He is so highly interested in my effort of judicial accountability  that he says, "Ron, you are too valuable of a man to lose," and so he gives me constant check-ups on his own time, and even treats me to lunch afterwards. He is a great man.
      What he shared with me was an expectation that matches the testimony of the medical doctor below, who is a Washington State JAILer, once a medical doctor, now living out of a van. What moved him to speak out on this was our recent 2/15/06 publication of a J.A.I.L. News Journal entitled "Civil Justice System Receives a Failing Grade," and he wishes to contrast the "disciplinary" procedures of a Bar Association member with that of a medical doctor.
      -Ron Branson

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      Subject: Re: * Civil Justice System Receives a Failing Grade *

      I wanted to compare the attorney discipline procedure vs. how doctors are "disciplined." I am speaking from experience because I am a doctor.
      When I became a target of the California Medical Board, I was first confronted by a 6 foot 4 gun toting "investigator, who barged into my office in California in December, 1999. He said I was "under investigation." When I asked him why, he didn't really know. He then made reference to a "phone call" that came from Vermont. He wouldn't tell me what the person said. He said it was "confidential."
      The "phone call" came from 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT. "Coincidentally" this was the same building where a man worked who I had sued. The man was a judge. At the time the phone call was placed to California, my lawsuit against the judge was before the US Supreme Court.
      When I had my "trial" before the "California Medical Board," I was the only doctor in the room. My opponents were the Deputy DA and this 6 foot 4 thug he sent to my office. There was not one single member of the "medical board" actually present. The guy who made the call was not there.
      One witness was called against me; the 6 foot 4 gun toting "investigator." He admitted under oath that his only knowledge of me came from this phone call from Vermont. In other words, his testimony was pure hearsay. I had no witness to confront. I was assumed guilty, and told to prove myself innocent.
      Once, when I asked the investigator "what am I charged with," he replied, "it's murky."
      The prosecutors case lasted about 15 minutes. One hearsay witness was called, and he worked for the prosecutor. No evidence was presented.
      The ALJ told me it was up to me to prove myself innocent. I told him he was wrong, but no one listened to me.
      I was told the only way I could prove my innocence was to take a "test." The "test" was set up to have a 100% failure rate. I refused to take the "test." They said that I "failed to comply with a board order." I didn't "fail" to comply. I refused. I'm not going to take a "test" with a 100% failure rate. I refused to have my privacy invaded since I once read I had a right to privacy. They said I had no rights.
      At age 44, I was stripped of my medical license and rendered unemployed. My medical education was rendered worthless after a 15 minute "trial." I have now been unemployed for over 5 years. Now I am blacklisted in a federal "Data bank." Because of this, I cannot get a job. I will be unemployed the remainder of my life.
      I was given no "judicial review."
      When I appealed to the federal courts, my complaints were all dismissed without a hearing. The decisions were highly complex consisting of one word: "denied."
      This is how doctors are "disciplined."
      When a lawyer is "disciplined" he is afforded a lawyer. He also gets to appear before lawyers. There is a 1% chance of disbarment.
      Doctor's are not afforded a lawyer and do not appear before doctors. They appear before a prosecutor and an ALJ. Due process is non-existent. You don't even get to confront your accuser. Hearsay is treated as fact. You are guilty until proven innocent. You have no rights whatsoever. 100% of doctors subjected to "the test" fail. (No lawyers or judges are subjected to such a "test"). The doctors subjected to "the test" are all suspended. No patient complaints are needed, as I had none. Malpractice is not a prerequisite as I had none in 23 years. All that is needed to prosecute a doctor is a phone call from out of state. Once you are "suspended" you are blacklisted in a federal "Data bank." There is no "Data bank" for lawyers. If you apply for a job, the "data bank" automatically sends out a little blurb with words like "disciplinary action" and "suspension." Thus, there is no place in the world you can go to work. You can't even volunteer in India or Mexico. No one wants you.
      Once stripped of your career, you become permanently unemployed. Your wife divorces you. You are forced to drain your retirement. Your credit is ruined. You are forced to sell your home, or else it is foreclosed on. People don't want to talk to you. And you wake up every day knowing you have nothing to do. Without a job, you cannot rent an apartment. You are forced to live in a van, like me. ....
      Lawrence Agee, MD, JD

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